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Not today Satan 😏. Absolutely love this show. There’s a lot to adore about Sabrina. Her independence, wit, fierceness and hmm GIRL POWER 😍🌸💓. .

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Am done with . What am I supposed to do now????? Am sad ahhh

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can i just say i love how empowered & deceiving this bitch is?! Hail !!!

Glad Wardwell is caught. Her crap was getting old.

Veo y me dan ganas de venderle mi alma a Satanas y tener como novio a un hechicero como Nick.

Osea los amo, si llore un poquito con el final

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Blood, tears and little assurances

Fandom: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Pairing: Nicholas Scratch x reader

Word count: 527

Warnings: abuse, bad family relationship

Requested: Yes -  Can you please do a Nicolas Scratch x reader where the reader has something Bad going on at home (abuse, divorced parents, etc) And Nick her boyfriend is the first to find out (extremely fluffy please) With 77 please - @opportunitythemarsrover

A/N: It’s short and not my best work, but I hope you like it.

A soft knock on his door made Nick look up from his work. Wouldn’t it have been for the fact that it was the middle of the night and nobody was up, he might not have heard it. His chair screeched as he pushed away from the desk to stand up.

Opening the door he found you in front of it. You were visibly shaking. If it were from the cold or from what just happened, you couldn’t tell. You brought your arm up to your face to wipe away a tear with the sleeve of your sweatshirt.

“Can I sleep here today?” You asked your boyfriend of a few months, your voice hoarse and close to breaking.

When Nick saw you in this state he was shocked. You were always so strong. Even though he wondered what had happened he knew that the most important thing right now was to be there for you, so he pulled you into a tight hug.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and buried your face into his chest. He held you tightly and didn’t plan to let go first.

After a few minutes of standing in his doorway you pulled away. He grabbed your hand and led you to his bed after closing the door. That’s when he noticed the red stain on your shirt.

“Why are you bleeding?” Worry laced his voice. Carefully, he pulled up your sleeve to reveal the deep cut on your hand. “What happened?”

You pulled your hand out of his grip and hid it away again. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Your tone was stern even though inside you were near the breaking point.

You hadn’t known where else to go. Everything went so fast. In one moment you were peacefully watching TV when all of a sudden there had been screaming and crashing in the kitchen. When you went to see what was going on a plate flew your way. You had tried to protect your face, so you ended up with a cut on your hand.

Your parents had stopped the moment they had heard your scream and frantically apologized, but you had just turned around and run.

And now you were here in your boyfriend’s room and even though you wouldn’t tell him what happened, he still took care of your wound and held you until you calmed down.

“Can we go to sleep now?” You asked him weakly. The day had drained you of your energy.

“Of course!”

You were lying under the covers, your head resting on his chest. His hand was gently moving up and down her arm when you decided that you could confide in him.

“My parents had a fight.” You started and kept talking until he knew everything.

When you finished your story Nick pulled you even closer placing a kiss on top of your head.

“I’m here for you, princess. Whatever happens, I’ll be here and I’ll hold you. You can always talk to me. I love you!”

He kept on murmuring little assurances into your ear until you fell asleep in his arms, a tiny smile on your lips.

Should have seen it coming - Part 2

Fandom: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Pairing: Nicholas Scratch x reader

Word count: ~1k

Requested: Yes (this post got deleted and I have none of the names of the people who requested it anymore, but I hope it reaches you somehow x)

A/N: A lot of people have asked for a second part, so here it is. I’m usually not good with second parts, but I think I did ppretty well with this one. Enjoy! x

Part 1

It was so hard to look him in the eyes, so you tried not to. He had appeared in front of you out of nowhere. Since you walked in on him and Prudence last week you did your best to avoid him. Your shared classes were the worst for you. You knew you couldn’t call in sick. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, was the greatest reason.

But now he was right here, just mere inches in front you, begging you to look at him, to look into the eyes you could get lost in for hours. You didn’t even notice their redness and the dark rings under them.

His presence alone made you nervous. You felt betrayed by your body as you realized your hand was slightly lifted, reaching out to the one person you loved. Love. It felt wrong to use that word. Using it with him. He broke you. Broke your heart. He tore it out of your chest, shredded it to pieces, threw it to the ground, stomped on it. But still. You couldn’t deny the feeling that came up inside you when you heard his voice, the way your heartbeat increased.

You hated yourself for this. That it was still there, that feeling of love, but with it came the feeling of betrayal. He was the first person you opened up to. You told him everything. You felt save with him. Never has it been like that before him. And then…

“I’m sorry.” You could barely here him whisper the apology, being so caught up in your thoughts, trying to not let your emotions show.

Students in the hallway passed you, looking at you like you were an attraction. Of course, everybody knew what had happened. Word got out pretty much as soon as it had happened, maybe even earlier. You never knew with Prudence.

A light touch against your hand put you back into the situation. And it was at this moment you realized something. You didn’t have to stand there. You didn’t have to listen to anything he had to say. You could walk away with your head held high. He lost the right to have your time, your ear, your patience… your heart.

Your body screamed for him, longed for him. Just a few days ago you were lying with him, telling him about that one incredible book you read. You couldn’t stop talking and felt like you never had to. He had just listened. He loved to listen to you, loved to hear your voice.

His head perked up every time he heard it. Especially during the last week. Since the day he made the biggest mistake of his life. After you had found him he had thrown Prudence out of his room. And he had cried for hours until there were no tears coming anymore and he was just lying on his bed, his body shaking from the sobs, his eyes puffy and red and then finally, well past midnight, the crying had drained so much of his energy that he was able to sleep.

He wanted to be selfish now. He wanted to get you back or at least he wanted to talk to you. He needed you in his life. Being an immortal without you by his side he saw as torture. He had to try.

When he opened his mouth again he couldn’t make a single sound before you walked right past him. He was frozen for a second. That kind of behavior was so unusual for you, but after all he’s done to you, he knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get you to listen.

It was different from the last time you walked away from him. Last time you were running, crying. Now you just walked, your head held high. He didn’t deserve your tears.

He ran after you, of course. You heard his footsteps coming closer, until you felt his hand on your arm. Instantly you turned, freeing your arm from his grip.

“What now, Nick?” You crossed your arms over your chest and lifted your eyebrows expectantly.

“I’m sorry.” He repeated himself, his voice hoarse from crying. “I… That… I made a huge mistake!”

“And you just realize that now?”

“No! I realized it as soon as I saw you when you walked in. I… You deserve so much better than me. I don’t deserve you. And I thought, if I did that, if I showed you, you would realize it, too.”

You lifted your hand to his face wiping away the tear that had escaped his eye.

“You were always enough for me.” You whispered, so that only he could hear you. “You were everything I wanted. I loved you so much. You were the most important thing in my life. I felt so happy being with you. I felt like nothing could touch me. I was on top of the world. You were enough. You were my everything.”

Nick’s eyes widened with hope. He didn’t realize how much he meant to you. You had thought your actions would have been enough, but Nick wasn’t used to that kind of affection, that kind of relationship. He couldn’t read the signs. He was blinded by his doubts. But now he was hopeful. Maybe you would forgive him.

“But now I can’t look at you without seeing you entangled with Prudence. I can’t think of our happy moments without knowing that you cheated on me, that you betrayed me. Maybe, someday, we can go back to being close, but right now I don’t want to see you again. Keep away from me and don’t talk to me!”

You turned around again, leaving him in the middle of the hallway. For now, this would have been the last time you spoke to him. Even if the feelings for him were still there, you knew that he was not good for you. You had to put yourself first.


I rewatched 2x08 and there’s still something I don’t understand. When Nick says the Dark Lord asked him to get close to Sabrina. I think he’s talking about s1. Nick in s1 was so much more “forceful”, even if it was obvious Sabrina didn’t like him at this time, he kept trying to seduce her every time he had an opportunity. He did what the Dark Lord asked him to do, but it was beneficial for him. Nick was in lust with her. But Nick in s2, well… It feels natural. He’s literally not the same person he was in s1. Like himself said, he really did fall in love with her.