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Happy Throwback Tuesday! This is picture of me when i played soccer as a kid in my hometown when i was 5 years old. Fall 2001. 🤾🏽‍♂️⚽️

Happy birthday to my brother 💯❤️you can tell from this picture he just got his first tat

Since I posted all those pics in my shirt, I feel like I should at least post one with Guendi to even things up. Evento unico e raro quello di essere 0px; " tag="olata da Gue, comunque. ✔️ ❤️

‘As much as I wanted,’ she answered sharply. To which he replied mildly, ‘Well, there’s no need to get so uppity about it.’ ‘I’m not uppity!’ Her voice was regrettably shrill, and he grinned.

MILESTONE TIME! The photo was taken on my christening in 1997, being held by the tiny three month old subject 21 years later. <3 gotta love your history

16 yr old me When Alexas Texas threw that double 6 like ludi

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OOC   ;   //   starter  call !!!

OOC   ;    //   okie  so  im  gonna  work  on  her  bio  sometime  this  week  but  key  points  to  know  are  !!!   after  the  attack  on  the  wolves  and  the  deaths  of  her  children  and  husband,  to  keep  andrea  &  aiden  safe,  wendy  left  home  and  went  to  her  sister,  joanna  !  since  she  wanted  her  child  to  think  she  was  dead,  wendy  made  herself  a  new  life  and  traveled  but  kept  herself  close  to  andrea  /  hayley  &  aiden  the  whole  time  in  order  to  keep  them  safe  but  not  let  them  know.

wendy  was  the  witch,  and  her  husband   (   tristan  )   was  the  werewolf.  she  suppressed  the  witch  sides  of  all  her  children  with  the  help  of  the  crescent  curse  on  their  family  by  casting  a  binding  spell  that  would  reduce  the  seduction  of  magic  casting  after  they  triggered  their  curses.

she  was  also  one  of  the  witches  to  help  bring  jackson  back,  without  her  children  knowing  she  is  alive.  they  merely  think  she  is  another  quarter  witch  that  helps  them  out,  though  most  of  the  witches  know  her  history  in  total  but  she  has  sworn  then  to  keep  it  secret  !!

*  things  will  be  added  !



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  ‘ — i z’hought you said it v’as nothing. there’s no hiding the fact now, what he claimed to be no more than a scratch was quite the gash. in the old world, you could simpy go to a hospital and get it sutured, walk away in a few hours. in this world, however, walking around wounded was near equivalent to walking around with a target on your back. in other words; something they didn’t need. ‘ let me have a look.

watch  me  ,  doing  a  blog  for  sweet  pea  bc  damn  ,  my  muse  for  him  and  ethan  are  more  stronger  than  my  other  muses….