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Team building has NEVER looked this good or been THIS much fun! It's that time of year, book now for for your year end and early 2020

del 2014, República de Ghana🇬🇭, Cuando los negritos queríamos dominar el mundo, Jajaja... ‼️

a cuando tenía mi cabello largo y me sentía bonita. ok si lo extraño 😔😔

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sb: you’re so unapproachable

eron: yet here you are…. approaching me


Monday Music 🎵 Ghetto Tears 😭 #indie #artist #undergroundhiphop #chicago #music #creative #ghettotears #photo #undergroundrap #newyork #taurus #style #monday #art #tbt #win #instagram #chitowntaurus #hiphop #work

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When you have control over your thoughts ,you will have control over your life @darshan_h_sheth
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March 17th, 1976

Dreams filtering in from the past. Wounds that are still open. Bright clear visions of happy days. Blank moments of day-to-day emptiness. 

Time moving far too quickly. Cruelly. It’s been two months now.

Constant visions

and time moving far too quickly.



Fuck off redfield–I’m off the stuff. 

 You’re right, couple of donuts and a fuller
 beard and you’ll get there.  And yeah, very 
much so— and pretty soon you’re gonna 
have to compete for the best uncle 


❛  what type of stuff huh ?

 i’d pass my turn on that title you can give it to Kevin… between you and i  for real i hope Barry stays with us 

i can’t bring myself to pictures our family and his without his famous jokes. 


🔥🔥Video Clasico 💪👉 Repost Via @elnuevopadrino - Quefuetevase? Tunomeconoce? #tbt
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@yosoybotella @cashel2minicano @alofokemusicradio @rapurbanolive (at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

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#tbt I think about this movie a lot when I’m in my garden. I think about it when I’m with my daughter. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. I was just a tiny bit part in #secretlifeofbees . An extra, really. And yet that job stands out as my favorite in my career. At a time when I really needed it, I was invited into this warm group of female artists who made a wonderful movie. A movie that meant something. Had heart. I can’t wait to watch it one day with George.

Todoroki is rather skilled at kendo and archery. They became hobbies during his isolation and later on before UA, he just enjoyed both because they helped with his focus and balance.


 starter  ;;  jill

Fingers tapping the wooden desk, eyes fixed at the framed picture of a dog … a smile grew on Claire’s lips. So she was a dog person — she had thought so, and this only confirmed her assumption. Such a nice woman she was, Jill. Confident person WITH A GOOD HEART, a trait she very much adored. And very kind … she didn’t seem to mind having her around while the younger Redfield was waiting for her brother. There weren’t other people around at the time, which was probably the biggest reason for her being able to stay and hang around like this. Not everyone was alright having AN OUTSIDER in their office … especially in S.T.A.R.S office.

Now leaning her elbows against the table, resting her chin to her palms, the brunette tilted her head while looking at Jill. She was filling some papers and she didn’t want to distract her, but CURIOSITY and boredom got the best of her. ——— We should hang around together more often, you know,  she hummed. It’s not like I want to spend all my time with Chris whenever I’m here. Besides… I haven’t petted your dog yet. We need to fix that


VALENTINE is not as CALM as she claims to be. In fact, the noise the brunette woman does get on her nerves but she keeps that for herself. The others S.T.A.R.S members have done countless of times worse than that so she can handle it and remains focused on the file that claire’s BROTHER should have been in charge of but like the totally RESPONSIBLE man, he is…He left about thirty minutes ago and she assumes this is something CLAIRE doesn’t even know & who should now have to bring the BAD news ? no one but herself. That PAPERWORK had more of her attention than the girl nearby principally because the subject is about.

Why would they EVER need such a weapon inside of a POLICE STATION ? This is odd… really off & the worst part she can’t say ANYTHING about what it contains. If she dares to ask questions to the CAPTAIN whenever he was around, to begin with, there’s a high chance she would be avoided and asked WHY did she does someone’s else job & this would, of course, brings CHRIS in trouble. She ends to place her PEN down when CLAIRE sort of gets closer. Her attention is directed only on HER now. JILL listens, smiles begin to show when her attention is REVEALED


             ❝ CHRIS    won’t     come     back     till     tonight     so    how about      we     do                                something…    now 

                          if     you’d    like     that     &     i’m     sure     my    dog    would  

                                       LOVE    to     see      you !!❞


Flashback On That Azzz! Starting Friday… I’ll take y’all Back to the Beginning with THE Don Ize SHOW! #getready #art #chitowntaurus #creative #life #photo #win #newyork #work #artist #chicago #taurus #style #tbt #thatmuch #youdontunderstandthat #fun #instagram #hiphop

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“It really depends on the type of creature.” she started her answer to his question. “If they are solitary hunters I would wait until they are isolated enough to attack to avoid being outnumbered. If they hunt in packs, I would wait until I had the advantage against them, whether it be coaxing them to a narrow area to pick them off one by one. Or taking out the strongest first and then handling the weaker ones.”


Good initiative Iris, This is correct but for your last answer, i would have gone personally for the weaker one first. Just so none of them gets on my way when i’d be against like your bother would say ‘ the tough guy ‘  . Of course, if you follow this path it may take you more times but safety always comes first not only yours but the one who surrounds you.She knows all of this already for sure but far away in his past he has made that one terrible mistake and he wouldn’t like to see her end in the same path. obviously, mistakes serve to make a person learn for it but one identical is too dangerous. 



‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ♡ °̩̥˚̩̩̥°̩̥ ·͙̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̩̩̥·̩̩̥̩̩̥˚̩̥̩̩̩͙‧͙ °̩̥˚̩̩̥°̩̥ ♡ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊  “Ah…” It was always nerve wracking to speak to a new individual with how shy she could be, but she would certainly do her best. “Excuse me.. But I was wondering.. do you know the time..? My phone died and I can’t check it..”


he wasn’t really expecting to help anyone during his spare times though he wouldn’t ignore what the girl is asking him. Nyx eyes focus over his watch and then back to the unfamiliar face he saw for the first time around there and this is no surprise considering how big the city is. 

                                     “     it’s currently three of the afternoon 

Bold what bad habits your muse has


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A valiant smirk paints the agents lips;; a hint to a response but with keen
eyes paints a picture. Things were finally on the mend— going great,
fantastic really. (HE GOT A YES) What more could a man possibly
ask for?
 Though was there really any doubt she’d say no? A little more than
ten years was practically a guaranteed yes
. Though the reaction was still
filled with delight Leon could sense the ‘finally’ running through her head.

The golden fluid glimmers for a second, and Leon hesitates
for a moment before playing with the glass. Fingertips dancing
at its rim.
You can’t- say anything to Chris alright? I didn’t exactly
get an A-okay
before the proposal. Think you can keep a secret?


❛   You can count on me.I’m more responsible than Jake.  ❜

WAS THAT NECESSARY ? no, but he said it anyway. The most important yet funny thing is he had a talk with Claire before he gets to Leon. They are a pretty good friend after all and this is how he has information easy.  The only bad side of it is if things were to blow up he’ll find himself in the middle of this family business. . .literally. All he wants is everyone to have the happiness they are seeking for since forever and nothing strange did happen so what else could make the moment enjoyable ? a little celebration like this one. As Claire had the others by her side and Leon got lucky to have Piers.