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Beautiful girl dancer 2 . .

to our Check in and Badging Stations at the . Thousands in attendance. Team GT is ready 👐🏼⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Consider your check in handled✔✔✔

Lunes de y lo recordamos con un proyecto de . realizó la producción audiovisual y fotográfica de este bonito proyecto. 😍 👉 We are filmmakers.

🔙 TIME WARP 🔙 when H and J-Lo were just starting out in the freshly opened Jersey office back in 2011. These two collectively have over 15 years of Oi experience between them! 👏

with .behring who won the 2016 Towne Lake Olympic Triathlon on her 🚴🏻‍♀️💨 The 2018 Towne Lake Tri is less than two weeks away! ————————————————————-

Lightstream Racer added a Mobile Mode so you can race futuristic antigravity cars in space! Check it out here:

, il y a 5ans, les clutchs pour moi déterminaient la classe, le style funky, coloré, avant-gardiste et pour finir fashionista!

the time I told my master's adviser Wyoming was actually Middle Earth and he said, "That puts Casper at the gates of Mordor, which is about right."

sabe oque tem em comum entre o celular do seu amor é uma cebola? 🎵🤔

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Snippet of some of the Vlog stuff to come. I found it great how I shouted out the bro @kwoatalent at the end 😂. @jrumsbyjames thanks man for be efficient AF. I’m just taking you on #TBT wave right now to the tour. #Jokes #Racism #Unity #DesMoines #Iowa (at Lefty’s Live Music)

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WISHLIST.     you  know  what’s  a  good  coffee  shop  au  ?     connor  opening  an  android  inclusive  shop  where  thirium  is  included  in  the  beverages  to  make  them  drinkable  for  androids.     though  usual  coffee  is  still  on  the  menu,  so  it  is  a  meeting  spot  for both  kinds


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askjunglegirl  asked:

Vent (feel free to select a muse)

You know what, Ben? And don’t take this the wrong way– I’m really not blaming you, you’re not the one who was in charge through all of what happened to me, you’re still… new, to it all.

But I hate how my situation was handled.

I hate that, even knowing everyone was looking for me, nothing was done to spread awareness about who it was that had me, in case anyone spotted him. I hate that nobody acknowledged that he had to be from Auradon at the time.

I hate that after I was rescued, after he was in custody, people tried to bury him. They tried to focus on the positive– the princess is home! How grand! They tried to forget he existed.

I hate that it took so much effort on my parents’ part to get him added to the Hall of Villains.

And I hate that, even now, people try to forget the ugly truth. People ask me why I don’t want to talk to others. People ask me why I dress like I do, why the dark makeup, why the hair. People joke about it. People joke about me changing therapists all the time– they don’t stop and ask why I see a therapist, and why my therapist might have to change.

I hate that Auradon was established on such a strong foundation of “perfection” that what happened to me is something that people would much rather ignore.

It hurts, Ben. It hurts so much. I can’t handle it.

…thanks for listening.

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knightcoded  asked:

“If I get a new sibling, you’re going to love them more.” from bby Regis :3c

          ★ ▌meme — ❛ @knightcoded.

The kind of jealousy that formed between siblings was a foreign concept to Noctis. He’d wager the same could be said of Prompto, who’d grown up as an only child the same way he had. But unlike Prompto, Noctis’s mother had died even before he was old enough to retain a single memory of her.

Siblings had never been an option for him, yet a large portion of his life had been spent wishing that he had one to share his lonely childhood with. 

So Regis’s fear of the opposite takes him by surprise. What his son was feeling wasn’t something Noctis could entirely understand, but it reminds him of the way Prompto talked when he discovered his origins.

The way his eyes glimmered were the same as Prompto’s that day, when he asked Noctis to remind him that he was the real him, that there was only one Prompto. Gods, it hurt to see his son with the same expression, like he was on the verge of being replaced.

“Hey, come on now,” Noctis said, kneeling down to look his young son in the eyes. It didn’t matter that they were the same shade of blue as his own or that his pale face was framed by unruly black hair, Noctis could only see the furrow in his brows and the freckled cheeks that reminded him too much of Prompto. 

For them both to suffer with thoughts like these has a deep ache settling in his chest. 

“That’s not true.”

The words come out in a whisper, Noct mulling over how he could string words together into a sentence that might sound at least uplifting, but he’d lived in constant struggle with words, taking over a decade to profess everything to Prompto. 

He didn’t have a decade this time.

“Regis, I could never love anything or anyone more than I do you, Regis. Not even your dad,” he says, speaking only the truth and nothing else. As clumsy with words as he was, he wouldn’t risk saying the wrong thing to his son. 

“You’re my pride and joy. Nothing’s going to change that.”


NYFW cant come fast enough…
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fearllacy  asked:

Pets the bear absentmindedly. Her fur was coarse but it wasn't a bad feeling. Softly, he flicked one of her ears, albeit playfully. Hopefully Ku wouldn't attack him. //sorry i'm so weak for bear anita and so is the birb XD

🐻 — @fearllacy

The slow and steady swipe of his hand over her fur was enough to make her drowsy, black eyes closing and nostrils flaring slightly with every peaceful breath she took. She was moments from dozing off, the flick to her round ear shocking her out of her daze. Upper lip curling, she flashed the man a toothy snarl and a low growl that lived somewhere in the deepest part of her throat, wordlessly asking him why he would do something so cruel.

“Rude.  .  .”


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