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- APR 30: Claim R&D Tax Credits on Form 941.

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UBTI, or unrelated business taxable income, is the that is paid on UBTI generated from a trade or business. Read more about UBTI here:

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Remember when used to give out tangible gifts for opening an account and now they just offer $100 but you get to pay on it?!

The Kenya Revenue Authority understands that paying taxes is like dying for someone else's sins. They urge us to become little saviours by filing our income tax returns. (Also how did their machine forget my name?) ·>

preparation requires sensitive information that can be used by fraudsters for identity theft, , and filing fraudulent tax returns. via

The deadline came and went! We are still working on those who submitted extensions and all we can say is we are blessed! Our clients never disappoint and we love serving you! (469)522-2095!

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We are APPRECIATIVE for the commitment and impact VITA Volunteers have on the local economy. Volunteers have been working hard at assisting our local community with filing their income tax returns. During the 2018 tax season

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"You should check if the tax preparer hired by you has a valid a Personal Taxpreparer Identification Number (PTIN) issued by the IRS or not." -Tax-Preparer -Software

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IPO tech wave could bring billions to California - The number of IPOs coming to market are going to create a big tax windfall for California. CNBC’s Robert Frank explains.

Personal bookkeeping tips that will lower your taxes

The most needed service april is experienced tax consultant, but this is not the only part of the year when CPAs are wanted, specially if you are serious about protecting your money. So for everybody who needs to learn how to find an affordable accounting firm we recommend watching this video. CPAs say that to ´reduce your taxes|pay less taxes} you must plan ahead. This means that the first month of the year is the start to make sure you pay less when tax time comes around. Whether it is personal income tax or business taxes, good planning is the best tax lowering strategy to execute.

So if you want to pay less at tax time, you may want to know how to plan ahead and use professional tips to lower what you pay the government. 

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One of the most searched for terms near april is CPA, but this is not the only part of the year when tax preparers are needed, specially if you are serious about protecting your money. So for everyone who needs to learn how to choose an affordable accounting firm we highly recommend going to see this video. Professional accountants say that to ´reduce your taxes|pay less taxes} you should plan ahead. That is to say that the first month of the year is the starting point to make sure you pay less when tax time comes around. Whether it is personal income tax or business taxes, proper planning is the best strategy to execute.

So if you want to pay less at tax time, you must know how to plan and use professional tips to lower what you pay the government. 

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How Much The Rich Should Really Be Paying In Taxes (HBO)
It’s that time of year again–tax season. And on the campaign trail and Capitol Hill, Democrats are on the warpath about the super-rich not paying their fair ...

Don’t just tax income, tax WEALTH. 

Taxing income alone will create “some” deadweight loss, economically. 

But individual wealth transfers, large-scale corporate wealth transfers, dividends, lightning-fast bank transactions, etc. should all be taxed at a much, much higher rate. 


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Facebook closes Web Summit founder’s page on Irish tax avoidance
Paddy Cosgrave, co-founder of the Web Summit technology conference, in November. Photo: Reuters

Facebook has closed down a page set up by Web Summit co-founder Paddy Cosgrave that sought to highlight billions of euros worth of tax avoidance in Ireland.

Cosgrave on Monday revealed that he was the person behind the Irish Tax Agency campaign, which was created to “educate European citizens on new Irish tax structures.”

The social media giant closed down the page, which had been used to create ads targeting European users of its platform, for “violating our policies against impersonation.”

The page and website simply listed a contact number for the Irish foreign affairs ministry, revealing no information about who was behind the campaign.

The ads advised Facebook users that companies could reduce their taxes to 1% “by relocating to Ireland from high tax EU nations.”

Cosgrave said he launched the campaign following a March United Nations report that criticised Ireland’s preferential tax laws for vulture funds, which have bought up swathes of apartment blocks and housing estates in the country.

These vulture fund landlords “have become faceless corporations wreaking havoc with tenants’ right to security and contributing to the global housing crisis,” the UN said.

The Web Summit co-founder said he was particularly interested in the vulture funds’ use of a tax-free legal structure known as a qualifying investor alternative investment fund (QIAIF), which can be set up in around 24 hours with few restrictions.

Cosgrave, who founded the internationally renowned Web Summit conference in 2009, had created a similar campaign in 2016.

“My expectation is, as it was in 2016, that raising awareness of these tax structures across Europe, which I personally consider legalised loopholes, would trigger renewed pressure on the Irish government to close them,” he said in a Facebook post.

READ MORE: Ireland signs deal with Malta to close ‘single malt’ tax loophole

In a tweet, Cosgrave commended Facebook’s “enhanced scrutiny and transparency of advertising,” saying it should be welcomed.

“I was able to advertise for 5 days unimpeeded [sic] to folks at the European Commission, OECD & WSJ about tax in Ireland. In time algorithms should reduce this to zero,” he said.

His campaign on Facebook reached over 1.4 million people, he noted.

Irish tax laws have been under international scrutiny for decades, with the country’s European partners accusing it of giving huge tax breaks to multinational companies.

Digital giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple, which maintain their European headquarters in the country, have often been said to book profits in Ireland in order to avoid paying higher taxes elsewhere.

In February, the Irish finance ministry said it was “supportive” of an OECD examination of global tax rules, noting that changes to international tax frameworks were “necessary to ensure that we reach a stable global consensus for how and where companies should be taxed.”



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