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Ha! got you beat! (3 years is average for me)

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April is derived after Aphrodite the goddess of Love, Beauty, & Queen of laughter. Ruler of Venus. April's flower is the daisy. Sacred plants are the rose, anemone & myrtle. Birthstone is the diamond. When trees and flowers begin to open. (Aprilis) ❤🌼🌹💎

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Traditional Rulerships in Astrology

today i wanted to talk about modern vs traditional rulerships of the signs. the outer planets aka neptune, uranus, and pluto move very slowly and thus aren’t given as much weight in a natal chart. these planets are now said to rule pisces, aquarius, and scorpio respectively but i think this has created some strange stereotypes like “uwu pisces is too soft to function” “aquariuses are so WeIrD™️” or “scorpios are obsessed with sex and death” so let’s take this apart a little

traditional rulerships:

venus: taurus, libra

mercury: virgo, gemini

saturn: capricorn, aquarius

jupiter: pisces, sagittarius

mars: scorpio, pluto

sun: leo

moon: cancer

if you take a look at the energy of saturn and how that might play into an aquarian’s personality i think it makes a bit more sense than uranus making them random and unique. whatever saturn touches is restricted and put under pressure. when you think about that in the sense of capricorn’s it makes sense! saturn pressures capricorns into striving for material perfection, status, and success. capricorn being an earth sign means that this manifests in their material world. aquarius is restricted by saturn and forced to develop its intellect! the challenges presented are ideological rather than material. that is also why aquarius can feel rather stifled sometimes, like stagnant air trapped in a bottle. the sun is said to be in detriment in aquarius because the “self” is weak here. it is concerned more with the other, and aquarius being leo’s opposing sign reinforces this idea. despite that aquariuses still have an innate need to make a name for themself and be successful even if they act like they’re above those things, and that’s saturn babe!

now let’s move on to scorpio. i think it’s true that scorpios do have a connection with death, but when you look at it from the perspective of mars it changes a bit. scorpios are always transforming because they’re constantly “at war” fighting with their own emotion and ideas. mars continually breaks them down to build them back up in a stronger form. as a water sign it’s no wonder they’re so private with their emotions because they don’t know who their potential enemies are. who needs more loyalty than soldiers fighting together?

lastly we have pisces and sagittarius and i think is the most interesting one to think about! when piscean imagination and ideals are attributed to neptune i think that explanation falls a bit short. jupiter expands what it touches. so for pisces this means that their emotions, higher self, and mind are being expanded by jupiter and tbh i think they have a lot of that jupiter luck that sagittarius has in spades! jupiter, like neptune, is also connected to faith and organized religion. that’s why having a pisces moon is connected with having a mother who pushed dogmatic religion on you or a pisces sun having a priest instead of a parent.

in conclusion, there are multiple schools of thought on this and neither one is right nor wrong. the outer planets have only been known to us for about 200 years so astrology was built on ideas that didn’t include them. that isn’t to say they’re not important, but even in a natal chart they really only have weight when aspecting a faster moving planet. use the planets as tools to better understand the signs no matter what system you choose to use :-)

the signs as mitski lyrics

aries: “and i am the fire and i am the forest , and i am a witness watching it” - a burning hill

taurus: “it would be just to sleep at night, and i’ll leave once i figure out how to pay for my own life too” - class of 2013

gemini: “though i’m a geyser, feel it bubbling from below. hear it call, hear it call, hear it call to me, constantly, and hear the harmony only when it’s harming me” - geyser

cancer: “what do you do with a loving feeling if the loving feeling makes you all alone?” - a loving feeling

leo:  “i don’t need the world to see that i’ve been the best i can be, but i don’t think i could stand to be where you don’t see me” - francis forever

virgo: “ you’re growing tired of me, you love me so hard and i still can’t sleep. you’re growing tired of me and all the things i don’t talk about” - a pearl

libra: “but if i gave up on being pretty, i wouldn’t know how to be alive. i should move to a brand new city and teach myself how to die” - brand new city

scorpio: “wild women don’t get the blues, but i find that lately i’ve been crying like a tall child” - first love/late spring

sagittarius: “glory, glory, glory to the night that shows me what i am. as I go to the party on my knees, saying take it all please” - thursday girl

capricorn: “ one morning this sadness will fossilize, and i will forget how to cry. i’ll keep going to work and you won’t see a change, save perhaps a slight gray in my eye” - fireworks

aquarius: “you told me once you were happy to have me but i never gave me away” - circle

pisces: “i glow pink in the night in my room, i’ve been blossoming alone over you. and i hear my heart breaking tonight, i hear my heart breaking tonight, do you hear it too?” - pink in the night

the signs as types of love

(check sun and venus)

eros (romantic love): libra, scorpio

philia (affectionate love): taurus, leo

storge (companionship love): capricorn

agape (unconditional love): cancer, pisces

pragma (practical love): virgo

ludus (playful love): sagittarius, aquarius

mania (obsessive love): gemini, aries

Zodiac signs as my friends

I am a Taurus sun, Libra rising, Libra moon.

Aries: One of my closest friends tbh. Super supportive, always there 24/7 and my biggest fan. He speaks before he thinks. Weird sense of humor. Usually when he tells the joke, it is super cringy. Buys you extremely expensive gifts and then complaining about not having any money. Big dick energy. Total sweatheart, but biiitch if he doesn’t like you… run.

Taurus: She is really pretty, but her fashion is… a choice. Always roasting each other (I ussualy win tho, but she can throw some real shade). Sarcastic bitch! “I am sooo gonna fail.” Then get an A type of girl. She is always happy to see you and remembers small details. I really like her.

Gemini: Ooh guurl! When she came in my life I was not READY. Party animal (like best party of my life was with her). She is beautiful and has really good sense of fashion. Emotional roller coaster. She is not reliable at all. I hate that on her. She will be that wine aunt in a ten years and I am so here for it. Love her!

Cancer: The only person who wasn’t total nuts from theatre class (I liked them all tho). Sweat, understanding, most of the time depressed and that made me depressed too. The most stunning hair I have ever seen. Extremely talented. Amazing listener.

Leo: She was born with bang, she wears bang and she dies with bang. Can’t take sarcastic joke, like ever. Her locker was a secret door to Narnia… she is messy! Nobody believed she will make the exams to the medical university, but she did. Very generous with compliments!! Extreme laugh, which I kinda like.

Virgo: The smartest person I know! I would never wish this beautiful creature anything wrong. I hope she will have the best life, like even better than me honestly. Always put togheter. Very organized. Teachers loved her, but so did everybody. She has no flaw… not single one…

Libra: Okay now! There is nothing I wouldn’t do, for my honey, my boo. My bestie!! Same school, flat mates. Always gossiping togheter. Her beauty is beyond stunning. We are so same, yet so opposite. I will say this tho: she is selfish a lot of times and she is not willing to compromise. Other than that she is like my sister.

Scorpio: We used to be really closed friends. We still talk togheter, but it is not the same. I can only talk with her for an hour now, after that my head is like a balloon. Lies a lot. Parties with her are really good. She is sweat and tender, but don’t show it. Never ever apologize. Bitch it is not that hard to say sorry!! Really good taste in alcohol and drinks.

Sagittarius: Tbh I don’t have a lot of sags friends, which is pitty. I had a really good friend at elementary school (we don’t talk anymore). Super funny. I got my sense of humor partly from him. Kinda hot and kinda dumb. Trendsetter. Gay vibe, but straight. Wild child.

Capricorn: It was a looong way for us to atleast respect each other. But we overcame our differences and I really like her now. She knows what she wants. I can relate to her a lot. She is not involved or she doesn’t start any drama. Smart. She saw like every fcking series and movie that exists. Her boyfriend is HOT af.

Aquarius: He is an artist. He can act, paint, sing, play guitar. Always in the skies, never on the ground. We went to theatre class togheter. Annoying when younger. Always forgeting something. He has really good soul. Can’t say no. Working with him can be really challenging and frustrating. His style is not my cup of tea, but I have never seen him dressed badly.

Pisces: He let me down so many time, yet I always forgave him. Never on time. Our phonecalls are usually over an hour. Hardworker, maybe even workohollic. I just can’t deal with him after breakups… I do understand it’s hard for him, but guurl… He can’t let go. His brain shut down in these situations. Can’t keep a secret. He will probably be best man on my wedding. I love and hate the bastard at the same time.

Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.

Top 5 reasons why Geminis and Taurus should date

1: A Gemini needs their space and a Taurus will give it to them.

2: A Gemini needs attention, and a Taurus will give it to them.

3: A Taurus wants to be flexible but needs a Gemini to teach them how to be.

4: A Gemini needs an open mind and a Taurus has one.

5: A Taurus wants loyalty and a Gemini has it.

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Capricorn: The Goat

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and it is a Cardinal Earth sign. It marks the beginning of Winter, when the chill starts to freeze everything over and the energies are stiff, cold, and icy. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is associated with the 10th house of career and public persona. Capricorn is opposed by Cancer. The Sun transits through Capricorn from approximately December 22nd through January 19th.

Capricorn is symbolized by the goat, which is a surefooted and tenacious animal who is blessed with the ability to climb to great heights by taking advantage of every step, butting its’ way through any difficulties or obstacles. This is much like the tenacious, determined, and “social-climber” nature of Capricorn. The glyph depicts the V-Shaped beard of the goat and the curved tail of the Sea-Goat, which was the ancient symbol of Capricorn. Symbolically, the glyph is two straight lines that meet each other and are connected to a circle and a cross. This depicts and represents the melding of responsibility, authority, and discipline that is grounded and strengthened through energy and passion.

Capricorn is the Zodiac’s sole Cardinal Earth sign. When the excitable, leading, and dominant energies of the Cardinal quality meets the practical, sensual, and responsible traits of the Earth element, it makes for a boss; someone who excels in leadership positions but had to work hard and tenaciously for that position. It also creates someone who’s very wise, or like the oldest and most valuable tree in the forest. Capricorn is reserved, strategic, determined, and always has its’ eyes peeled for any opportunity to succeed. The sign is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of hard lessons, restrictions, karmic debts, reaping what you sow, and discipline. In ancient times, the planet was regarded as “Father Time.” Its’ ruler makes Capricorn a very father-like sign. A lot of people will easily tell you that “Capricorn is boring/cold/mean/whatever,” however, I see Capricorn as a rather intriguing sign. I find it to be one of the hardest to decode, truthfully. There’s a certain dichotomy to this sign, in that, it’s very determined and cautious, but so quick to jump on any opportunity. It’s very loyal and values the truth, however, if the opportunity strikes, they’re the first ones to stab someone else in the back just to climb themselves up the ol’ corporate ladder.

I find Capricorn to be a sign that very much values book learning rather than street smarts. I find it important to note that Capricorn is associated with the human bones, teeth, joints, and knees, which explains why many people with Capricorn dominance can come across as very strong or reliable, however, I have a way of thinking about this sign that kind of exposes the fact that the armor they put up to try to appear as a figure of strength to the world, is in fact quite vulnerable. No matter how often you brush and floss your teeth, there’s always a chance that you miss something and then you get a cavity; ie: Capricorn tries to appear so polished and stable on the front, but it’s kind of a defense mechanism to cover up for the fact that if you insult them or their work ethic, it leaves a little “cavity” on Capricorn’s ego.

Capricorn is very self-dependent and self-reliant; their inner child is either very repressed and when they were a child, they were seen as more responsible and mature than the other children (Especially the Moons!!). This sign is very conscious about their reputation and how they appear to others, hence why its’ associated with the 10th house of career and public reputation. They can often appear as unemotional and detached, even snobbish and bitchy, however, underneath that ice-cold exterior that they put up for the world, their shadow side is that they often run into a lot of anxiety and worry, mainly about their physical health, how they appear socially, and they try too hard to intellectualize and reason with their emotions. They long to feel safe with letting go for a bit, cutting themselves a break, and having fun; however, they feel that they are not worthy of doing so until they prove themselves. They heavily rely on the opinions of others for a sign that is so self-reliant (again with that pesky dichotomy!). Another shadow aspect of Capricorn is their desire for control. When they’re in charge of a group project or even a business, they’re very controlling, and they don’t cut others a break (just like they don’t cut themselves one), making Capricorn somewhat of a slave-driver, especially when under stress. This can also translate into their relationships, where Capricorn takes a long time to warm up to someone, and then they expect full loyalty. This can turn into Capricorn becoming possessive and overbearing. On the lighter side of the shadow, Capricorns are heavily secret romantics who yearn to have someone who loves them enough to make Capricorn feel safe letting their guard down around them.

At work, the Capricorn is the type to find escapism through their work because it becomes like a drug for them, and they’re notorious workaholics. They’re the type to work overtime and for long hours just for the sake of escaping their own anxieties or insecurities, while also coming closer to achieving their overall goal of financial steadiness. They’re also sentimental, so they try to bring items from home or items they greatly value into the workplace in order to make themselves feel safer. As a boss, Capricorn won’t neglect their family for the cause, and they’re often allowed in and out. They’re kind, but they expect you to follow the rules and they can become rather authoritative and a slave-driver. They don’t really choose favorites, however, they do help out when they can see that someone is genuinely in need. They’re also calm and composed through complex and stressful ordeals. As an employee, Capricorn will always arrive early and leave late. They always work hard in order to achieve their highest ideals and dreams. Capricorns also treat elders and authorities with respect and dignity. Capricorn very much enjoys common-sense procedures.

Oftentimes, in love, Capricorns are the type to take it very slow and will never make the first move. They only say “I love you” when it’s genuinely met. Once you crack through that cold armor though, they’re super warm on the inside. They might worry about the emotional aspect of the relationship, so you should just make sure that your Capricorn doesn’t try to intellectualize things too heavily. They’d also like to provide financially for their partners once they trust them enough. In return, Capricorn expects respect and to be taken seriously, and for the commitment to be long-term. They also expect privacy, faithfulness, and a steady homelife. Sexually, Capricorn is into some kinky shit and that’s all I’ll say about that. Capricorn is the most compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, and Libra.

Famous Capricorns: Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King Jr, Al Capone, Ellen Degeneres, and Awsten Knight

The Constellation

Capricornicus is Latin for “The Goat.” It was among the 12 Zodiac constellations cataloged and discovered by 12th century Greek astronomer Ptolemy. Capricornicus ranks as the 40th largest constellation in the sky, and it is neighbored by Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aquila, and Piscis Austrinus. It has three known planets and a Messier object. The constellation’s brightest star is Delta Capricorni.  There are five meteor showers associated with Capricornus: the Alpha Capricornids, the Chi Capricornids, the Sigma Capricornids, the Tau Capricornids, and the Capricorniden-Sagittarids.

The signs as variations of “Daddy”

Daddy (classic edition): Gemini, Pisces

Daday: Cancer, Aquarius

Daddi: Capricorn, Taurus, Leo

Daddie: Libra, Sagittarius

Daddae: Scorpio, Virgo

Father: Aries