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Be your pretty little vixen

Alright, here they are. My amazing (and not so amazing) tattoos in all of their glory. Keep in mind most of these are stick'n'pokes that I did myself.

1. Canis Major, Sirius Black’s birthday

2. Moon and stars (the first one i ever did on myself)

3. Junkrat’s riptire

4. Yes it’s a goddamn crooked unfinished Voltron logo

5. “Newt” (Scamander, unfinished)

6. Padfoot

7. “Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus” (pulled from my favorite book, Clockwork Angel it means “we are but dust and shadows”)

8. Flower

9. Eye of Horus (my dad has one too!)

10. Tear/raindrop

11. Planet and stars

12. Josh Dun clique symbol (my first ever tattoo, my bf has Tyler’s)

13. “Darling you’ll be okay” (pulled from a Pierce the Veil song, it was supposed to be in my dad’s handwriting but the artist scarred me really badly and it’s messed up)

14. Heart

15. Bucky Barnes’ arm (needs to be touched up)

16. Jughead crown

17. “Friend Please” (a Twenty One Pilots song)

18. Josh w/alien (very ugly, I’ve tried to fix it 4 times. ((Josh as in Josh Dun)))

19. “Lupus Dei” ( meaning “the wolf of god.” Taken from Penny Dreadful)

20. “Love, Freddie Mercury” (my latest addition, his actual signature)

21. A raincloud (friday the 13th flash tattoo sale)

22. “Till the end of the line” (very VERY poorly done, will probably be covered up eventually.)