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My latest piece for tonight. I hope you enjoy! :

Hey I just finished my Fall Out Boy watercolor sleeve today (done by Joslin Gay at Parasol Tattoo in Saratoga, NY) Hope I get to show ya in person someday 🤩

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Gotham fans please help! I want to get a Gotham tattoo and wanted to know if anyone has a better image of Penguin’s logo in season 5 that a tattoo artist can use. Will happily pay for any help given. 

I also plan on getting the umbrella stamp that is on the License of Misconduct from season 4.

I was only going to get one but I can’t choose, so I might have to get them both. I’m such a fangirl.

What do you think and can you help?

Flowery bits.

Justin Dion at Sovereign Tattoo in Portland Oregon.


At sea - Tattoo time lapse