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Er gaan geruchten dat een Hema-wurst op een plek heeft zitten waar die niet hoort. loved it

made a ruthless start to her quest for a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam singles title with a 6-0 6-2 victory over unseeded Maria in the first round of the Open on .

Hal kecil yg biasa Tatjana Saphira lakukan untuk mengurangi plastik adalah dg selalu membawa tumbler nya

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frogsticker  asked:

Hi! If it's not too late, can I get a reading 🔮💖 Tatjana c:

hey there! i got your other message and though i can do a general romance reading, i can’t answer super specific yes or no questions, my cards just don’t respond well to it. sorry :/

okay, so my cards tell me that you’re experiencing a time of an unknown territory, but not necessarily in a good way. maybe there are some unrequited feelings or other feelings left hidden away? regardless, my cards do carry warnings against your generosity being taken advantage of or you perhaps focusing your energy in the wrong places. they encourage you to reconnect with your conscience and discover what your gut is telling you to do. sorry, this isn’t the best reading :/ maybe my cards are getting a little tired. (reversed high priestess and six of pentacles)

thanks so much @pimkskies! feedback is always appreciated :)