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Quantum computing will disrupt your lives in ways we’ve yet to understand.

Thank you for your insights on in the workforce & asking us to celebrate stories of all generations.

Listening to talk about and I'd like to recommend to everyone at to seriously check out this book. Riveting and so insightful.

Millennials are 35% of the workforce, slightly larger than Generation X’ers. Is your organization bridging gaps re: their differences?

there were many great speakers. Jeff Havens was the greatest and funnier than most stand up comedians I have seen.

Leadership as a tyrant... fear, self interest and distrust - a hilarious view on leadership

We’ve raised $14,502 for our . Thank you for your generosity & for helping young girls with their STEM aspirations!

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Congrats to my CIO, on winning a Trailblazer award.

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