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This was the first "excuse" they gave. And then the "public announcement" they made just dug them a deeper hole.

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what was that again? Pretty sure thats you wearing sliders. How are you turning upto a ‘top restaurant’ in sliders babes?

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Everyone coming for after they denied entry to an uncle for wearing sliders on Eid day and cussed his thobe

@tarshishlondon · · · Why not experience with Tarshish and enjoy their vegetarian options! Their top choice? Stuffed Aubergine with pomegranate, aged feta and parsley, we can’t get enough! . . .

The Chicken Shish was 10/10.. the best i’ve ever had... wow.

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Hayali restoran Casa De Carne'nin oldukça gerçek mesajı. nın hazırladığı ve Tarshish Kisa Film Ödülüne layık görülen kisa film izleyenleri derinden etkiledi. Detayları ve video

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@TarshishLondonon won the @BritishKebabAwards Best Newcomer Restaurant/ Takeaway in London in 2017, we were expecting nothing, but top quality kebabs from #Tarshish. 

We’re happy to conclude that that’s precisely what we got.

As a Turkish and Mediterranean Grill, however, they also offer a whole lot more. With an extensive menu list, the dishes we had the pleasure of trying ranged from the average, such as the desserts, to the extremely good.

All in all, Tarshish is a large, spacious and modern restaurant that definitely demands a visit, particularly if you enjoy outstanding kebabs and cold mezes. 

ℳℯ𝓃𝓊 ℛℯ𝒸ℴ𝓂𝓂ℯ𝓃𝒹𝒶𝓉𝒾ℴ𝓃
Drinks - Bee Sting
Cold Meze - Tabbouleh
Hot Meze - Börek
Grill - Adana Shish
Specials - Iskender Kebab
Desserts - Pear Drop

(at Tarshish)

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New Cthulhutech character, Engel Pilot Jericho Saphine and her Tarshish, Sydon. I’m looking forward to the new edition of Cthulhutech, where I’ve heard they’re toning down some of the… infamous elements of the first edition.

I wanted to put the two together in an image with a background, but I couldn’t make the background how I wanted. I’m not there yet.

In no way is there anyone like you, O Jehovah. You are great, and your name is great in mightiness. Who should not fear you, O King of the nations, for to you it is fitting; because among all the wise ones of the nations and among all their kingships there is in no way anyone like you. And at one and the same time they prove to be unreasoning and stupid. A tree is a mere exhortation of vanities. Silver beaten into plates is what is brought in even from Tar′shish, and gold from U′phaz, the workmanship of a craftsman and of the hands of a metalworker; their clothing is blue thread and wool dyed reddish purple. They are all the workmanship of skilled people.
—  Jeremiah 10:6-9, NWT

Jehovah is great and much to be praised
In the city of our God, [in] his holy mountain.

Pretty for loftiness, the exultation of the whole earth,
Is Mount Zion on the remote sides of the north,
The town of the grand King.

With an east wind you WRECK the SHIPS of Tar′shish.

Just as we have heard, so we have seen
In the city of Jehovah of armies, in the city of our God.
God himself will firmly establish it to time indefinite. ​Se′lah.

We have pondered, O God, over your loving‐kindness
In the midst of your temple.

Like your name, O God, so your praise is
To the borders of the earth.
Your right hand is full of righteousness itself.

—  Psalms 48:1-2,7-10, NWT
The Sermon #9.12

“And now the time of tide has come; the ship casts off her cables; and from the deserted wharf the uncheered ship for Tarshish, all careening, glides to sea. That ship, my friends, was the first of recorded smugglers! the contraband was Jonah. But the sea rebels; he will not bear the wicked burden. A dreadful storm comes on, the ship is like to break. But now when the boatswain calls all hands to lighten her; when boxes, bales, and jars are clattering overboard; when the wind is shrieking, and the men are yelling, and every plank thunders with trampling feet right over Jonah’s head; in all this raging tumult, Jonah sleeps his hideous sleep. He sees no black sky and raging sea, feels not the reeling timbers, and little hears he or heeds he the far rush of the mighty whale, which even now with open mouth is cleaving the seas after him. Aye, shipmates, Jonah was gone down into the sides of the ship—a berth in the cabin as I have taken it, and was fast asleep. But the frightened master comes to him, and shrieks in his dead ear, ‘What meanest thou, O, sleeper! arise!’ Startled from his lethargy by that direful cry, Jonah staggers to his feet, and stumbling to the deck, grasps a shroud, to look out upon the sea. But at that moment he is sprung upon by a panther billow leaping over the bulwarks. Wave after wave thus leaps into the ship, and finding no speedy vent runs roaring fore and aft, till the mariners come nigh to drowning while yet afloat. And ever, as the white moon shows her affrighted face from the steep gullies in the blackness overhead, aghast Jonah sees the rearing bowsprit pointing high upward, but soon beat downward again towards the tormented deep.