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Wenye kuleta mabadiliko ni na ukiangaza na , mleta mabadiliko ni ndio urithi wetu wa na . Walisema hatuwezi kuzuwia mafuriko kwa mkono, tukayazuia kwa macho. Sisi tunasema kwa kuwa ni wazi kwamba !

We are having the best time getting in the holiday spirit tonight at Christmas at the Lighthouse. Stop by for some hot chocolate!

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Jumping into the beach like. Tag your friends who can't say no to paradise. (Via instagram: .ghosh4u)

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Dia Internacional del Nen. Avui fem un homenatge especial als lluitadors i supervivents per als que treballem cada dia. I recordem especialment un dels seus drets, el dret a l’AMOR! ❤️

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Tumbler porno kitilással kapcsolatban jutott eszembe…
Csak semmi kurválkodás!
Szocialista erkölcs már a tumblin is. Yessss!

You know what kills me and drives me mad with utter respect and awe? The fact the dragons knew that Tanu was taking ingredients from Madrigus’ body and they still didn’t kill him on sight.

Nevermind the fact that Navarog, who practically denounced his dragon brethren was seething at dragon bones on display. It could have been such a great opportunity for the dragons to turn people against Kendra and Seth. Can you imagine toating the caretakers’ manservant in front of everybody and explaining how he was desecrating the body of a dragon? How they didn’t have any respect for any of the creatures that resided there. How they were so unworthy of being caretakers over dragons if they couldn’t even respect them.

Honestly the only things that probably saved Tanu’s life and Kendra and Seth’s reputations were that the dragons were already planning on disrespecting the body, and that they already had a plan to kill them all. There was no point to shame them over something that could’ve been considered petty when they would get their own sweet, sweet revenge soon enough.

But man, the temptation.
Story Time With Papyrus - TheNobles Fan-Animation
After many months, it's finally done! I'm honestly kinda proud of this and can't believe it is actually finally finished. I remember the first time listening...

This took me a good handful of months to make but I’m so glad I finally finished it! This is a fananimation of one of @thenoblescosplay streams and I’ve been working on it ever since it came out basically.

I hope you all like it and enjoy it as much as I did while making it.

Also, heya Nobles, hope you guys like my suprise gift! Sorry I didn’t ask about being able to animate while using your audio, I really had wanted to keep this as a complete surprise. If you have any problems with it please just let me know, i’d love to fix whatever it may be! I also really hope you enjoyed the animation!

In the end, I thank everyone who will take their time to watch and I will see you next time, Keep being you everyone!

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2, 12, and 29 for the OC questions? c:

Do you have a personal favourite among your OCs?

  • Dus is probably my fave by character growth, Nerin is my fave by being my first unicorn design and being a lil shit, Avaral has the most on his playlist, but Ni and Beliel win for personality. (I love all my kids)

Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot

  • Aaaa if DnD characters count @cytristree has made her character, Asira, so interesting, funny and three dimensional to me. @apatheticnyx actually borrowed one of my ocs, Tanu, but she took him in a whole new direction that was v interesting and fun to see (sorry for turning him into a GOD)

Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they’re going?

  • Oh Nerin for sure cause he’s impulsive and digs the adrenaline rush, but so would Cinna cause she’s curious and would wanna find out why its been abandoned (plus maybe find some ghosts to befriend), and Jinn because she’d be happy for that free real estate and can deal w whatever is in there

Happy Birthday Tanu!!! I did some fan art to say thank you so much for being such an inspiration for me and my art. I am hoping to do cosplay in the future and go to conventions. Thank u guys so much for what you do and inspiring and helping me and others with their art and more. Thank u!!

Happy 24th Birthday Tanu!

Oof I almost forgot, so sorry this is so rushed but a big happy birthday to the most amazing guy on the planet! You and Chinchi are my biggest inspirations and I have to thank you for where I am today! Thank you for being alive to change the lives of so many people by just being your dorky self!

Tanu: @thenoblescosplay