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La Fundació Sant Joan de Déu des de fa 5 anys ens fa donació de joguines per a tots els nens necessitats de la Fundació Todo Corazón. Nen@s de famílies en risc d’exclusió social i de refugiats interns.

Picture perfect. The iconic red and white lighthouse can be seen from miles away, welcoming everyone who approaches.

miss my friends.. the name is SKY GH AMOUNT... my best friend's Mole Berry BLINKZ #

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It's dinner time! Stay local tonight and enjoy a meal at Snug Harbour. Snug Harbour restaurant, located across the bridge from the lighthouse in Port Credit, is the perfect place for a scenic dinner.

हर राह आसान हो हर पल सुख समृद्धि और खुशियां हो ऐसा ही तुम्हारा जीवन हो यही हर पल दुवा है मेरी ऐसे ही तुम्हारा हर जन्मदिन बहुत खूबसूरत हो । Happy Birthday आज मेरी बेटी का जन्मदिन है आप सभी लोगों कि दुवाऐ और आशीर्वाद कि कामना करती हूं ।।

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No body can deny the fact that this teenage couple was so so so adorable.... They were love.. ❤️❤️ So pure So cute So adorable

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Els nens ja estan adaptats a la seva realitat. Una vegada més ens ensenyen la seva capacitat d’adaptació als seus dos móns. Des de TANU els acompanyem.

Lila Lewis Irving's paintings will be displayed in the Edenshaw Experience Centre located at 72 Lakeshore Rd. E in Port Credit. Drop by the Experience Centre this upcoming Saturday from 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. to celebrate the grand opening

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eaven129  asked:

Any thoughts regarding the original howlers? I'm emotional forever and always. ♥

Thank you for the ask! ❤🤗 come by more often!

I love the original Howlers a lot! I love the fact that they chose to help Darrow as much as Sevro did. Their loyalty and love for The Reaper is amazing to me. I miss them a lot, tho. When some of them died in the Iron Rain, I cried. My favourite line about the Howlers is: ‘they blame themselves for the scar on my belly’. I just love this bands of misfits to bits. I love the fact that they don’t belong, but they belong together. They are precious!

Except Thistle, she was a traitorous bitch. Let’s put Darrow aside for a moment. Sevro and the Howlers were supposed to be at the Triumph. She sold them all to the Jackal and the Sovereign. She sold her own family.

She is as bad as Roque. But I did love how Pierce Brown eased us into her betrayal: in Red Rising she pauses when Adrius proposes her an offer 'she can’t refuse’ and she frees Antonia who was crucified, in Golden Son she knocks off Ragnar’s razor and Sevro points out that she and Roque would never fight on their side.

So yeah, I love all the Howlers: Harpy, Screwface, Rotback, Peeble, Clown, Weed (Sevro, Darrow). The only reason I cut Cyrianna (Thisle) some slack (as she isn’t on my disliked characters list) is because she has shown remorse.

Hope my answer satisfies! Howl on!


Tumbler porno kitilással kapcsolatban jutott eszembe…
Csak semmi kurválkodás!
Szocialista erkölcs már a tumblin is. Yessss!

You know what kills me and drives me mad with utter respect and awe? The fact the dragons knew that Tanu was taking ingredients from Madrigus’ body and they still didn’t kill him on sight.

Nevermind the fact that Navarog, who practically denounced his dragon brethren was seething at dragon bones on display. It could have been such a great opportunity for the dragons to turn people against Kendra and Seth. Can you imagine toating the caretakers’ manservant in front of everybody and explaining how he was desecrating the body of a dragon? How they didn’t have any respect for any of the creatures that resided there. How they were so unworthy of being caretakers over dragons if they couldn’t even respect them.

Honestly the only things that probably saved Tanu’s life and Kendra and Seth’s reputations were that the dragons were already planning on disrespecting the body, and that they already had a plan to kill them all. There was no point to shame them over something that could’ve been considered petty when they would get their own sweet, sweet revenge soon enough.

But man, the temptation.


Tanu feat. Alex Bunghez - Prada