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Last shoutout for our sister projects. This is the group who are working on in their mother language

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අපි ඉතින් බොරුවටද කියන්නේ ගේ යේ සංවිධාන හරහා තවදුරටත් වැනි රටවල් ඔහුනට ඕනේ විදියට නටවනවා කියලා. කියන්නේ මොකක්ද කියලා ආය අමුතුවෙන් මේ කපටි සුද්දන්ට උගන්වන්න ඕනෙද ?අතීතයේත් මුන් මිනිසුන්ව පාවිච්චි කළා මහා ජාතියේ විනාශය සදහා

"History and Imagination" edited by Cheran, Ambalavanar, & Kanaganayakam covers a broad range of topics concerning Tamil culture all over the world:

Rediscovering the classics of - a lecture by Prof David Shulman on Feb26 at University. If you are around town,don’t miss this discussion with one of leading linguistic anthropology minds in the world & author of the book: Tamil- A biography.

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தாய் மொழியில் கையெழுத்திடுவது அவமானம் அல்ல நம் அடையாளம் தமிழ் அவமானம் அல்ல.. அடையாளம் 💪🏻உலகதாய்மொழிதினம்😍

Minister who was in today to inaugurate various city development programs in the region urged to take up cabinet posts to serve people in North;he noted last Minister was late Thiruchelvam in 1960s & invited MP to take up the post.

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I remember listening to a Tamil song years ago.

The lyrics translate something like how if all of the clouds were paper and the blue of the sky were ink that’ll not be enough to express love.

I thought it was a hyperbole!

But darling, you. You! You! You!

I wrote my heart in paper before we happened.

I didn’t stop writing when we were together.

Here we are apart again, and I am still writing.

Now I believe those lyrics.

There aren’t enough medium to express love.



Hey friends..  Wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day..  Here is our original song One Side Kaadhal.., a kaadhal song dedicated to all one side lovers, with a twist at the end.. Do watch it.., enjoy it..,  spread the love and support us..  Love u all.  Infinite love..  A valentines special..  Directed by Bharath Vikram and Sarath Cinematography by SubashLyrics by Navin MCasting by M.S.Jones Rupert and Prarthana AnanthGuest Appearance by Bharath VikramComposed, Sung and Edited by M.S.Jones Rupert Color correction and Title Animation by Bharath Vikram In Association with ‘gorilla cell’ Youtube ChannelSpecial thanks Family and friendsSarah EzekielKadal kitchenDont forget to LikeShare