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That's exactly what I was going for but just a bit more! Need more input to fully revise the game, like, change it to 📺📺? How many people is too many? I say maybe start with 2-5 then they at least 2 who've not been , and what's the cooldown time to retag?

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tag a few people who should all connect and help each other grow. They are now as and need to at least 2 people to no longer be it. ...It's a fun game of growth and friendship! 😀👍 TY for the Tag I Tag: &

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It's now (Sunday Tag) You are now as and need to at least 2 people who should follow each other to no longer be it. It's a fun game of growth and friendship!

Just watched It was fucking brilliant! So funny too. Definitely would recommend watching it. Makes me want to start up a game of extreme Tag, Who's playing?? 🤚🏻😂

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WEST HoCo games TONIGHT starts 5pm!! starts 7pm!! Goodluck Owls!! Wear your spirit wear, or grab some @ the game - cash & carry table at gate entrance! Dont forget to your HoCo pics with to share.

This S is learning how to play tag games with his peers by practicing with a staff in our class. I think he's getting it!

Cookie monster discovers the cookie clicker game. . . you web designer friend . . try . . . . . Stay tuned for more updates . . .

This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more View

--Grown men play the childhood game of tag in this supposed true story. Momentarily, there are touching moments of their friendship. Otherwise, this sophomoric film offers few insights, and is so annoying it's a chore to finish. One of 2018's worst...amazing it was greenlit.

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You never know when a game of tag might break out in front of the Media Desk! Tag (the movie) is now available for checkout!

This movie is all about a group of grown men playing a long-running game of, well, . Based on a true story. Must Watch -

This week for our we'd like to play a and game! It feels like we have all had a busy season. Care to share a paper that has caught your attention? call out out to all participants of

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RULES: tag ten followers you want to know better!

tagged by: @bucky-wilson about 25 days ago. Thank you so much for the tag!!!

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STAR SIGN: cancer



1. Hearts - Jessie Ware

2. Lider ohne Worte, Op 85: No 31 in A Major - Felix Mendelssohn

3.  Novocaine - Fall Out Boy

4. 3 Romances, Op. 31: II. Allegretto (Mit zartem Vortrage) - Clara Schumann


Profiting from his connections, Jian obtained a post as an auxiliary district commanding officer and went at once to assume his new office. - Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Volume 1



WHO IS YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH? Hadley Fraser even tho i guess he doesn’t really count as a celebrity but whatever


hate: metal griding against metal

love: piano :3

DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS? kind of - but I’d rather not get into it ;v;/

HOW ABOUT ALIENS? depending on your definition of aliens, yes.

DO YOU DRIVE? I can but I don’t currently drive


WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU READ? fanfics… are book length…. so some fic I guess? A short snippet, I’d read A Darker Shade of Magic, but a full book otherwise (that wasn’t a textbook) would have to be uhh I think Macbeth? It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to finish a book


WHAT WAS THE LAST MOVIE YOU SAW? I went to see Incredibles 2 today. :D Otherwise, Thor: Ragnarok (the 7th rewatch oh ho)

WHAT’S THE WORST INJURY YOU’VE EVER HAD? I’m very lucky in that I’ve never gotten seriously injured. The worst was when I was in like kindergarden and cut open my head with a chair;;

DO YOU HAVE ANY OBSESSIONS RIGHT NOW? I’m between fandoms atm. Most people would say I’ve been obsessed with Marvel for years  aha but I guess my Pokemon Go addiction is quick prevalent 


IN A RELATIONSHIP?  nonononono please no.

There’s less than a week until the check-in period, also when sign-ups close! Please make sure to get all sign-ups in as soon as possible, and let anyone interested in the collab be aware as well.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out this page for more information!

We hope everyone who has signed up so far has been making good progress on their pieces! If at any time you feel you need an extension please let us know as soon as possible.


i can’t stop thinking about this scene,, nerds all of them

Last Line Tag

I was tagged by @inspirewriter

From The Stone and the Sea: Chapter 1

Caspian sighs, the salty wind blowing his hair out of his face. The crashing of the wave fills his ears, the water lapping gently at his feet. Oh how he longs to run straight into the welcoming ocean water, to let himself be welcomed into it’s dark depths. He resists the urge, but only just.

I will tag: @yetmorestories @abalonetea @writer-on-time and @bluewritesbadly (no pressure guys!)

Tag Game: get to know me better!

Thank you for tagging me @infinitebookwrms!

Name/nickname: Isa

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′2″

Play your playlist on shuffle, what are the first 5 songs that come up?
Scars to you beautiful by Alessia Cara

Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes

Too good to be true by the vamps, Danny Avila and machine gun Kelly

Besos en guerra by morat and juanes

I’m not famous by AJR

way it goes by hippo campus

Ever had a song or poem written about you? omg yes! my best friend made a song for me (she has only shown it to me once when I was drunk believing I wouldn’t remember it… I did and it is SO lovely)

When was the last time you played the guitar? About three months ago, I miss it

Who is your celebrity crush? Tom Holland and Noah Centineo

What’s a sound you love? The sound of rain!!

A sound you hate? honking

Do you believe in ghosts? Not really

How about aliens? the universe is huge, so maybe there are aliens… who knows?

Do you drive? Yep

What was the last book you read? the last one I finished was “the cruel prince” and I’m currently reading “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck”

Do you like the smell of gasoline? Nope, it makes me dizzy

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? I’ve never had a mad injury

Do you have any obsessions right now? autumn

Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?nope

In a relationship? I’m currently seeing someone who is SO SO nice, you guys have no idea

I tag: @bookschocolatesworld and @scifi-fandoms

Tag Game!

RULES - Bold statements are true & tag 15 people

Tagged by the wonderful @whitewolfbumble  ❤️ Thank you so much love :)


I am over 5′5″ / I wear glasses/contacts / I have blond hair / I wear sweatshirts a lot / I prefer loose clothing to tight clothing / I have one or more piercings / I have at least one tattoo / I have blue eyes / I have dyed or highlighted my hair/ I have gotten plastic surgery / I have or had braces / I sunburn easily / I have freckles / I paint my nails / I typically wear makeup / I don’t often smile / I am pleased with how I look / I prefer Nike to Adidas / I wear baseball hats backwards


I play a sport / I can play an instrument / I am artistic / I know more than one language / I have won a trophy in some sort of competition / I can cook or bake without a recipe / I know how to swim / I enjoy writing / I can do origami / I prefer movies to TV shows / I can execute a perfect somersault / I enjoy singing / I could survive in the wild on my own / I have read a new book series this year / I enjoy spending time with friends / I travel during school or work breaks / I can do a handstand


I have had my first kiss / I have gotten drunk / I have told a crush I like them / I have traveled outside of the country / I have flown on an airplane / I have stayed awake for more than 48 hours / I have had a near-death experience / I have caught something on fire / I have performed in a talent show / I have shot a gun / I have been on TV / I have gone scuba diving / I have broken a bone / I have slow-danced / I have gone on a shopping spree


I am in a relationship / I have been single for over a year / I have a crush / I have a best friend / I have known a friend for over ten years / I have a brother / I have dated my best friend / I am adopted / My crush has confessed to me / I have had a long-distance relationship / I am an only child / I give advice to my friends / I have made an online friend / I met up with someone I have met online


I have heard the ocean in a conch shell / I have watched the sunrise / I enjoy rainy days / I have slept under the stars / I meditate outside / The sound of chirping calms me / I enjoy the smell of the beach / I know what snow tastes like / I listen to music to fall asleep / I enjoy thunderstorms / I enjoy cloud watching / I have attended a bonfire / I pay close attention to colors / I find mystery in the ocean / I enjoy hiking on nature paths / Autumn is my favorite season


I can fall asleep in a moving vehicle / I am the mom friend / I live by a certain quote / I like the smell of Sharpies / I am involved in extracurricular activities / I enjoy Mexican food / I can drive stick-shift / I have memorized an entire song in a day / I believe in true love / I dream up scenarios to fall asleep / I sing in the shower / I wish I lived in a video game / I have a canopy above my bed / I am multi-racial / I am a redhead / I own at least three dogs / I am LGBT+


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Anyone is free to do this! 

i was tagged @bbarnes , and @bithor to list my tumblr crushes! - ofc you’re on this list, sun! laura isnt bc she keeps telling me to study. 

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I might have missed a few people, i’m sorry! no hard feelings im just tired! 

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Thank you all so much!!!

My tumblr crushes are:

@abalonetea | @realashergray@nerocael | @dogwrites | @lady-redshield-writes@bluewritesbadly | @reeseweston | @yetmorestories | @ryeswrites | @supersaiyansadie | @omgbrekkerkaz | @writingisfancylying | @lonelyartistsandwriterssociety | @aurumni-writes | @incandescent-creativity | @cogwrites | @ephemeralseraph | @writerachel | and so many more my mind is blanking on!!

battlemalecs  asked:

fandom: les mis!!

ahhh THANK YOU SO MUCH I almost forgot this was in my inbox qlkwjr

  • the first character i ever fell in love with: Grantaire
  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: n/a i love them all
  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: n/a (my tastes haven’t changed in 102948 years)
  • my ultimate favorite character™: GRANTAIRE!!!
  • prettiest character: HADLEY FRASER’S GRANTAIRE 
  • my most hated character: Thénardier 
  • my OTP: enjolras x grantaire (also combeferre x jehan)
  • my NOTP: enjolras x épon 
  • favorite episode song (act 1): the people’s song
  • saddest death: EIGHT SHOTS TO APOLLO though Jean Prouvaire’s in the brick
  • favorite season song (act 2): drink with me 
  • least favorite season song: suDDNEL Y Y JLKQLKQWLKJ
  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: montparnasse (i guess)
  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: javert
  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: i mean everyone dies so everyone i guess. except javert. 
  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: n/a 
  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship: n/a (I’m pretty firm on what I ship in les mis)

send me a fandom here

tumblr crushes challenge; where you post your own favorite blogs to spread positivity and get your amazing blogger-friends some more followers!

rules are simple – if you’re tagged, show off your tumblr crushes and tag your post #mytumblrcrushes and of course, you don’t have to, but why pass up an opportunity to make someone’s day with this? :)

I was tagged by @ivonoris@northern-rose@theshadowsofthenight@writingisfancylying​ and I tag all of you back! 

according to tumblr these are my current crushes: @whatsanwritepocalae @forlornraven @reeseweston @katiehahnbooks @maskedlady @thewingwriter​ and @writingisfancylying​ but I also want to add @alizans@authordai@jellybeanwriter@wolvesofarcadia@novelistcore@nathanielbooks​ @msmeaghanrey​ and everyone else who tagged me

Get To Know Me Tag

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Rules: answer the questions and tag 15 people

Nickname: Jess / “Mom”

Gender: female

Height: 5’ 7.5"

Sexuality: heterosexual

Favorite animal: foxes 🦊

Avg. Hrs of Sleep: like… 6

No. of blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: go library and bookstore hopping in Europe

Dream job: something in psychology or holistic medicine

When you made this account: 2013

Follower count: 400-ish

Relationship status: married 💏

Favorite color: white or gold

Lipstick or chapstick: tinted lip balm~

3 favorite foods: gf avocado toast, Chipotle, fresh fruit (esp. cantaloupe & red grapes) 🥑🌯🍇

Song stuck in my head: I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

Top 3 TV shows: Lost, The Office, House M.D.

A book you’re currently reading: a bunch of aromatherapy textbooks

Time: 19:09

Tagging: any of my followers who want to do this (srsly i would love it if you did it and tagged me so i can get to know you!)

Despite the “Atlus acknowledged P1/2?!?!” memes, I could make a long list of evidence proving Atlus never forgot and still has the first three games in their mind and has provided more current day P1/2 content than the modern fandom. At this point, it’s mostly the Persona 3~5 fandom purposely not acknowledging them.

The fandom is the one who truly forgot P1/2 exist.