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When the Game Master rolls at disadvantage.

Si tu aimes Meute de , que t'es proche de Marseille les 1/2 février, y'a une convention autour du jeu avec : Table ronde Table de jeu Et de la bonne bouffe ! C'est par ici ⤵️ :

has just been delivered 😍 Beautifully presented as always, it’s fun just to look at from an artistic point. Really looking forward to giving it a test run, as I love the other games.

🎲Der Tactica Adventskalender 2019 🎅 Der 2. Adventswoche-Wettbewerb aus unserem Kalender endet heute! Schick uns den tollsten mindestens 12farbigen Würfelkreis von allen! Mehr Infos findest du unter Türchen 9

DEBO Wood grain HPL Tabletop, transform ordinary into extraordinary. Answer with DEBO surface in 23844 Nature Walnut. Find More colors of " DEBO REMIX Urban Classic" from :

Top story: : ' You are now in Star Wars Legion! So hyped for this! And we can paint you with or without helmet! ' , see more

Day 13 is Bananagrams! 🎄 Simply & us to be in with a chance to ! This year we’ll pick a winner each week, so be sure to every single day! 🎁 Open to UK residents only

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Holiday table setting with Pink Bouquet linen napkins & tablecloth from our collection with , vintage glasses & bowl by @astierdevillatte . #…

The last THS Tabletop Gaming session of of the decade. It’s been a fun few years. 2020 will kick off with all Saltmarsh and Yawning Portal campaigns.

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“Big Dutch Doggerland” from /u/BigManBoris69, via /r/imaginarymaps

I’m a DM looking for people who wanna play - especially folks who are new to DND and tabletop games!

I just really wanna regularly host dnd for a little group because I miss it so much - please message me if you’d be interested? I have a homebrew system which is super easy to play, especially for beginners, and a whole world mapped out. I’m very flexible with races and classes like I’ll make it work for whatever you wanna be within reason. Even if different people respond we could make some new friends together!

I also have the lore book for the official Dragon Age roleplaying game so I would be willing to try that out too!

Prepping Basic Enemies

Continuing to put my notes together for my upcoming Dragonlance game, and I turned my attention to the basic enemies for at least the first few chapters of the story.

As I explained previously, the party will be playing new original characters, but taking the place of the Innfellows in the main narrative. The Innfellows (Tanis, Raislin, etc) will be gone, entirely removed from history, and new heroes will play their parts in history.

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Beholderkin Sorcerous Bloodline

(This subclass is a first draft and requires testing. Any input is appreciated)

The power of the Beholder flows through you, its alien nature granting you innate abilities. Perhaps through some freak accident, a pulse of the far realm energy attuned you to a powerful Beholder, shifitng your very being. Or perhaps some horrifying magical experiment infused you with the essence of a Beholder. Or maybe even you, or one of your ancestors was exposed to an alien artifact of ‘The Great Mother’, creator of Beholderkind.

Beholder Physiology, 1st level, Beholderkin feature
Your physical appearance is altered by your alien nature, whether it be subtle or more drastic. Perhaps your irises are strange shapes, or your normal eyes are slightly larger. Your skin maybe a strange shade, and or have a strange texture.
This physiology also grants you certain benefits. 

You have Darkvision out to 60ft. If you already have Darkvision, its range is increased by 20ft. You have advantage on all Perception (Wisdom ) checks involving sight. Your skin also has a hide like quality, granting you +2 natural armor.

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Doomsday Doopy Doo / RPG: Gamma World - Where the F is Bundeez


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Polymorphed Dragon PC

The dragon’s goal is to become unpolymorphed by the end of the campaign.

They have a Huge weakness for bards and therefore told to seduce when bards are about.

Wants to find the bard’s college to make it their horde/harem.