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Cómo cuando dicen ser , , pero les pides que te pasen el puerto que ocupan para administrar el firewall no saben que responder XD

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Lmao. Linux/*BSD/macOS or Unix users will understand this one.
Service Management beyond IT - All talk or ?

Another research, this time on ESM : With all the talk of extending IT service management beyond IT to other departments like HR, Facilities,etc. the Enterprise Service Management ( ESM ) buzz is fast gathering pace. But honestly, do you guys see interest outside of IT in application of service management principles ? If you have, what are specific areas in other departments that have used service management principles and found success? Practical every day use cases outside of IT would be helpful. Finally, does anybody listen to IT when it comes to using the same service management software for ticketing or is it IT’s mistake that departments outside are still ‘ unorganized’ without formal service management in place? Bottomline: Do you see ESM live past the hype? Please quote specific examples of how non-IT departments find it useful. via /r/sysadmin

How to change the default timezone on Debian based systems
$ ln -fs /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires /etc/localtime
$ dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive tzdata

This will syslink the correct time zone data to /etc/localtime and then dpkg-reconfigure will configure the system, setting the /etc/timezone file automatically