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can help our life as DBA to be easier .. backup done with combined 2GB/s throughput (1.3GB/s reads and 700 MB/s write) at < 2 ms latency. Don't compromise, virtualize!

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pushing a one line change to prod without review

Migrate Sentora to New Server

Install Sentora on new server (both server must have same OS version and type, I use CentOS 7).

Zip the /var/sentora/hostdata on old server and move it to destination server. Unzip the zip file

Export all of the database:

mysqldump –user=root –password=thepassword | gzip -9 > /root/all_databases.sql.gz

and import it to new server:

mysql -u root -p < /root/all_databases.sql

You need to gunzip the database first.

Update the config /etc/sentora/panel/cnf using the old mysql root password.

Reset the zadmin password:

setzadmin --set new-password

Go to Admin -> Module Admin -> Apache Config and choose Force Update.

You can login using the new zadmin password and for the rest data is the same like mysql root password etc.