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Roger and Angelica, 1910

🐴Rev 6:2 🐴I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, & he went out conquering & to conquer. 🐴Trying to send a message? 🐴 .

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Two Women under a Red Tree, 1905, Odilon Redon

Medium: oil,canvas

You ever have one of those dreams that is so obviously trying to tell you something.

Yeah I had one of those a while ago and wrote it down. And Im gonna tell you about it cause why not.

Some things you need to know before I tell you tho.

1. My real name is Finn

2. When I was in elementary school I had a friend who’s full name gets used in the dream but Im nott gonna tell you their full name cause this is the internet and trust no one so Im gonna call him A. Full name being AG. Coolio? Coolio. (Also in the dream he was grown up to my age so I didn’t recognise him at first since I haven’t seen him since elementary school)

3. A bouncy house maze is exactly what it sounds like. But in them the walls are pressed together because they are blown up so you cant tell where anyone is unless you are touching them or talking.

I am still trying to figure out what it meant… It was too well put together to not mean anything. So yeah.


So I think it started out in a classroom where the students were ranked mideavle style for some reason. I was Finn the Warrior and I was sat next to the king and… Someone else of similar importance, but I dont remember exactly. Anyways we were handed out a work sheet that gave us our ranking and the topic of fighting came up (maybe we were supposed to fight???) and I pointed out that fighting or running from someone in one of those bouncy house mazes is a nightmare because you cant see who is in front or behind you or where you are, you either have to get lucky or memorize the maze as you go along, plus you are panicking the whole time trying to escape the person.

That started one of those transitions to 2 people doing that exact thing. Then it flashed back to me in the classroom hearing other people say I would be good for something since I was the warrior.

Transition to an animated YouTube video about a girl who said something along the lines of, “I know people think Im creepy or weird and usually just watch me for animation help but I appreciate all my viewers” and she did this while styling a wig for herself by taking a normal curly wig and coloring it with blush to give it multiple shades of colors.

Then it transitioned to her in real life at her house, there was a long ditch around her house and I think she had a dog??? It showed her coming out of her room dressed in a pastel pink dress after styling her wig and said hello to another person of probably the same age, maybe younger, hunched over a book, dressed in black or dark grey.

Transition to me outside the house hiding behind some long grass next to the ditch being told to go in there by the king and… She comes out of the house and invites me in. She was really nice, she showed me how she does her wigs

Then it transitions to an outdoor pool party where I am still refered to as Finn the Warrior and then transitions to more examples of people running from others in bouncy house mazes.

Transition back to the pastel girls house. I am now sitting in a room off of where she styled her wigs and the girl from earlier dressed in black is sat next to me and the topic of stories come up and she wants to hear a story, the pastel girl says something like “you’re good with stories, aren’t you finn? Tell us a story” and I was like, “ok, what kind of story do you want? Fairytale, story, fable, something with a morel, a warning about the fae?” and the girl in black said “I like the velvitine rabbit!” and I was like, “oh I actually don’t remember that one” so she handed me a yellow paperback book labeled, the velvitine rabbit. I was about to start reading it when the door is kicked open and a person barges in. Transition to me being held out of that room in a hallway next to the rickety wooden stairs where the guy holding me is talking to another man and they are both revealed to be vampires and the guy holding me is named A. I am… Suspiciously calm, know that someone will come to help, and just before he tosses me to the other guy I say, “A,,, like A G? You’re A G?” and so he stopped what he was doing hesitated and ran off with me through the house and I think we ended up in a green house??

Transition back to me in the classroom, still being refered to as Finn the Warrior and I started talking to the person to the other side of me (Princess? Queen? Dutches?) she was a few years younger than me. She was saying something like “you should be able to do it”

Transition back to me being heald captive by a vampire Idk where in the house I am now, 2 people bust into the room and I shout “ITS A G” A panics and bites into my neck, tosses me onto the floor and runs. I remember thinking im fine he bit me on the wrong side of the neck and i wont turn because of the bite. Transition to me this time running through a bouncy house maze trying to escape Someone, the dream ends.