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”Tehdään täällä hesar juttua työpaikkakiusaamisesta opettajien kesk niinnettä saadaan POHJAA vertaiskokemuk tälle stoorille.” Että semm ”viestintäpäällikkö”.

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Jummah Mubarak to you all my beautiful family 🌹 Loads of love and prayers for you all ♥️🤲🏻 God bless you sweetheart 😊🙏🏻💕

Today's price is £4725.34. Featured cable this is our control cable, available from stock from 2-5 cores in sizes 0.75mm to 6mm.

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🎼 , manant, si Si, manant, si Manant, si tu voyais ma vie Je vis à Miami Et comme je le vomis Et la France aussi ! 🎶

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Eid Mubarak everyone 🎉🎈. Thank you dear Rafah❣. Happy times always be with all of us family. 🤲

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I love Shen bros in all their forms. In here, a newly appointed Peak Lord SQQ (SJ) finds a dirty kid on the streets that looks suspiciously like him (system failure, SY couldn’t transmigrate so the system gave him an emergency body similar to the one he was supposed to inhabit) and SQQ thinks that his bastard parents may have had another child after him and sold him out too.

So he takes SY back and finds out that, hey, he can also love someone? Cool. Cue overprotective SQQ and mischievous SY and fluff. yes.


-Real name: Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy

-A.k.a.: Sonique, Sy, Terry, Theresa Cassidy, Theresa Rourke, Tracy Cassidy, Banshee

-Publisher: Marvel

-Type: Mutant

-Afilliations: Fallen Angels, Hounds, Muir Island X-Men, New Mutants, The Outcasts, X-Corporation, X-Factor, X-Force, X-Men

-Powers: Sonic scream, sonic lance, uses her voice to make people fall in love with her, blast power, flight, force field, intellect, leadership, radar sense, stamina, super hearing.

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Hello! It's SY! I'm an aries if that's helpful at all! I would like to know how my career and love life will be for the rest of the year. Thanks!! ❤

Hello, SY!

Career: Four of Pentacles, Ten of Wands, The Sun (reversed), Ten of Pentacles, Four of Cups. 

The cards let you know that good news about your career will come from the hand of someone close to you. They don’t specify who it may be, but it’s someone you know and may be studying with you. This news will be something of a “gift” to you. You may have been going through some hard times, and my cards ask you to delegate to others to avoid health problems. Rest a few days and rest, as you may end up sick from stress or from not resting properly.

Hard times are coming, despite this good news, so don’t lose faith. It doesn’t have to be bad, you just have to work a little harder than usual. That’s why I tell you to take a few days off, as there are moments of hard work that can bring you headaches.

In general, I don’t see that the race has to go wrong, although there will be many obstacles that you must learn to overcome during these months. What the cards recommend you is that you have in mind that you must sacrifice yourself for your career. If you sacrifice yourself and make that new effort: success awaits you at the end of the year. However, don’t make big dreams about this success, since it will be a moderate success that may be something you don’t expect. Don’t be discouraged, as I see you despising or not happy with your career at the end of the year.

The cards recommend that you seek to break the routine, since routine and high expectations can be your enemies in this area of ​​your life.

Advice from the Oracle of Angels: Let your friends help you: Ask for and accept the support of others

Find help and support in your family and your closest friends. They will be fundamental pillars during these months of the year, and will know how to give you the best advice about your career. If you feel down or losing your goals: look for someone you trust and talk to them.

They will know how to advise you and tell you what you need to move forward. Also, remember that disconnect is always good. Don’t be too focused on your career and leave aside the pleasures or hobbies that break the monotony a bit.

Love: Eight of Cups, The Lovers, Page of Swords, Eight of Pentacles, The Wheel of Fortune.

Your love life is hectic, SY! Let’s see, darling, I see you sad and thinking about abandoning a relationship or a conquest at the beginning of June or July. Think about what you are going to do: are you sure there is nothing else to fight for? Do you think that relationship has no future? Do you think that boy or girl is not for you? Meditate very well your decision, since I see that in the end you will change your mind because this person that you are interested in will speak with you.

You may have a proposal to have an appointment with a person of your interest that is causing some disappointment. The cards recommend that you act to get what you want in your love life. Always with a head, SY! Don’t launch into the adventure if you do not feel safe.

However, the cards also warn me that this person may be playing two bands. Make sure you are the only person you are dating if you want to have a formal relationship with him or her, since you can take a thankless surprise. On the other hand, it may be you who plays two bands, SY! If you have the option to meet two people at the same time, I recommend that you communicate it to both people to avoid problems later on. Remember that playing with expectations is dangerous.

If you want to end up having a relationship this 2019, the cards warn you that you must work hard to get it. Work and love will be the basis to get that relationship you are looking for (if so). In addition, the Universe has some ideas for you and will bring unexpected changes to your love life with the Wheel of Fortune. These changes can be good or bad, depending on the effort and energy you have put into it, and are by destination. You have to accept them yes or yes, SY!

Advice from the Oracle of Angels: Let your ex go: The time has come to purify your energy.

Angels advise you to leave the attachment you can have to anyone in your past. It does not have to be referring to an ex, but we can be talking about an old “special friend”, a crush that did not go well or, if we are very general, a friendship that brought us a lot of pain.

The important thing is that you know how to identify which person does not allow you to advance in your love life. Are you still waiting for someone and you can not move forward even if you know new people? Is there someone you do not get out of your head? Do you think of someone and it only brings you pain? Start forgetting this person and the energy he left in your life. You must do it little by little, but it is important that you leave the past behind and open yourself to the present.

Good luck, baby!

Please consider leaving feedback to know whether or not my reading has resonated with you.

tudo aquilo que você planta hoje, colherá amanhã.

não plante desprezo e ódio esperando colher carinho e amor.

Que seja verdadeira toda forma de amor.

As vezes as pessoas só percebem que você não estava bem quando você morre

ai se perguntam porque fez isso, ela parecia tão alegre.

 A verdade é que quando ninguém olhava ela chorava e mostrava como realmente se sentia.

Seja verdadeiro, não viva uma ilusão.

Não adianta ficar expondo seus sentimentos para todos

ninguém se importa.

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Hey Sugar Candy over there! Changed my name so could you add me to your wonderful writing list? Thank you so much 😘😘

Tee. She called me sugar candy 🍭 an accurate description. 😂 Will do!

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runs to Sy and hugs his waist from behind with her small child arms. It's been so long since they last met, she's missed him so much!

     THE SUDDEN collision made him waver, but he managed to keep his balance before falling flat on his face, as if the arms around his waist had pulled him back and out of failure. A soft giggle echoed behind his back - the only clue Sy needed to know who had just bumped into him. When he bent his neck to look down at Chris, he was already offering her a luminous and wide grin that mirrored inside her eyes. He instantly dropped the papers in his hands and fully turned to her to give her all the attention she deserved. He would never dare to ignore Chris whenever she showed up (then again, he thought no one could nor should). “Well, look who’s there!” Without prior warning, he lifted her in one swift movement - which caused her to laugh louder than before and widen her already big smile. Sy contemplated tossing her in the air and catching her, but it sounded a tad too risky for his usual standards this time. Maybe next time - if she agreed, and he was sure she would.

     Chris kept growing up and getting taller and heavier, but Sy was still strong enough to hold her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist not to fall. He intertwined his fingers on her back and made her bounce in her grasp, searching for a position that’d be comfortable to both of them. Once she was all propped up, both of them looked at each other as if to tell each other it was the right moment to continue their conversation. They smiled in satisfaction, as if they had just done something together they were proud of. 

     Sy’s gaze traveled up and down Chris’s body, then it stopped on her face again. “You’re growing up too fast! Whatever your mm makes you eat is working some miracles!” As her laugh slowly died, he planted a kiss on her cheek. “But hey, I’ve missed you too. What have you been up to while I was away?”