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Oooh, moey-moey! "Enable dynamic mount colors"? I speculate this means the emerald mantorr will stay one shade of green instead of shimmering? Not a setting I would ever use, but so cool to give the option!

So I just finished Jedi Under Seige and OMG I HAD SO MUCH FUN! The new characters are so great and the storyline felt like the classic I love ๐Ÿ’• I canโ€™t wait for the next expansion to continue this adventure!

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In preparation for getting Paxton Rall, I've been working on getting my cranberry family through their class stories! Kraay, a Scoundrel formerly of Hutta, and his sister Arkradia, Bar'senthor of the Jedi Order (with husband Zenith)

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Life Day History - Installment 1 Lore/legends recovered from (ironically) Wookiepedia to provide some fun, bite-sized instalments of festive galactic history

Just completed my traditional "oh, new content! let's play those 2 hours worth of story" in and was briefly reminded about what I liked back in 2011. If 2 years ago more resources where available I would have created more pieces like this for sure

I want to share how glad I was to see so many old and a lot of new faces showing tonight for the 5.10 Patch Day Stream. The 4 hours delay were not enough to stop us form enjoying the stories together! Thank you all for the support during the live show!

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Phew. Got through the first parts of the story. Couple of fights were tough on my hands, but manageable. But more important, Cor-Jhan and Nadia. Intend to play this through on Alekah tomorrow hopefully. But intriguing first part of the new war.

done and there were several mindblowing moments for me. I haven't really played in months & this felt really good to come back to for story. I'm excited to see where it goes! My stuff is below for a DS 5 Empire/Empire toon

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Nouvelles offres du marchรฉ du cartel ย : semaine du 11ย dรฉcembreย 2018

Live ๐Ÿ”ด Just a lowly Imperial Agent seeking to get her job done in service to the Empire without a bloody Sith force choking the life out of me for it! Come hang with us as we play on Star Forge Server! ๐Ÿ’–

I had a nice stream but it would have been much better if some dick didnโ€™t viewbot raid me!! Iโ€™d rather have 5 genuine viewers than 100 fake bots! But other than that, I enjoyed myself, is such good fun! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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oh my goodness ;~; T7 pulling at my heartstrings real bad ~

I still haven’t beat Copero. And it’s been months since I last played.

I think the issue was that I’d Force Leap right into the fray and leave my companion too far behind to help.

Still hate that robot tho.

I was a little bummed by the lack of Theron content in 5.10

But Arcann gets absolutely nothing.

I’m worried our past companions and romances wont have any new content in the future. Especially since half can be killed or not recruited at all. 


Khem Val returns!

So THAT’S how Dashade eat people! They get olddddddddd!


I don’t know why, but I uploaded this entire conversation. Here’s the Sith Inquisitor with old bff, Moff Pyron.