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"T7+ Jedi= attract attention, Jedi= should wear something less sith like. Jedi= is Jedi now" " Hmm, good idea T7. Now let us find some armor shops!"

Praven got his lightsaber back :-D A new one ... a light one ....but with a red crysal :-D

Put my Focus Guardian Nija into my "signature outfit" after finally stumbling upon a rotation I can play on her ... 😍 I know, very creative outfit ... 😁 ... but this time followed by the proper credit to it's inspiration.

A last one in my "Sith Acolythe RP" series, that also didn't look as bad as I hoped ... 😉 There are more random drops from H2's, but I don't like utility belts and those bulky gloves ...

Sorry Doc it's all about the big red dude now. Canon, unrequited, angsty love.

It's official, since I'm re-doing agent recordings and screenshots for class story + SoR + KotFE I've picked 3 official outfits for various "phases" Sheikus will go thru. Basic for his early days, white/black for SoR, and the edgy black/red for KotFE.

Oh, I'm tempted to chose that last option, because Kallia totally would say that. She's terrible at recognizing when people are flirting with her XD

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Had a great time as always! Here's my healer's view of the fight against the terror!

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that is an accident waiting to happen, I don't care how badass it looks XD

Its cute that T7 can 'bow'. Reminds me of the way R2 could unexpectedly stand on his 'toes'.

Rekkon Diath is now a Jedi master. and apparently no-one is the wiser that he's married.

Scourge, are you having a wardrobe malfunction with that cape?

Kira, I would've come to help even if you were DOC. its not just because I love you. its because we are a team. don't worry the Emperor isn't going anywhere.

While thrilled to take T7, I am surprised to not be allowed Kira. After all, as a Child of the Emperor she ALREADY proved she could cast and keep him out, whatever anyone else thinks.

ok, first? Most adorable thing ever. Second? Cheek kisses should be a thing in every romance :D

When going to Dromund Kaas and face the Sith Emperor himself, its time to drop the going casual army and gear up with the heavy stuff.

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Bored so check out my epic Gender Fluid Pride Month Commission by the epic @tinybuggyart @tinybuggy~~~
Their name is Elrohir Waterfall and is based off of how I wish I was. :)
Buggy is doing more so go commission them! :D

She can feel the ridges above her eye twitch with irritation. It’s the same feeling that has been coursing through the blood in her veins for two months. She’s sick of Nomen Karr’s games and deceptions, tired of chasing dead ends…though putting down Jedi has not lost it’s novelty quite yet.

Zylixx is dead. He lays in a pitiful heap on the ground beside her; Ulldin is clutching his side and gasping from a burn caused by her saber. Alieyra’s lip curls in disgust as she toes her foot under Zylixx’s motionless shoulder and flips the hot-headed Jedi upright, sparing a brief glance at his sightless eyes before scoffing. “Useless,” she mutters, barely more than a growl, before turning brilliant scarlet eyes on the other wounded Jedi in the room.

“Coming from the Sith who attacked us.”

“Need I remind you, Jedi, that it was he who attacked me first?” Alieyra’s voice has slipped into it’s dangerously teasing tone, the one she uses when she knows her victory is all but sealed. She saunters to stand in front of him, one hand still holding her ignited lightsaber while the other rests on her hip, cocked to one side.

“What a waste. I had no idea Zylixx was so…unbalanced. You exposed his weakness so easily.”

“A testament to the weakness of your order, that you cannot see what one of your fellows has become,” Alieyra taunts. The boredom has crept back into her tone, Quinn observes, and he barely fights off a shudder at the sound. “Your kind either fall to the dark…or to a Sith’s might.”

“Nomen Karr will prove those words false,” Ulldin gasped out. “You have won the day, Sith. So kill me if you must.”

              Alieyra pauses, sizing him up, before she powers off her saber and kneels down in front of him. She takes his head in her hand and turns him to look directly into her eyes; there is no smirk, no teasing glint in her there, simply cold calculation. A small ‘tsk’ escapes her lips. “You know what Karr plans, don’t you?” she pushes, her voice soft enough that Quinn has to strain to hear it. “You might save yourself if you tell me that plan.”

              Ulldin chuckles humorlessly and wrenches his face from between her red fingers. “Never. Even were I privy to such information, I wouldn’t share it with the likes of you.”

              Alieyra’s eyes narrow, one side of her mouth lifting in a wry smirk. She huffs slightly. “I believe you.” The snap-hiss of her red blade ignites through the Jedi’s middle. “Join your comrade in death, then.”

It’s the first time Quinn truly feels frightened of her. Up until now, he has known Lord Kaaj to be logical and methodical in her approach to handling her missions. She has killed any and all who have crossed her, including two Jedi on Tatooine, but even then, she had been honorable in handling their executions. He has never seen her be…vindictive.

“Its not a side I show often, Captain.” He did not realize he’d voiced his thoughts aloud.  She turns red eyes on him, a hollow sort of wry humor in their depths, and rises to her feet. “You are not hard to read when you’re in shock, Quinn, don’t look so surprised.” She clips the hilt to her belt, coming to a stop beside him. She doesn’t look at him and he doesn’t look at her; his attention is still on the two motionless Jedi laying on the hangar floor. “The Jedi have grown tiresome; I’m through with their games. I may be more restrained than most of the Sith you have met, Captain, but I am still Sith. You would do well to remember that.”

Quinn snaps to attention at that. “Of course, my Lord.”

Alieyra huffs lightly, then starts to walk in the direction of the Fury. “Come. We report to Lord Baras. Perhaps we may finally put an end to this pointless hunt.”


@fluffynexu I am tagging you because you demanded I write about her, and my half-asleep brain decided “what the hell, might as well drabble at 3:30 in the morning.”

It wasn’t her eyes Lana remembered. Darth Occlus had developed a reputation for being both ruthlessly pragmatic and remarkably forgiving. As it was near impossible to be both at the same time, her eye color changed with her spirit.

It wasn’t her command of the Force. Though her skill in combat and scholarship had been unquestionably strong from the first day she was freed from slavery. The halls of Korriban rang with rumors of an apprentice that unlocked an ancient relic that had confounded the efforts of other Sith for centuries.

It wasn’t her victories, though there had been many. Her way with people, winning over even the most unlikely allies.

It was that smirk. The expression Lana had taken at first for arrogance, then merely over-confidence. The habitual expression had faded only once when she first asked for a kiss. It reappeared immediately once her request had been granted as if she never doubted what Lana’s answer would be. Damn her. Insufferable is what she had called it only to have the Dark Lord press closer and ask if Lana was suffering. The sparks between them were more than just Force lightning though there had been plenty of that too.

That twist of her lips offered wordless reassurance that no matter the odds or enemies the Dark Lord would return. This time she hadn’t and now it haunted Lana’s dreams every night for the last five years. Insufferable, Lana maintained and she would see it again in person no matter who had to suffer instead.

So this popped up on my way to the prisons for the sith warrior story; now I’ve done this story a number of times but have yet to see this - the character is a pureblood; i just did this on a human sw and didn’t see this exchange. So I’m wondering if its because I was a pureblood that it triggered that?

As much as I like the Sanctified caretaker’s set (its very jedi-y and I think it fitted Toria really well) I saw the Tattered Mystic’s chest/legs and was in love. Toria was in need of a new look™ anyway.

Lauriene: Bad Habits

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[ ELEMENTAL ] fire. ice. water. air. earth. rain. snow. wind. moon. stars. sun. heat. cold. steam. frost. lightning. sunlight. moonlight. dawn. dusk. twilight. midnight. sunrise. sunset. dewdrops. clouds.

[ BODY ] claws. long fingers. fangs. teeth. wings. tails. lips. bare feet. freckles. bruises. canine. scars. scratches. ears. wounds. burns. spikes. feathers. webs. eyes. hands. sweat. tears. feline. chubby. curvy. short. tall. normal height. muscular. slender. trained. piercings. tattoos. strong. weak. shapeshifting. junoesque. svelte. long hair. short hair. dark circles. big. small. prosthetics. experimented. cyborg. halos. horns. wolfish. hooves. withered. old. young.

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