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Tattoo Color Studies by Matt Difa ()

'Revenge of the Mandalorians' "Rising from the shadows, a clan of Mandalorians have broken away from the leadership of Mandalore the Avenger, seeking worlds affiliated to the Jedi to test their skills in combat against a challenging opponent." Mandalorian RP

✨ Portrait of Noeki Tansu for insufficient-focus on Tumblr ✨ The powerful sith inquisitor assassin, Noeki Tansu, in all her violet glory! πŸ’œ

Portrait of Noeki Tansu, a sith inquisitor assassin. She wears a brown leather mask with decorative carvings. Her hair and lipstick are a bright purple with pink highlights.

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Something you don't see every day on - a full OP group containing 24 chars ... 😊

Things to do when meeting your twin sister for the first time since childhood: - Robbing a treasure ship - Jumping off it ... πŸ˜†

Live with some . Going to play some flash points and might start the smuggler storyline later.

I missed talks faces!! Get in here for the first stream of the week! Playing some with that grind and other b42 members!

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My Trooper's hubby of course~! 🧑🧑 And Captain Hanthor is pretty easy on the eyes as well~ 😍

After many long years, I was reunited with my love on Iokath. Malavai forever ❀️ Any Vette lovers may see themselves out with a complimentary shock collar. Quinn is the best romance interest, period.

Always hate this quest and want to kill Bessiker as soon as possible πŸ₯΄ |

I'll be trying to stream tonight guys! I'm thinking of starting around 7pm MST with Goodness. So far my voice is here just don't know If I'll be as expressive as usual due to the week long sickness that plagued me. Can't wait to see you guys then!!

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anierous-sunblade  asked:

2. Which oc is tired of being underestimated?

Aryuni actually took it as a delight. She only racks up bodies when her husband or kids are not around. It only lasted for a time before she showed her true colors. The weak prowess in the Force was actually a farce.

The Empress enjoys mental tortures. Those who underestimated her are amongst the victims :)))

They say it’s your birthday!

Writing/development prompt, 21 September 2018

It’s not my birthday, too, though. But it is the birthday of someone very special to me so it’s got me thinking about them.

Do you have a birth date for your OCs? Do you use our Earth calendar, or some other calendar? Do you just slap a new name and date at random Because Star Wars? 

How do your OCs celebrate? Or do they keep it a secret from friends/lovers/crew? Good memories? Bad memories? How do your OCs celebrate their comrades’ birthdays? 

You can submit your writings/thoughts or other prompt suggestions here. 


13 ATC // Rishi

    The holo flickers out of existence and for a moment all she hears is her own unsteady breathing and the dull pounding of her pulse. At first her limbs are sluggish and numb, triggering a flood of sheer panic before she forces herself to step away from the console. Still in control. Still in control. A mantra practically engraved on the inside of her skull.

    Shara. The fucking Republic had almost wrapped their greedy, sticky hands around the former Keeper. Her own Watcher. A woman as much a victim of the Empire as the refugees crowding the sublevels of Coruscant. But that didn’t matter. All they had seen was the ever-present Imperial threat.

    Ardun Kothe should have died a thousand deaths. A damned shame she only gave him the one.

    “Minister.” She almost doesn’t recognize her own voice. Flat, cold, and distant.

    “Cipher,” he replies in the same clipped tone. “Was there anything else?”

    She’d thought he was a good man, once. Trapped by the necessary evils of his work, he was laboring under the ravings of the Dark Council. A man making the best of the hand he had been dealt.

    Now she just wants to splatter his brain across the filthy wooden walls. Her sidearm is in her hand before she realizes it, pressing the barrel directly against his forehead. To his credit, his expression doesn’t even flicker.

    “Give me one reason I shouldn’t shoot,” she says. “One reason to excuse what you did to her.”

    His eyes remain clear and focused on hers. “I think we both know no answer of mine will satisfy you, agent. Nor should it.”

    Her aim wavers, and she hates herself for it. “Damn you.”

    “No doubt I already have been.” The first joke she’s heard out of him in almost four years. “Do what you must. All I ask is that you find the rest of them before you enjoy your well-earned retirement.”

    “The rest of them?”

    He nods towards a datapad on his desk, still unfazed by the blaster pointing his skull. “The other missing agents. Ciphers, Watchers, Minders, Fixers. Everyone scattered to the winds when we disbanded.”

    She works her jaw with frustration. “How many?”

    “Three hundred and twenty-two,” he replies.

    Void damn it all. She holsters her blaster, looking away in disgust. Always one step ahead. She’s never been one to weave plans on that level. Her talents were better spent snipping loose threads. Trimming loose ends.

Loose ends like Shara.

    “She deserved better,” she whispers.

    “We all did, once.”

Funny realisation @karanan and I had

Reason why in my own shit Andronikos is such a good dad is he’s like

‘The dad who has done everything’ as it’s like you’re his kid and need advice well

  • Drugs? Done it
  • Booze? Done it
  • Sex? Done it 
  • Being Queer? Why hello I am also one 
  • Piloting? Done it
  • Gotten in trouble with the law? Done it 
  • Been a defacto parent? Done it
  • Ended up in a loosely polyam relationship? Done it 
Short Fiction Weekly Challenge

Time for a new prompt from the Short Fiction Weekly Challenge, tumblr edition.  Let it spark your imagination.  Any character, any fandom, any original world.  

s welcome!

Post your story to your blog and send the link to Short Fiction Weekly Challenge!  The link will appear in our feed and the site index, and your blog gets listed on the Participating Blogs page.

This week’s SFWC prompt:

Week of September 21, 2018

It’s All Downhill From Here! The situation is handled, crisis solved or averted, nothing left but the cleanup and a smooth glide to the end. On the other hand, maybe it’s more like a downhill slide into a swamp or off a cliff. It’s fun to shake up reader–and character–expectations. Throw up some roadblocks or dig some potholes in their easy ride. Make that smooth landing less so. Complete disaster optional.

Feel free to continue submitting stories for any prompt.  A masterpiece missed the deadline?  Don’t let it gather electronic dust.  Submit it anyway and Short Fiction Weekly Challenge will publish it.  

This week’s prompt not for you?  Look for something more to your taste in the Prompt Archive.  Consider all the prompts active and waiting to inspire you.  

This week’s featured previous prompts are:

Fame - Your characters all end their class stories with a lot of newfound fame. How do they deal with it? Being recognized on the street, being on the news, finding themselves mentioned all over the HoloNet - it’s got to be stressful. Alternatively, what if your characters met another famous person and had to deal with being starstruck?

Exploration - You could travel your whole life and not see all of Earth - so what about people who have an entire galaxy to explore? What new things have your characters uncovered along their journeys? Thank you @brightephemera for this prompt.

Got an idea for a prompt?  Submit it here.


@mikexxwheeler and I had planned to make miraluka troopers as a joke for ages (iirc miraluka can’t sense droids through the force which makes them a great pick for a class where one of your companions is a giant war droid) so we finally did it and it quickly got out of control

the prologue gets much funnier if you just interpret everyone else as being thrown off because their new teammate hasn’t taken off his helmet all week

i have seen a looooot of Chiss bounty hunters, both in-game and in the fandom (tumblr, ao3, etc)

is Chiss the most popular BH race? I thought I was being clever by making my powertech a Chiss (subverting the whole emotionless, over-civilized, xenophobic stereotype) but it seems like I was actually following a theme

I have too many unfinished characters i am invested in SWTOR and that i wanna play on…

- my Koth romancing light side sith inquisitor

- my sith warrior, need to finish class story then romance Lana

- my another sith warrior in middle of KOTFE

- my 2 trooper’s

- my 2 jedi knight’s

- my bounty hunter in middle of SoR

- also now this imperial agent for Theron yet again

Also got bunch of characters i’m not as invested in currently in middle of different stuff.


My SW:TOR OC/FC’s and they are mother and daughter :”)) Yeah different appearances, that’s because her genes are dominated by her father’s genes rather than her mother’s, yeah