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@BlackstarCosplay Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) as a custom Jedi Sentinel character At D.C. Cosplay Photo Shoots June Meetup

It's my home to piece together the first video of my F2P journey tomorrow and if pain is sort of manageable finish recording my outfits video too. It's been really hard doing content in such high pain :-/

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Star War The Old Republic: Vanguard Trooper, Part 1 The edited live stream has been uploaded to YouTube. Please check it out, and remember to like & comment!

The way my smuggler sits on this scene is the most relatable and called out I have felt yet on this game! 😂😂 but yay got them back! Finally finished KOTET on my smuggler.

Finished replaying chap 9 of kotet for the first time in a long while and it reminded me about 2 years ago when all the fountains in Zakuul were full of green river for like 2 months before I realized my graphic driver was just really really out of date.

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Hey loonies what’re upto tonight? I’m watching some... Go check them out on twitch💜🎉 And yes...all at the same time, it’s called multitwitch😂

So im giving SWTOR ranked pvp a try this season.. going ok so far. hoping for bronze this year. Here is one of my more recent attempts haha!

"C'est grave quand on connaît toutes les répliques?" Question existentielle de Maître sur l'Esseles.

April 13th the team will be hosting a Community Cantina event! Info:

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so gleich um 17 Uhr gehts los mit erstmal spiel ich den Schmuggler weiter, also schon mal einschalten , später gesellen sich Rockstar: und der rest des trupps hinzu.

Catching up on a little this morning. Haven't played in a while. I got to leave Theron to die!

Heard a rumour that Keanu Reeves May take up the role of in an old republic trilogy. I love the idea! I don’t love the idea of being lord of such a project.

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Padawan Anzria Shan

momentarilyhere  asked:

Building a pillowfort for your favs 👀

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Theron smothered a sigh. This meeting with Doctor Oggurobb had dragged on for far too long – or rather, the Doctor had droned on for far too long. Today officially qualified as Theron’s worst since joining the Alliance on Odessen. It had started by learning that he’d lost one of his best contacts to an Eternal Empire crackdown – the Alliance hadn’t picked up the warning in time to save all of its contacts, though Theron was still holding out a little hope that they’d escaped and were laying low. Then, he’d been dragged into every damned meeting on this planet – forced to listen to Koth and Senya squabble through all of them – and Lana had poked a dozen holes or more through his most recent plan to rid Sanna of Vitiate’s presence. To top it off, he hadn’t seen his Jedi all fucking day.

A ping to Doctor Oggurobb’s comm system disrupted the Hutt’s technological ramblings.

“Doctor? Pardon the interruption, but I’m afraid I must pull Theron out of your meeting.” The Alliance Commander’s tone was hard and brooked no argument. “He is over thirty minutes late.”

Theron nodded and headed for the War Room immediately, barely hearing the end of their conversation as he walked away. Thirty minutes late? To what? He didn’t have anything on his schedule until… at least an hour from now. Had he forgotten to–

He came to a standstill, glancing around in confusion: the War Room was empty, save for T7, who chirped a happy greeting.

Meeting = in quarters. Theron Shan = report there.

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ravuswolf  asked:

Hey there out of curiosity I was wondering how you drew the lightsabers glow effect thanks and sorry to bother you

Hi friend! No bother at all. Let’s see if I can make this make sense.

Once you have your hilt, go ahead and create your blade on a new layer. Whether you use shapes, freehand it, draw a line, it’s all up to your own preferences. 

Here I duplicated the blade layer and, still keeping it on a normal layer type, blurred it until I got a nice effect. You can also blur the base shape too to soften the edges.

I duplicate the blurred layer and change the layer type to achieve whatever look I’m going for at the moment. Depending on what I’m after, the layer type might change, or I’ll just scroll through them all until I find what looks good. :)

Play with the colors and different glow layers to your heart’s content!

Be creative. Lightsabers can more or less be, or do, or look however you want them to. 

got the idea of arcann singing in my head again.

him singing old zakuulan lullabies to his kid, ones that he remembers Senya singing when he was small.
love songs to the commander when they’re alone.
humming when he works or trains during his downtime.
messing with the people of the base when they have an open mic night and he just says ‘screw it’ and goes up there.

Next AWIO chapter will be posted either tonight or tomorrow

Sorry for the delay on it. My schedule ended up being a lot more packed than I expected, and I haven’t had the time to work on it as much as I’d like. It’ll also be a shorter chapter, but since I’m going to have a sequence of short chapters I’ll probably get the next one out by Saturday anyways.

Also if I manage to land this job like I’m hoping then I’ll get a subscription for SWTOR, and then I can resume uploading screenshots :)

Ni kar'tayl gai sa'cyare.

(Inspired by @tracinyad ‘s ‘Of Ironies and Little Birds’.)


She had been right on the edge of dozing off with her head on his chest, but the sound of her name has her looking up. “Choy?” The thick vowels of Huttese are easier on her sleepy tongue than Basic.

“What does it mean?” Torian asks. When she raises an eyebrow, he clarifies: “Your name.”

“It doesn’t mean anything,” she mumbles. But now she’s curious, so she sits up and rubs at her eyes. “Why, does your name mean something?”

His blonde brows draw together. “Of course.”

“You say that like everybody’s name means something.”

“Doesn’t it?”

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concept: what if the old gods are real and were trapped inside the robots by Iokathians and then released back on Zakuul, and Valkorion somehow learned the truth, got exiled for that, and then decided to free them, and was helped by Vitiate and possibly a couple of companions who went on to be the founders of the Knight and Scion orders and possibly the Overwatch?