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Food prep this evening for a busy week ahead! . Dahl is one of my favourite curries and is super easy to make, really healthy too! . Drop me a message for the recipe. . . .

¡Atención nadadores! El nuevo reloj Garmin Swim 2 ya ha llegado, repleto de novedades y funciones bajo el agua: Dale un vistazo porque esto te interesa!

Super proud of my daughter, Lola, who passed her 100 and 200 meters tonight.

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Esta guía te ayudará a elegir tu Reloj Garmin √...Deporte & Triatlón # triatlhon

Varsity athlete trying to balance School - Swimming - YouTube - LIFE 👉Retweet if you are a varsity athlete 👉Like if you remember the grind Click here to watch the video ⬇️

Our program starts at 6 months of age but also caters to adults. Our classes run in a 1 instructor to 4 swimmer ratio and all classes are 30 min in length. today! Contact us to start

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In his journal, he may not be the emotional resource that Katherine Mansfield was in her many notebooks, but he describes the humiliation of rejection by the army, the torment of not being able to swim, and, very infrequently, physical duress or pain. “The concentrated effort of walking uphill, the air burning lungs like red-hot iron or cutting into them like a sharpened razor,” he writes in his early twenties. In letters to trusted friends, he is matter-of-fact about “les misères de santé” and his vulnerable condition, his need for rest, the distress of his relapses, his distaste for being in bed. To Pia, he writes of the struggle to live with a diminished body. In a very moving letter from Le Panelier in 1944 to a tubercular friend, he despairs of ever being cured.
—  Elizabeth Hawes, Camus, A Romance

Inside, the light shimmered off of different shades of blue tiles. The water sloshed and echoed against the walls; sunlight poured in, illuminating the long pool of water carved into the floor. A coppery form slid along the bottom of the pool, twirled and then shot through the water like a sleek bullet. Sol burst to the surface at the end near me and the laughter of sheer joy echoed through the room while brilliant flecks of light shed from him. His curls were plastered against his head, dripping, and his shoulders glistened with streaks of water. His face was brimming with joy, all the shadows washed from it, his eyes dancing.

As he caught sight of me, I caught turquoise facets glimmering over untold depths in his eyes.