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A Deep Dive into Flutter: The 22nd Century Frontend Framework ☞

➡️ “Charly” Mansur terminó 4º y Darío Frihel 5º, con el auto subcampeón 2018, en la 2º final de la 5º fecha de la Monomarca Citroën en La Plata. Ambos pilotos lograron ver la 🏁 y sumar buenos puntos. 👏🏻 Foto

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iOS App Development For Beginners - No Swift Skill Required ☞

Hopefully our last of 2019. Brought to us by a very kind couple all the way from Kent to Brighton after she was found grounded on a patio yesterday. Weighing 39g and reluctant to feed which is a good sign, climbing and alot of flapping. This one won't be with us long.

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7. بشكل عام يلخص الشكل أدناه نسبة شعبية كل لغة ونجد تسيد لغة كأحد اللغات التقليدية مع نمو كبير لبعض الخيارات الجديدة نسبيا مثل و ... 9-10

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👉🏻Martín Bartolomeo regresó a la categoría con un 7º puesto en la 1º final de la 5º fecha de la Monomarca Citroën 1.6. Desde esa posición largará Darío Frihel en la 2º carrera con el auto subcampeón. 🏁 Foto

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To this day, Taylor Swift is still the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had.


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“Snakes And Stones Never Broke My Bones”

I love how loud our voices are when we sing together. 💕✨💜🦋😭 I love my fellow swifties.

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If this is what heaven feels like I never want to leave

Thank you Taylor for sharing all the set objects , wardrobe, and your Stella X Taylor Collab With Us. Everything was decorated so beautifully. My bank account may have taken a major hit. But everything was so worth it. Thank you for making me smile when I need to the most. I love forever ! 💗💕✨❤️🦋🌈🦄 @taylorswift


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Soon you’ll get better means so much to me. My grandfather became very sick was diagnosed with can and had many other health issues and passed away. My dad that same year was diagnosed with cancer and everyone of those words in soon you’ll get better was my exact thoughts. Thank you Taylor for making such a beautiful song