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K様、 本日は#タイヤ交換 ありがとうございました。 またのご来店をお待ちしております。  スイフト  ECSTA HS51 185/55R16

本日も無事に納車しました! 31から33に乗り換えの鈴菌感染中! zc33s乗りの方・スイスポ乗りの方よろしくです(^^)

アプリ リジェクトされた。 ぐぬぬ… クラッシュログの見方がさっぱりわからん。

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‘@‘colintlev twitteo Lo pasamos genial contando y practicando cómo utilizamos la programación con como herramienta transversal en colintlev en el de Colegio_Brains Un 10 para los asistentes! ADE_spain — Carlos…

سوئیفت کاری؟میخوای تازه سوئیفتو شروع کنی؟میخوای باهاش بیشتر آشنا بشی و ویژگی های این زبانو بهتر بشناسی؟پس مقاله پایینو مطالعه کن و اطلاعاتتو ببر بالا و با آگاهی شروع کن❤

app dev in design & tech class. Working through question Bot activities. Students are customizing the UI and question responses asking about today’s lunch!

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so today is one of those days when i listen to IKYWT for the whole day.💕

@taylorswift @taylornation


I love the goofy side of her!!! 💖
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The ‘Im Hot’ Card

A lil short story about fourth-fifth grade me!

Okay so there was this guy I went to school with, we were friends I guess but I had the teeniest crush on him hahahah…

And us and the rest of the school (there were only like 12 other students) were going on a field trip I forgot where exactly might’ve been the library might’ve been a trip to the state of TN I forgot lol..

But he just kept complaining of how hot he was. Like temperature wise.

And I had finally had enough and was like, “we get it, [insert random male name] you’re hot!” It was too late.

He just kinda smirked over at me and I was like, “what… oh…”

So yep there’s that 👍


Babesss hiii @taylorswift 🥰

Soo my day was pretty relaxing… I kanda slept from last night until a little before dinner 😂

I actually woke up at lunch time to eat because I was so hungry and then I went to bed again ahahah I swear that the more I sleep the more I want to sleep 💤 helpppp

I have to go to work tomorrow and all I wanna do is stay in bed hahahah

How are youuu??? Where are you?? I really hope you’re having a beautiful day love xx

I miss you like crazy babe, please give us some updates

Sending you all my love from Italy 🇮🇹


Alessia 🙅🏼‍♀️

taylor swift is my biggest inspiration for everything i do. recently, i started studying sewing, and decided i would do the outfit she wore on grammy awards 2016’s red carpet so that i could practice it. after 3 days of hard work and sleepless nights, i’m very proud of the results! i hope taylor is proud of me too.

@taylorswift @taylornation

Taylor Swift: “My new album is called RE-”

Record Label: “NO ! CHANGE THE NAME”

@taylorswift If the album starts with “re”, you can’t have a Grammy.

source: twitter/backtolore

It’s crazy how much one person has changed my life, like words will never be able to describe how much Taylor has changed my life but here is my best attempt to describe it, she makes me so happy like whenever I’m sad and depressed and I’m a dark mental place she no matter what makes me happy, she has taught me that I’m important, that I’m loved, that I’m gorgeous and she helped me through when me depression was really bad and when I was self harming and she helped me realise that it’s ok to be myself and that I shouldn’t be afraid to be my weird crazy fangirl self, she makes me feel loved and safe, she never fails to amaze me with her amazing vocals and song lyrics, she inspires me each and everyday, she is the reason I am who I am, Taylor inspires me to be kind and treat others respectively, she helped me come out as bisexual, ugh I literally can’t describe how happy she makes me it’s so hard to explain like she is just the most important person to me and all I want is to meet her and to hug her and thank her for saving my life and inspiring me ugh I just love her so much so thank you Taylor for changing and being in my life for the last 12 years I appreciate and love you so much, thanks to you I’m doing better than I ever was💖🌹💫

@taylorswift @taylornation @tsofficialmerch