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I love stripping and teasing after a HARD workout come see just how hard I'm talking ๐Ÿ˜˜

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In San jose. Available for doubles and more. come follow and say hi.

Catch me while I'm in . I'll be available for all you beautiful ppl in soon swers let me know what you think. Just starting out. Please and .

Wish there was somebody to rub some oil on my back but I guess I'll settle for showing off this beach body to a lucky somebody afterwardsโ™ก

Who likes my new undies? I love the colour and theyโ€™re sooo soft!

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Originally posted by plumkat

Wow who knew online sex WORK required um…WORK?

Bonus: this was from a 1 day old account. Let’s learn about patience next year in 2020.

I had a guy pay for my nails, and I chose a pretty sparkly green color to manifest hella money. I have a fake hundred dollar bill that I also use to manifest money.

Please Universe show me thousands of dollars on this stripper tour.

I think I’m going to blog about it on tumblr through out the process and maybe connect with other dancers here too. If I end up in your city feel free to reach out. I’m starting in Orlando tomorrow!


Wanna purchase and see some more ass, tits, and tease from me? Message me or kik me before it gets shut down :b lmao


Follow my sw socials: twitter- roswellbbyxx insta- roswell.bby

Let’s make each other’s night 👼🏻

I had my first pro meet up with a regular outside the club and it went well. He’s a nice dude and even tho I was nervous as shit, he complimented me. I don’t know if I’ll ever do this again, but this one time was good for me

Hey sex workers!

Watch out for this person. You should block them instantly.

They’re just going around making up lies about me and attacking my main account. My main is pretty much the only place on the entire internet where I don’t get harassed, threatened, and dehumanised constantly. They’re making up truly evil racist and homophobic accusations and twisting everything I say about as far as it can be twisted to claim it is “proof”. Don’t let them hurt you because they will.

Radfems have informed me that being a sex worker who supports my fellow sex workers getting better, more human treatment from the world at large means I am…

- A man. Apparently no woman would ask for better treatment? I’ve been told repeatedly I’m apparently a fake account run by a man.

- A “larper”. And, as a die hard nerd who has done ACTUAL LARP, what a shitty way to insult women with male dominated hobbies.

- A sex trafficker. Because apparently wanting women to be treated better means I want to get it to trafficking? Wut?

- A pedophile. I see no connection between “consenting adult who wants to do sex work with other consenting adults” and “wants to rape kids” but apparently a bunch of radfems do. Weird that radfems have such a hobby of knowingly crying world about pedophiles. We all know what crying wolf leads to. I wonder why they seem to want that to happen…

- fat, ugly, and undesirable to men. Seriously. Radfems be like “I hate sex workers so much I’m gonna mock my fellow woman for not meeting white western patriarchal beauty standards to the degree I think women should”


Oh and the one where apparently I’m an ACTUAL ANIMAL for disagreeing with her….


- Evil. I get told I’m evil all the time. I live in a country where we have a fascist as president, nazis thriving, cops shooting unarmed black kids, and we bomb civilian targets but apparently doing sex work and wanting to be treated like a person by society means *I* am the evil one.

- Not actually queer. I’ve been told today I’m apparently a “bi het”. Ignoring the fact that you can’t be both bisexual and heterosexual, apparently we have to invent new words to invalidate the sexuality of sex workers who apparently aren’t allowed to be queer. I don’t even know if I like men or not but apparently I only care about men’s dicks *eye roll*

- A fan of rape. I’m literally a rape victim but I get told all the time I support rape and trafficking. I’m not sure how many times I can say those things are horrific before radfems stop hearing the exact opposite of that but clearly I haven’t hit the mark.

- A trans woman. Not an insult to me since all the trans women I’m friends with are super strong people but we all know radfems think trans women are men and they’re trying to both call me a man and insinuate that I have a masculine appearance.

- crazy/delusional/psychotic/other wise too mentally disabled to understand feminism. Because why not have a little gaslighting? Oh sorry did I say LITTLE? I meant a whole fucking lot

Honestly I just woke up and can’t even remember this whole list.


Ladies, I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or any advice to help me out.

Anytime I think about my future like making a five year plan or when I try and work out some goals I’d like to accomplish and things I want out of life, my anxiety gets so bad I get physically sick. Setting goals and thinking what I want out of my life should be fun and inspiring, not put me through the wringer and make me feel awful.

Can anyone help me through this so I can set goals I feel good about and can put solid work into?

Thanks loves 💕