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Fudgey sugarfree chocolate to kick sweet cravings hopefully 🤦‍♀️.

When the Mexican market down the street hooks it up with some homeland goodies I've been craving

The results are in and we won! We are so grateful to all our fans, we would not have won with out you. Thank you all for being such wonderful and loyal customers. We enjoy everyone of you!

If you were to sit and have beautiful conversations with your better half or friends, which one of the two cakes would you pick? Comment your answer below.

果実園 リーベル 東京都目黒区目黒1-3-16 プレジデント目黒ハイツ2F

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Salted Caramel Cupcakes

5 little things

~Share 5 little things about yourself that people might not be able to tell without seeing you in person, and tag a few people you want to get to know!~ 💜

Tagged by: @beautifulbangtanboyz  (thanks so much for tagging me in this one! 😄😄🤝🏼)

1. A lot of people think im a very bitchy person since i have that RBF but as youd come to know me you’ll find that i run on one single potato cell for a brain

2. People mistake me for malay or indian sometimes but im a pinoy in actuality

3. I have a lot of energy so people often take me for walks outside to let off some steam at work/school/home

4. I have never worn braces but i have very pretty and straight teeth, the only redeeming feature on me i find

5. I have a nice ass! ;) the only other redeeming feature on me too lmao

Lmao this was fun! It’s kinda hard for me to talk about myself but ehhhh i tried

Im tagging: @bearjoonie @btstruggles @cityoffandoms-yjn20 @kookiephoria @dearlyjoon @hobitoit and anyone else who wants to do this!!!