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First things, first!

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Traditional Japanese sweets, "Wa-Gashi".(33) Main ingredients of "Wa-Gashi" are red beans, rice cake and sugar. In addition, this sweets are using flour in some cases. 💖HEART DAIFUKU(大福, red bean rice cake)💓‼️


Bombones de Avena Cosas de tardes lluviosas, de un domingo (hechos por Alma, la receta de su abuela ) 😉 ♥


With Valentine's Day just over 3 weeks away, now is the perfect time to send some to your clients with Valentine's themed !💝😍 View our range and get in touch: 📞 01604 671671 // 📧

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The Little Prince chocolate for Valentine’s day 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

The Vanarella System;; Sweets/candy

“A gender that is in some way related to sweets or candy. The gender itself could be sweet/candy. Can be used as an umbrella term or a specific term.”

Lemon curd and cream cheese tart with sweet shortcrust pastry — topped with fresh blackberries (thank you Aldi for 99 cent sale) and whipped cream. A most excellent birthday gift for my friend Meg.