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Thank you to everyone who continues to support and watch our shows! S2, E2 hit 20K views!

Good morning! Another episode has hit the 10K views mark! In the lab now, re-working the season 3/final season scripts! 🙏🏾 we’ll have something to you in 2020! For now check it out at

Good morning! has another 10K views for an episode - THE Season 2 finale! Check it out and our other shows at and please !

The numbers continue to grow with ! 10K views for Episode 2 of Season 4! Thank y’all for watching! Please to

Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving! Thank you to all the viewers for supporting us! We have another 10K viewed episode: S1, E5). We appreciate you! Enjoy 1 of our 13 shows at . And be sure to ! 😉

On this Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for all of our viewers as we celebrate another 10K viewed episode with (S1, E4)! Thank you for your love and your support! to

Re-editing ... Why? You ask. Soon all will be revealed. 🤫

Good morning! Another episode has hit the 10K views milestone! Thank you for continuing to support Victory Productions Network - VPN! Please and !

And we have another 10K today! S2, E2 where we flashback to how Mahogany got involved with Khalil and Cassie We thank all of you for watching our shows! Be sure to go

Good morning! has its second 10K episode! This is the series premiere where it all began! Catch up at ! And make sure you hit the button! 😉

Good morning! Looks like wants to be a contender as it has its first 10K viewed episode! Season 1, Episode 2 when we first meet Mahogany’s “baby daddy” Tony and he has a secret of his own. Thank you for watching! Please to

will be screening at the 2nd Annual Circle City Film Festival August 23rd in Indianapolis, IN! Get your tickets at:

Forgot to post about this, but had 5 shows screening at the DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival: , , , , and ! God is moving! ✨✨✨

Just received word that has a few nominations for the Capital City Web Awards: for Best Writing, for Best Ensemble, for Best Series, And our own for Best Lead Actor for his performance in Thank you !

Reposted from - Well, it looks like I can officially make the announcement! is the recipient of the Distribution Award! Congratulations  to the cast, and let’s bring the world a 🔥🔥🔥🔥 season 3!

✅Writing Season 3 of scripts Still to come on the ✍🏾 desk: Finishing Season 3 of Season 2 of Season 2 of Season 10 of

Sharing some comments. Someone wants to see more of ! Someone just found Season 5 of ! And someone really wants a new season of ! (it says season 3 edited) We thank all of our viewers! If you haven’t yet, subscribe!

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