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Food memes are our favorite

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La escuela de músicos 🎸 lleva poco tiempo, pero ya vemos fruto de nuestros jóvenes en la : Carlos, Luis, Miguel, Micheel, Jhovany, skilful Javier, and Masyoem.
We have queens too: Cynthia,

Cow comic! Finally! Zoom into that character in the last panel. The one with the top hat. Look familiar? It's me! The master of disg...wait is it me? Hmm, I am good...

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Some cute dress I made, for spring! I couldn’t figure out which other color would look good/okay with the top so I just went with a white skirt!

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Their nicknames for you (Slashers)

I’m only gonna do Michael, Jason, leatherface, and Freddy rn. I gotta learn how to write for the others 😅

Michael Myers: Honey, sweetling, cookie.

Jason Voorhees: sweet heart, Doll, Cutie.

Leatherface: Muffin, love, Flower.

Freddy Krueger: Mine, hottie, eye candy.