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🇸🇪 Sweden In the city Uddevalla at the Swedish west coat lives about 56 000 people. In the city area is 35 000. In the picture you see the fine Uddevalla bridge.

Whether you are planning to travel to explore Morocco in a short period of time or enjoy your long vacation join ingen us today for unforgettable excursions

This is the routing for our North American tour and tonight we’re giving Sacramento our best!

Viajar es la mejor manera de perderse y encontrarse al mismo tiempo. Vi ses snart Sverige.

🇸🇪 Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a diva... and a football player. Do you know all the team he has represented. The first one is the Swedish team...

Capturing Leningrad imperative for Nazi as Soviet Navy could hamper iron ore (annually 9 million tons), tungsten, wood... supplies from Hitler's defacto ally - disgraceful . Her today's prosperity is tainted by abnoxious collaboration with . Same Switzerland.

Announcing The International 2020 Dota 2 Championships -- August 2020, Stockholm, Sweden

Corporate Sweden, eagerly waiting for its slaves to return for Monday duty.

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I haven’t been very active since June, but I took a nice long break from blogging and anything that had to do with my computer. It felt so nice!


Anyway! Last month, we went to Marstrand, a small island 30-40 minutes away from Göteborg.
Here are the best pictures I took from this day-trip.


We visited the fortress on the island and it was so beautiful!


It took us around 2 hours and a half, 3 hours to see all of it.


We then continued walking around in town and ended this day-trip eating a really good pizza in a restaurant by the harbor.


Marstrand is a very pretty island and I loved every minute we spent there.
I would definitely recommend you to check it out if you can!

We were supposed to visit Visby the next week, but we ended up cancelling because of health issues.
Maybe next summer!✿


after i don’t know how many years i FINALLY had someone with me who’s not afraid of going on rollercoasters because i hate trying scary things alone so i actually got to ride Valkyria for the first time and aaaaaahhh I’m so in love!!!!! 😍😍😍

50m drop and europe’s longest dive roller coaster, so while it’s not a monster like USA has it’s damn impressive, still!!