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Huzzah for and - come by Friday 11-1 for a snack and conversation about our renovations! We're happy to also be signing an MOU with the NineLine Foundation to partner in teaching about aquaponics too!

There's still time to register to join us for tomorrow's panel & focused on free resources to help you start and/or grow your business's initiatives with , , and the ! Register here: .

Oh, no! Did you try to access our website today and had issues? Don't despair! There were some issues but we're back, baby! Keep on being awesome and , tweeps

The history of dates back thousands of years, but do we actually know what it is, and how it’s made? Find out in our latest post:

*NOT SO FUN* Fact: Orangutan population counts in Borneo and Sumatra have decreased by about 50% in the last century, primarily due to mass habitat loss.

Spring is coming to Espoo! This beautiful blue sky is something to preserve for our children and the following generations. An inspiration to work faster and bolder to create a healthier planet!

The winners of our competition have been announced on Facebook & Instagram pages! Congratulations to them & a huge thank you to our sponsor for offering two of their fabulous reusable coffee cups to . We are very grateful!

Estelle Usunier and Penny Perkins planting for the future at Whiterock Conservancy. Swamp white oak to replace the ash when the emerald ash borer visits.

"Leaving no worker behind in a low carbon future." on@ecobusinesscom - - How can the shift towards a low carbon economy ensure social equity and a just transition for all workers?

What to do when you enjoy green spaces but don't have much room? Try installing a vertical garden, they are easy to construct and are great for pollinating insects

Founder Brendan May and our advisor at the Vanity Fair party at the in London this evening to celebrate amazing people like building a world fit for purpose.

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In the sign of saggitarius corset

Made from a vintage 1970s mantle piece table cloth and lace made by my great grandmother in th 1900s


Real Heroes!🌊
🎥 @plasticoceans.
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Dessau Institute of Architecture Masters Programme
Studio Peter Ruge - ‘Road of Dreams’

Joann Lieu - 71% of Blue

71% of Blue: ART-gricultural Zag

Balkhash, Kazakhstan

A compact-scale replication of the spirit of Silk Road in the underrated point of the ancient route. Allocated for art exhibitions, for the food culture supported by the agriculture sector. Dedicated for the artists to live-in and work as well as for locals and tourists to enjoy and carry out their activities.

Gonna remake a post for anyone who doesn’t wanna reblog from a terf

“frankly? ban all plastics. require all public buildings to be solar powered. public community gardens in every neighborhood. ban all pesticides. ban fossil fuels. put wind turbines on every sky scraper. gardens on every rooftop. tax cars and fund public transportation. build bike lanes across every city. train/railroad infrastructure across the country (tear down highways). every state mandated to have a certain percentage of land be a wildlife preserve. local/organic farms get huge tax breaks. raise the minimum wage. aquaponics farms in every city. every family has chickens in their backyard. community composting. jeff bezos’s body for fertilizer. i have a clear idea of what i want the world to look like and i want it now. hire me”


Mike D getting his morning pellets and scratches

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You’re a grown up, so act like one.

These are my conditioner bars. When I first got into conditioner bars I was using one from Lush. Unfortunately it was compatable with my hair and I wanted it like them so badly.

I purchased one off of Etsy & it works amazing! It leaves a lavender smell to it,

I have damaged bleached blonde hair and this conditioner bar saved my hair.

My hair is so healthy, shiny, and so soft now!

I purchased my first one back in February and it has help up so much better than the lush ones too!

I just purchased a new one, and the difference is crazy!

These are conditioner bars from Alo Goods.


As a general population we chose to see what we want and ignore the truth behind industries that are ruining our environment. In terms of fashion we chose to see the glitz and glam of the industry, the ever-changing trends and the ‘insta worthy’ accessories. We chose to ignore the unpaid workers, collapsing factories and polluted oceans/landscapes that fast fashion and textile waste is causing. 

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Water wise outdoor room connections using pea gravel, hand chiseled stones and concrete. Landscape Design by Paul Hendershot Design, Inc.

There is no such thing as a perfect environmentalist!

Hey there, been a while, I know. But at least I’m back now! 

The other day I was listening to an interview with Jack Harries that he did with the BBC and it got me inspired to make this post. So basically the woman interviewing him was kind of criticising him for being an environmental activist while still driving a car/flying etc. (basically for not being a perfect environmentalist). His response was very good and much needed. He said “if you have to be a perfect environmentalist to be having this conversation, then no one is going to be able to have this conversation and we are not gonna get anywhere”. The conversation then being the discussion about climate change. 

I think this is such an important thing to talk about. It is much more important to have millions of people who are doing their best when it comes to environmentalism rather than a few hundred “perfect” environmentalists. To be able to tackle climate change we need everyone on board doing their best.  Obviously not everyone can commit 100% because of their job, financial status, where they live, health, age and so on. 

That is why today I’m gonna be talking about a few ares I could improve in when it comes to living sustainably. 

Firstly and maybe most importantly there is flying. I love to travel and visit new places and for the last decade of my life i have traveled quite a bit. The problem is that I live on an island and the only way off it is by boat or an airplane. So anytime I want to go to a new country I have to fly there, which is very bad for the planet. Of course I can always plant trees to try and carbon neutralize my travels but that isn’t a 100% effective. Now, as an environmentalist, I am obviously trying to cut down my flights but as a person that loves to travel it is not the most fun solution. 

Another thing is packaging, most importantly plastic. Online I am following a lot of zero-waste bloggers who are able to shop at package free bulk stores. Well in Iceland there is none of that. I definitely think most of my waste comes from food shopping and all the plastic waste that comes from that. By becoming vegan and shopping more whole-food items I have managed to cut down some of the waste but in the end this is something that I just can’t control a 100%. 

With Iceland being a small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean there aren’t a lot of sustainable options yet especially when it comes to fashion, tech, food and so on. That will hopefully change in the coming years but now I will just have to accept the situation I am in and try to make the best of it. 

It is important to remember that there are always some ways to live a more sustainable life despite your obstacles. I for ex. take the bus and walk, try to be a more conscious buyer, shop less clothes and am vegan. 

What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t let the pressure of being a “perfect” environmentalist stop you from doing your best. As long as you are trying that is the most important thing of all. Now go out and try to inspire others around you to become more sustainable as well :) 

Thanks for reading my rambling once again!


Thank you for all of your support clivk the link in my bio for more information #subdcribe #support #contribute to change in deed and word #peace #sustainability #love #aquarius #americandream #tour #black #American #veteran (at Mobile, Alabama)

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