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Beautiful fall day on campus today! Some of the Level 1 students found Teacher Irena as they were working on a survey project for Speaking class. 🍃🍁🌾🍂

The walls of the tower are nearly two-meter wide, the entrance is within the wall, leading you through a narrow tunnel in the tower.

From the archives: Why Online Surveys are a Waste of Time Based on my experience, surveys are a complete waste of time because no skills are gained and the pay is too low.

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Data :)

Hey, you’ll likely know about the impromptu survey I made. I don’t know if any of you care, but I’ll share the little results graphs. 


(The fourth one down is FMA Brotherhood, though it’s name vanished.) As you can see, the 03 anime was most popular, and most of you have seen CoS as well, which I was surprised about,. (Though maybe I shouldn’t be given how much CoS art I’m reblogging… heh sorry. In my defence it has a really cute human Al.) 


Lovely response to the second question! 

And the interesting question. 


You guys have a lovely range of ships!

I’m pleasantly surprised at the popularity of Hyuroi as well as Al/Ed/Win. 


It’s cute, I guess. 

EdRose getting support? That’s quite something. 

Anyway, RoyEd is most popular after Elricest, though a few others aren’t far behind. It’s quite possibly the most popular pairing in the fma fandom generally, and certainly the most popular slash ship so I’m not surprised. (That’s my assumption, I guess someone could do more surveys to find out). 

And love all the support for other ships too! I don’t think I included anything especially rare but still nice to see support for ships I don’t see as much of.

Finally thanks to those who left lovely comments! And all those who participated, of course. (Leaving it open if you’d still like to participate though I probably won’t do another results post unless there’s some dramatic change.) 

What is your favorite thing to do on your phone?
YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. 

Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween this year? If so, what?
I don’t dress up for Halloween anymore.

Do you still go trick-or-treating, and if so, how old are you?
Ha, no. I’m old.

Which Disney princess resembles you the most?
I don’t resemble any of them.

Which fairytale seems closest to your life story?
None, but there are some that are #relatable in some ways.

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People say you learn something new every day, so what did you learn today?
* People say all kinds of things, dont they!!!

If you could get your own house with 1 friend, who would you pick?
* The only friend I would feel even remotely comfortable living w would be Radish, but he already has a husband, a house, and a family. However, he did say I could live in a cupboard under the stairs, Harry Potter style, if I ever needed to :’)

Which is worse, too-tight clothes or much too-loose clothes?
* For me, it would be clothing thats too tight. I prefer loose-fitting, baggy, and comfortable outfits that make me feel all wrapped up and cozy. I dont like to be exposed! D;

Which do you prefer: french toast, bagels, pancakes, waffles, or cereal?
* I guess, in order of preference: bagels, cereal, pancakes, waffles, and french toast

Do you think you are more of a good or bad influence?
* I think that depends more on U. Like, how impressionable u are, what types of things ur likely to be influenced by, whether u have more of a positive or negative outlook, etc. However, I dont rlly feel like its my responsibility to account for that sort of thing. Ppl have to make their own choices and be responsible for themselves, regardless of whatever nonsense I might be up to, u know? The only person I can control is myself, so dont blame ME for UR bad behaviors. Thats on U

Yes or no: eyebrow piercings?
* It depends

Yes or no: thongs for men?
* I dont care what kind of underwear ppl wear

What is something that you are willing to fight for?
* My loved ones, my cats, my mental health and general well-being, my survival

If you jump, can you touch the ceiling of the room you’re in?
* I could if I jumped on the bed or stood up in the alcove area

Do you know how to dance a waltz?
* Naw

When I say The Beatles, what is the first song that comes to mind?
* Yesterday or Back In The USSR

If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you be able to teach best?
* Maybe some sort of high school Biology or Psychology course

Which do you think is worse: ear aches or tooth aches?
* For me, ear-aches, which is why Im glad I basically never get them

How many different colors are you wearing right now? What are they?
* I think Im literally only wearing black, gray, and white :O

In your opinion, what is the very worst type of weather?
* Super hot summer weather D; Im so glad we’re into autumn now and I dont have to sweat to death on a daily basis for at least a few months

Do you look anything like your best friend(s)?
* We’re both white, we both have brownish hair w some weird strands going on, etc?

You can only listen to 1 band for the rest of your life, who do you pick?
* Noooooo D;

Are there any movies coming out that you’re looking forward to? Which ones?
* Not rlly. I was half considering seeing The Joker bc I heard that it was less of a superhero film and more of a personal story / character arc, but I doubt I’ll actually go out to the theaters to see it

Do you like big or small cars better?
* Small, sleek, and sporty

What is your favorite made up animal?
* Idk

Yes or no: Hawaiian pizza?
* Yesss

Yes or no: Coffee Ice cream?
* YESSS. Thats one of my favorite kinds of ice cream :O

Who is your all time favorite cartoon character?
* Idk, maybe Toki or Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse. Im not all that into cartoons these days, tho. Aside from my own original characters, anyway, which are basically jst a “fictional” version of myself and Dante

What store do you get the majority of your shoes from?
* I only have one pair of shoes and I think I got them from REI, all the way back in 2011

What place, in your mind, is heaven on earth? How about hell on earth?
* Heaven on earth: the cat colonies at the animal shelter, the Mountain Park where I go hiking, etc. Hell on earth: waiting rooms :x

Do you think there is anything scary about midnight?
* Naw

Can you snap with both of your hands?
* I cant snap, burp, or wink. Im basically a defective human ;D

In your opinion what is the absolute worst house chore?
* I find dusting to be the most tedious. I dont enjoy cleaning the litter boxes, but at least that takes significantly less time than DUSTING

How young do you think is too young to get married?
* There are some ages that are obviously too young, but aside from that I think it has more to do w meeting the right person, being emotionally ready, being at the right “stage” in life, etc

Who do you think is the dumbest superhero? And the coolest?
* Idkkk

Would you rather be a hair stylist or a clothes designer?
* A clothing designer, unless u like buzzcuts (bc thats the only hairstyle I know how to do ;D)

What is something that you had to learn the hard way?
* That I cant rely on other ppl for emotional regulation, no one is coming to save me / I have to save myself, etc

If you could re-paint your bedroom, what color would you paint it?
* White

What is something you’re proud of yourself for?
* Making it this far in life, etc

Which smiley face do you like better: =] or :)
* :’)

If you could go to any amusement park right now, which would you go to?
* I dont want to go to an amusement park

What is something that always gets you mad?
* Ppl attempting to take advantage of me, especially when they think I dont / wont notice

Would you rather be 3 inches taller or shorter than you are now?
* Shorter. I dont want to be any taller. I like being small

If you could have any wild animal as a pet, what would you pick?
* I dont want to have a wild animal as a pet

Which do you prefer: M&M’s, Skittles, Milk Duds, or Reese’s Pieces?
* Reese’s Pieces

Are there any foods that you think smell good, but taste bad?
* Hot dogs. I love the way they smell when they’re grilling, but I dont actually like to eat them

Would you ever stay overnight at any of your neighbors houses?
* No? Not unless there was some reason for me to do so?

Do you think it would be funner to play a hero or the villain in a movie?
* The villain, definitely

What was the last new food you tried? Did you like it?
* Maybe some stuff at the Chile Festival, like ginger wasabi dip, some sort of apple vinegar shot, etc?

If you had the last name of your favorite actor, what would your name be?
* I dont have a favorite actor


Are your parents still together?
* No, they arent. They separated when I was a teen and then they divorced for good when I was in my 20s. That was around the time I lost contact w my mom (and my sibling, too) for…maybe ever?

Do you find yourself attractive?
* Tbh, I think Im more attracted to myself than I am to any other person. Like, Im not BIsexual, Im MEsexual >:’) I dont think Ive ever been truly attracted to anyone aside from my headmate, Dante. Its more jst the IDEA of being w someone in a physical capacity, the idea of ME, rather than their body, their mannerisms, or anything like that. I am incredibly self-absorbed

Have you ever just stood awake and thought about someone?
* I dont normally choose to stay awake and think abt ppl. Its more like I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and the thoughts will crowd in and make it difficult to fall back to sleep

Have you ever just felt like giving up?
* I have felt that way before, but I dont feel that way currently

Are you shy?
* I think Im only shy abt specific things / in specific situations. Otherwise, Im usually quite social and enjoy interacting w others. I can be quite the blabbermouth

Do you regret?
* Yeah :x

Do you easily forgive people?
* Yes. I generally find it easy to forgive other ppl, especially when they’re genuinely sorry and they’ve changed their behaviors. I find it vry difficult to hold a grudge, which I know clashes w my suspicious nature. I think its jst like…if I care abt u, if I trust u, then I dont want to stay in an argumentative state any longer than I have to. I jst want things to go back to normal. I will hold preemptive grudges against others, tho, in the sense that I will make a note of something questionable and choose to keep that person at an emotional distance. That sort of “grudge” can be nearly impossible to overcome bc those types of ppl dont have any leverage, they arent important to me, etc, so there’s usually no reason for me to budge

Do you like kisses or hugs more?
* I dont rlly want to choose between them, but I suppose I like hugs more. They’re more comforting, enveloping, etc

Have you ever felt alone?
* I have felt that way, but I dont feel alone now. I know there are at least a couple of ppl who rlly care abt me and who jst want me to be okay, happy, safe, etc

Do you believe in “love at first sight”?
* Naw. I believe in attraction at first sight, that first spark of interest, but I definitely dont believe in full-blown love developing at a glance. It takes time to learn all the ways in which someone needs to be loved

have you ever felt you were the “random face in the yearbook”?
* Yeah

Who do you go to when you need help?
* It depends on the type of help I need. Sometimes I go to my dad or Radish, sometimes I go to Dante, and sometimes I seek out professional help like a doctor or a therapist. Ughdshfj, also, I rlly hope I can find a new therapist soon :’(

Have you ever just wanted to dance your stress out of you?
* Maybe?

Honestly, how are you feeling?
* Restless, pensive, creative, introspective, etc

Have you ever had your heart broken?
* Yeah

Is it harder to tell someone you love them, or don’t love them?
* I think it depends on the situation. Either one could be vry difficult for me

When was the last time you were very angry?
* I dont remember

Last time you cried?
* I think its been close to a couple of months now, which is like YRS in personality disorder time, u know? :’)

What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
* Certain destructive habits or ways of thinking, smoking, surveys, etc

Do you go to a certain place to clear your mind?
* My bedroom, headspace w Dante, out for a nature walk down by the creek, etc

If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?
* Spend time w my dad and kitties, tell Radish how much I care abt him, eat whatever I wanted, and probbly cry a lot

What is your religion?
* I dont follow any religion

Name something(s) you are tired of:
* Certain “embarrassing” physical issues, some of the mysterious health issues Ive been dealing w lately (like double periods??? Im bleeding every 2 wks lately??? even tho Im significantly underweight and ppl at my BMI dont tend to even HAVE periods???), the political climate, etc

Which do you remember more: insults? or compliments?
* I think Im more likely to take insults to heart even tho I receive them far less frequently than compliments. I probbly remember them abt equally, tho

Are you a trouble-maker?
* Idk??? Maybe. I can definitely be quite impulsive, and sometimes that gets me into some interesting situations :T

Is there something out there that always brings back awful memories?
* Yeah. Its usually rlly random stuff, too. Like, it would be vry hard for someone else to try to account for / avoid my specific triggers

Do you hold grudges?
* Like I described above–not rlly

Have you ever been sick of everything?
* Yeah

Have you ever felt like you are worthless?
* Worthless, monstrous, evil, toxic, abusive, etc. I think its more that I feel…undeserving? I dont feel worth the love that other ppl give to me, even tho they know me and give it to me freely, of their own volition, etc. I read a lot abt what ppl like me “deserve”, and it definitely isnt LOVE, but ppl keep being kind and empathetic and loving anyway? It messes w me sometimes, but its also vry comforting to know that there are a couple of ppl who see my soul and still care abt me anyway

Can you trust someone with anything?
* Dante. I can trust my dad and my best friend Radish w a whole lot as well. I feel like I could tell them basically anything abt myself and they would try to understand, still accept me, etc


Do you like using cinnamon on or in any of your food?
* Yesss. Im a cinnamon fiend >:’)

Did you ever make fortune tellers as a kid?
* Lol, yeah

Do you know how to cook or bake?
* I know how to do both, but I cook more often than I bake. Except when it comes to bread–I make a new loaf every few days or so

Who is the best cook in your family?
* I dont rlly like to compare bc my dad’s a good cook too and we tend to cook different things. I would say I cook more frequently and enjoy it more, tho

Which berry is your favorite?
* Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, especially when I can find them in the wild while hiking :’) And yes, I know some of those are technically “aggregate fruits” and not berries. Dont @ me, ahah

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
* Lately Ive been eating Cheerios or Belvita breakfast bars, but I like a lot of things–egg sandwiches, crispy potatoes and veggies, oatmeal or “breakfast rice”, waffles or pancakes, toast w peanut butter or jam, veggie sausage sandwiches, etc

Do you prefer cappuccinos or frappuccinos?
* Cappuccino. Im not that big on frozen drinks

Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language?
* I took German I & II in high school and I tought myself a good bit of Swedish all on my own (and then promptly fell out of practice, oops! I could probbly pick back up on my Swedish if I started listening to Kent more often again, tho :’))

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
* I suppose a lake, but Im a little wary of swimming in any body of water. They jst dont feel…clean? Like, the oceans seem like they would be a disgusting place to swim if everything we hear abt pollution is true. If they’re killing off all the fish, why would I want to put my BODY in them :x

Do you own any leather-bound books?
* I might

Which baby animal is your favorite?
* Maybe kittens, bats, or elephants. Im not rlly a fan of grown elephants, but in their miniature form? Adorable :’)

Do you like jam on your toast and biscuits?
* I do

What was the scent of the last candle you burned?
* One was unscented, one was evergreen, and another was bergamot, lime, and grapefruit. I burned them for a bit before bed back when the power went out a few wks ago

Are there any plants in your home?
* There are dried flowers and such, but there arent any living plants

Do you prefer honey, sugar, or something else as a sweetener?
* As far as drinks go, I dont rlly use sweeteners. I do like milk or creamer, tho

What food does honey go best with?
* Oatmeal, rice, toast, funnel cake, etc

When is the last time you were lazy and just curled up to read a good book?
* I dont remember the last time I did any real reading aside from that giant DBT skills book I read earlier in the yr. I didnt exactly curl up w it, tho. I think I jst hunched over my desk or something, ahah

What was on the last sandwich that you ate?
* I had a grilled cheese sandwich and fries last night

Have you ever carved a pumpkin?
* I have

What is your favorite type of weather?
* Cold, snowy, rainy, and cloudy. Basically, anything cozy or gloomy or quintessentially winter / fall. I also like perfectly warm, sunny, and lightly breezy autumn days when the leaves are all glowing and illuminated

Do you love seeing frost hanging off leaves in the Winter?
* I do

Do you love all the rain that Spring brings?
* Its usually windy during the spring around here. We tend to get more rain / precipitation during the autumn and winter months

Do you prefer wrapping presents or putting them in a bag?
* I dont rlly have a preference. It kind of depends on the shape of the gift and whether or not I think I can wrap it neatly

If your friend made you a batch of cookies, what cookies would you like them to be?
* Gingerbread, peanut butter, chocolate chip, white chocolate + macadamia nut + cranberry, etc

What is your favorite book?
* Watership Down, Scraping Heaven, the Matlock the Hare trilogy, etc

Have you ever reread a book?
* Yeah. Lol, I reread my first Watership Down book until it completely fell apart and I had to duct tape it back together :’)

What is your dream house like?
* A Tiny Home! W a theme somewhere between minimal and rustic. Also, I totally forgot that I could jst link to my [Pinterest] inspiration board

Would you ever like to own a chandelier?
* Its honestly not something Ive ever rlly thought abt

What scent is the last body wash you used?
* Idk, ~*clarifying*~. It doesnt rlly have a scent?

Do you have any religious symbols in your home?
* Yes. Mainly Jewish symbols and such bc my dad is Jewish

What religion do you identify with, if any?
* I dont identify w any religion / I dont consider myself religious or rlly even “spiritual” at this point

If you could have a small garden in your backyard, what would you plant?
* We do have a small garden. We grow onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, beets, peas, beans, etc. We managed to grow pumpkins to full size the first yr we had the garden, but I havent been able to get them to grow that well since :’(

What pets have you had while growing up?
* Cats and fish

If you went to an art museum, what do you think you would want to see first?
* Interactive displays, sculptures, etc

What type of museum would you like to go to?
* History, art, or anything interactive

Do you enjoy those tins of butter cookies?
* Yesss

Are you diligent with your studies?
* Im not in school anymore

Do you prefer to eat ice cream from a cone or a cup?
* A bowl

When is the last time you went to a carnival?
* I dont remember the last time I went to a legit carnival… Maybe while staying w friends of the family in PA when I was a teen. I went to the Chile Festival several wks ago, tho :’)

Have you ever been to the circus?
* Naw

Do you own any art supplies?
* I have some watercolors and colored pencils, but I mainly use my drawing tablet for art stuff these days

Do you have a favorite glass, cup, or mug?
* I have several favorite mugs. One was handmade in Poland and looks sort of like a mosaic of butterflies, another is a big orange and white one w a kitty-cat outline on it that says “cool cat”, and another is an earthy mug w an imprint of a leaf on the side

What are some of your favorite scents?
* Baking bread, potatoes and onions sizzling away, coffee brewing, the Cracker Barrel gift shop, autumn leaves, the air when it rains, clean laundry, etc

What is you favorite flavor of pudding and/or yogurt?
* For pudding, I like chocolate. For yogurt, I like apple cinnamon, vanilla, raspberry, blueberry, etc

Do you have a daily planner that you write in?
* I dont have a daily planner, but I have a bullet journal sort of thing that I use…semi-regularly?

What branch of science interests you the most?
* Psychology, particularly in terms of mental illness. Physics can also be prtty mind-blowing

Do you prefer writing in pen or pencil?
* Ehhh, Im adapting to writing in pen, I suppose

How many notebooks do you own? Are they all filled?
* Entirely too many. And no, they arent all filled. Im going back thru and filling them up now instead of going out and buying new ones, tho :’)

Do you enjoy flavored coffee? If so, which flavor is your favorite?
* Yeah, sometimes. I have some Reese’s creamer rn thats rlly good :O

What kind of tea is your favorite?
* Black tea, chai, etc


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Taking the temperature survey Garou: Results

So, answers to the survey I posted a couple of weeks ago about Garou.

I got 187 responses, slightly fewer than answered the survey for Genos.  Some really, really interesting answers.  Annoyingly, events have rather caught up with me, so I’ve not had the time to break down the replies by source nor compile all the really interesting written answers I got.   I’ll post those as an addendum in another week, along with my thoughts.

In the meantime, peruse and enjoy! :)






And we’re live! Yesterday I launched a survey to collect formative user research around mysteries, games, and their fans. I targeted a few strategic areas:

Mystery/mystery media subreddits:

  • r/Mystery
  • r/MysteryMedia

Game design and indie gaming forums/subreddits:

  • r/IndieGaming
  • r/gamedesign
  • Video Game Geek
  • Gaming Slack channel at work

Age & demographic

  • Cross promotion on my Instagram and Twitter accounts where a lot of my friends who are in the target age range may see it and follow if they are gamers/mystery fans.

So far less than a day has passed and the survey is up to 40 responses. Hoping to get more so not analysing the data quite yet but at a glance one figure that excites (and frankly shocks) me is that a whopping 50% of participants opted in for further information and research. This should be interesting!

send me a shade of green ☘

Forest: What’s the last dream you remember having?

Lime: Three things you like about your appearance?

Tea: Do you like tea? If so, what kind?

Artichoke: Least favorite vegetable?

Neon: What color would you dye your hair, if you could?

Emerald: Favorite gemstone?

Sea: Favorite mythical sea creature?

Mint: What was your first stuffed animal’s name?

Jade: Have you seen any bands live?

Pine: Have you ever been camping?

Persian: Favorite breed of cat?

Hunter: What’s your opinion on hunting?

Sage: Who do you look up to the most?

Olive: What would you name your future kids?

Jungle: Have you ever been outside your native country?

Shamrock: Have you ever found a four leaf clover?

Kelly Green: Three things that make you happy?

Chartreuse: What color is your bedroom painted?


What’s underneath your bed?
* A couple of old shoeboxes and not much else. Its prtty bare under there

What’s your favorite music genre?
* Rock, indie, folk, blues, grunge, etc

Do you prefer writing on lined or plain paper?
* I prefer lined paper

Name 3 people who you’ll never forget:
* My mom, my sibling, and…honestly, there are a lot of ppl I will never jst “forget”. Im probbly going to remember everyone who was ever important to me, at least in some capacity. I might not think of them every single day, but I wont jst FORGET them

Have you ever been told you are fake?
* Yeah. I think it comes from having no “core” personality. The irony of it all is that this IS me BEING me. Im a series of masks and u jst have to get used to it I guess??? Like, dont lose sleep thinking there’s a “real me” deep down that u could reach if only u tried. Bc there isnt and u cant. Its nothing personal :’)

What was the name of the last pet of yours that died?
* Buttercup :’(

What’s the longest you’ve gone without talking to someone when you were mad?
* I dont know. I dont like to give other ppl the silent treatment bc its one of my worst nightmares, ahah. I prefer to stay open for communication, work things out, and try to get back to normal as quickly as possible. I dont like to stay in an argumentative state any longer than absolutely necessary

Do you like pineapple?
* Its too sweet for me by itself, but I do like it on pizza

When was the last time you wished the day would just get over with?
* I dont recall

Stop typing. What do you hear?
* Traffic, the furnace, crickets, and one of my cats moving around on the bed

Is there any specific number that has any significance to you?
* 888, for gematria-related reasons

What does your hair look like right now?
* Poofy!

What month were you born in?
* I was born in March

Is there anyone that you wish you were with right now?
* My headmate, Dante

Name one person you’ve never had a fight with:
* ???!??!??

What are you currently listening to?
* Im not listening to anything

What would you rather have: Cat or Dog?
* Cats

Batman or Superman: Who wins?
* What are they doing?

Have you had braces?
* I have

What’s the last song you heard?
* I dont recall

How long have you gone without sleep?
* Approximately 2 days

What movie can you watch over and over again and not get sick of it?
* I dont rlly like to rewatch movies. Once I know what’s going to happen, I jst get too restless and bored

Have you ever streaked?
* A long time ago, w one of my exes. We were out in the woods where no one could see us, tho :’)

Have you ever accidentally drank spoiled milk?
* I dont think so :x

Do you and your best friend have an inside joke?
* We ARE an inside joke. Most of our conversations are unintelligible to outsiders at this point

What do you do if you know someone is talking crap behind your back?
* Is it someone important to me, like my best friend? If not, then idc, they can talk their crap. I dont have time for ppl like that, and I would assume that the ppl who love me wouldnt have time to listen to their nonsense either

Do you drive?
* I dont


Are you quick to judge others?
* Im not quick to judge others in terms of “good person” vs “bad person”, and Im not rlly one to judge ppl over superficial things like appearance or anything like that. However, I am quick to categorize ppl in terms of how I will relate to them, whether or not I will allow them in and to what point, etc

Do you like the night or day better?
* I dont think I prefer one over the other. I like both for different reasons. I love being up in the middle of the night, tho–well, aside from the losing sleep aspect, ahah, but I love the peace and quiet and emptiness

Do you think long-distance relationships work out?
* I would assume some do work out, especially if there’s a serious plan to be physically together eventually. I cant imagine those that remain indefinitely long-distance have a great success rate, tho. Personally, for at least a few reasons, I dont think LDRs are for me

Would you say you give out trust easily, or do people have to work for it?
* Ppl have to work for it. Im a vry suspicious and flighty person. I only trust a few ppl and it took me a long time to get to that point. Its definitely not something I jst give out on a whim. It has to be earned over time, a series of interactions, etc. Its not like respect, which I will generally try to give freely until there’s a reason to do otherwise. My trust is SACRED, ahah :’)

Do you shut down your computer when you leave, or just leave it on?
* I put it into some sort of hibernation mode. I dont normally completely shut it down bc it takes foreverrr to start up again

What flavor Dum-Dum is your favorite?
* Strawberry, bubblegum, cotton candy, cream soda, etc

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go; why?
* I dont rlly want to go anywhere except to bed. Bc Ive got the sleepy bitch disease

Do you swear often?
* I guess so?

Who was the last person to let you down?
* I dont remember

Do you tell people the truth even if it’ll hurt them?
* Yeah

Are you on a laptop or a desktop right now?
* Im on a laptop

Have you ever tripped over your own feet?
* I have

Do you find yourself trying to be strong for others?
* Yeah

Have you ever done something that you knew was wrong?
* I have

When was the last time you broke down and cried?
* I dont remember the last time I truly BROKE DOWN and cried… I dont even rlly remember the last time I jst regular-cried

What is your favorite pair of shoes?
* I only have one pair, and they’re Merrell hiking shoes

Would you say that you give good advice?
* I dont typically try to offer advice to others. I mean, if u want to Ask A Hybrid Reptilian, thats fine. But dont expect anything mature or useful. I might have noble intentions, but idk ANYTHING abt being a proper human ;D

Have you seen your best friend cry before?
* No, but according to a conversation we had earlier, the rising sea levels are proof that he does (and that I do too, hah)

Do you like to make cupcakes?
* Sometimes, yeah :’)

What’s your favorite crayon in the crayon pack?
* I dont rlly have a favorite crayon

Do you have a Twitter account?
* I dont

Do you enjoy staying at hotels?
* I used to when I was younger. Like, I LOVED any opportunity to stay at a hotel. Now Im more like…eh

Name your life goal.
* No thank u :’)

What are your thoughts on abortion?
* Im pro-choice

What color do you want to dye your hair?
* Im not planning on dyeing my hair any time soon, but if I did dye it, I would most likely go back to blond

Are you any good at cooking?
* I am

Favorite Disney movie?
* Idk, maybe Moana, Beauty & The Beast, or Pocahontas

Do you prefer the Band Aids for little kids? [Hello Kitty, Dinosaurs, etc.]
* I do :’)

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, what bone/s?
* I dont know if I broke them or not, but I seriously messed up some toes on my right foot. That was all the way back in 2009 and they STILL dont bend right :O

Do you like the smell of gasoline?
* Its not unpleasant, but too much exposure will give me a migraine

What do you want to name your kids; if you ever have kids?
* I dont want to have children

What’s your ringtone?
* I think its jst on vibrate atm

Have you ever picked strawberries or apples?
* Ive been blackberry picking, and Ive picked strawberries and raspberries while hiking

Is anything bothering you?
* Hmmm

Are you on a Laptop, Desktop, Cell, or something else?
* U basically already asked this, but omg, I could not imagine trying to take a survey on my phone D;

Does thunder and lightening frighten you?
* It can startle me, but I wouldnt say Im frightened by it. I tend to like thunderstorms as long as they arent destructive

What time did you go to bed last night?
* I think I went to bed prtty early, like 8-9pm

If the last person you kissed invited you to a family dinner, would you go?

Has anyone ever told one of your secrets they promised they wouldn’t tell?
Possibly. I don’t have very many secrets. 

Do you remember what you were wearing last time you cried?

Do you have any friends you have never gotten into an argument with?

Do you think you could survive living by yourself for a month?
I have lived by myself for nearly 4 years. 

Can you cook anything other then toast?

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Hey everyone, so you’re in the loop:

As you well know, I really enjoy working on and looking at how our beloved game changes interactions with other aspects of the world, in as many different ways as possible. In the next few weeks I’ll be releasing a survey that will attempt to measure a relation between playing Magic: the Gathering and safe driving practices. For this, obviously, the more people who will take the survey the better. Both mtg players and non-mtg players will be needed for the survey gain a measure, so when it comes out I would greatly appreciate your help spreading it far and wide so that I can get as many responses as possible. Thanks in advance, hope y’all are doin well 🤘any questions feel free to message us!

-Shawn, CommanDollar Actual