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Interested in WBENC National Corporate Membership? Learn more about the benefits and dues structure . . .

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Lovely detail! We have a great collection of little bowls that tell such amazing stories! Come on by our storefront at 2480 Dundas St West.  #stories#bowls 

The start of a new year is a great time for a fresh start and to set new goals, intentions & . This week, discover products to help you up your game in 2020 . .

Super excited to partner with and gathering uplifting items for women in crisis at todays ! Make sure to bring your items today and Saturday! For more info, check out

A very BIG thank you to the folks at for joining us as a Gold Sponsor of the 2020 - we are so proud to have your support and so grateful for your expertise!

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"I guess I just felt a release of calm. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the adoption process, but I got more of a blessing." Read more at:

At , we declare 2020 as the Year of the Woman! ✊✊ Follow our Instagram account at for updates and stories of our women business owners!

Fears of returning to work 💼 👩 Am I ready? 👩 Maybe I need more experience 👩 Will I be treated differently? 👩 Is there someone who can support me? 👩 What if I fail?

Also consider backing the final anthology! I'm so proud to participate in this project again!!! Everyone has gorgeous work in it and I have a goofy comic in it where I’m a spicy idiot.🌶️🔥💀

We bring you Dirty Diamonds #10: DEATH! The FINAL installment of the all-girl comic anthology series. Join us as we bear our souls & guide you, our fair readers, to the other side... by pledging or spreading the word by Feb 14th!!

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Warren taking her time to respond the same way Bernie waited to endorse and show support for Hillary.

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Amybeth is the best. A true Queen. ✨💗



I had a great time last week joining the ladies of @the3ree_ and their guests for an impromptu dance party at @Afrovibesradio! Be sure to check out their show every Friday at 11 A.M. CST! #teamgirl #supportwomen #afrovibes #afrovibesradio #onair #radiohosts #radioshow (at Afrovibes Radio Houston)

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