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I am a mom that is dealing with postpartum depression. I want to smile back at my child when he smiles at me yet I can’t...Why? For more Information, please check out

Are you tired of playing the same old games? Join us Tuesday at (4501 Burrow Dr in NLR) as we learn how to take action. Move your life forward! Dinner 5:30p | Meeting 6:45p | 7:45p | Social Time 8:45p

WOW ---> Look behind the scenes of the campaign by / Great collaboration & a great message. Support is so important when living with a chronic illness!

A staggering 11,440 badges are out there for 21st March, that’s a potential £11,440 raised for local and - thanks a to all involved

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Trans Medical Support Group: Vancouver support group every 3rd Thursday of the month/ Bimonthly. Join the group's next meeting at QMUNITY's accessible office located at 610-1033 Davie St. More information

We have 19 meeting this month. Our groups are a safe space for those affected by lymphoma to talk freely with others and ask questions. You can use our website to find your local group >

care is not just treatment. The best addresses many factors, like financial and legal support, patient advocacy & more. We have gathered an extensive list of resources of , cancer journals and travel assistance.

Don't forget: Tonight is our Prostate Cancer Support Group at Miami Valley Hospital North.

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: An important part of is getting the support that you need. Writer & BEST guest blogger Isaac Peterson explores the importance of support groups and connecting w/others.

is a project that delivers FREE activities to stoma support groups. Oliver popped into one session to see what these sessions were all about..

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Why do men and women look at bodies who are not theirs to know? Why do they perform alone to a person that’s not home? Why do we need pornography support groups at all? Why can’t porn just not be something at all? Why is sex everywhere? Why is it the thing everybody wants more of? What is the big deal? Why do we crave it so much? Why does everything have to be sexual for us? 

When do little girls no longer play outside-do cartwheels in the sun without worrying over their thighs? Why are women so sexualized? Why aren’t men in the same light? Why have we abused what you made so good. Sometimes all I can say is why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Following Jesus opens up this hole. Why we parade women in sex - in bras - on poles? Does it really make men feel that good? Do we really give them something that desirable? A women’s sexuality? My sexuality? Sometimes all I can say is Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? And all this why makes me cry. 

I don’t always understand why I have intense visceral reactions to things until I express it through a poem or art. Today my church announced they were going to start a support group for men to discuss openly the temptation and addiction to pornography (I do think this goes for both genders, but it’s not there yet).
I should have been happy that the conversation is finally out in the open and the word pornography isn’t being hushed and now being used in a morning announcement to the whole church. 

But instead I was angry and upset, so I made this poem/letter that expressed more of what I was feeling. 


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DM or call 2134532411 for INFO
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With the 2nd session of my women’s support group starting up tomorrow night I thought a show and tell of the group room @sunstonecounseling might be in order. @counselingwithtara #oldtownalexandria #counseling #virtualtour #grouproom #groups #sunstonecounseling #fallschurch #supportgroups #womensgroup #womenssupportgroup #brenebrown #daringgreatly #firstvideo #firstvideooninstagram #arlington #dmv (at Counseling With Tara)

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Your group is bigger than you think

I have always truly believed that babies bring people together. I have a few friends who I never would have expected to have such an important role in my life. 

My lover, a man who has proven himself to be a provider and the most supportive person in my life. The moment I saw him I thought he was cute but not for me. Three years later he is the man for me then another two years later he is a father to be. 

My best friend, who was just a coworker at one point helps me watch my son while I’m in class and she does so much for me but when I first met her I thought she was this random girl that lived upstairs to my dor. 

My boss, she was my boss who would have thought she would have turned out to be a mentor and my birthing coach. 

My next door neighbor, she lives next door and I have known her through my entire college experience. I never wold have imagined that she would be so generous in offering her time to help me with my son. 

Random strangers who have extended their kindness to help load my car at the grocery store. A humble grandmother and mother who lent me advice that saved me a lot of worry. When your a new mom all you have is questions. I hope my followers know that you can ask me anything. 

My point is that the most unexpected people in your life end up becoming your group.This is your extended family that will always be in your heart because they have played a crucial role in raising your son. 

advice to the younger females:

  1. never lie about your favorite song to impress someone you like. 
  2. find your clitoris and don’t be ashamed of your labia; there’s no such thing as a perfect vagina, just one that’s perfectly yours
  3. throw away the scale along with the idea that your best self is your lowest number. step on the scale backwards at the doctor’s, too.
  4. you can be strong in a fluffy, pink skirt. you can be strong in a bulky sweatshirt. you can be strong wearing both, or wearing none, or whatever you feel comfortable in. the point is, your identity does not determine your strength.
  5. it’s okay to skip a day at the gym. rest is just as important for your body.
  6. you won’t get it perfect. take time to embrace the opportunities you’ll have to fuck up.
  7. love your laugh; snorts, hiccups, hoots and all.
  8. you’re going to have hair in weird places, some stretchmarks, and some parts of your body you feel uncomfortable with, but even when you feel like shit, wake up believing that you’re a badass who can rock anyone’s world.
  9. when you’re hungry, eat. nourish your body so you can nourish everything else.
  10. in this moment, wherever you are, you are enough.

Tonight I had the chance to witness something amazing. My friend Taylor invited me to her LGBT support group called “Globe”. It sounded interesting and I have to admit, this girl gives me butterflies, so I went. And how incredible it was. Though a small group of LGBT youth, size has no effect. They meet once a week in this little room in a church and the church fully supports the gay community. The love and the acceptance in the room was overwhelmingly refreshing. I honestly wanted to cry at how beautiful it was. It reminded me that the world is a beautiful place and life isn’t always shitty. Being in a room with people I’ve never known, yet it’s as if our hearts had met before. My heart goes out to these kids who may or may not feel accepted. Some come from miles away, just to meet for a couple of hours in this little room once a week. Now THAT is dedication to me, that is purpose. And that is something that keeps me going. In my opinion this is what I live for. Discovering new ways that people are learning to come together as one and love one another for who they are. That, that is incredible.