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Thank you to my 6337 Followers! THANK YOU for your: Likes Retweets Comments Views Raids Lurks Hosts And most of all your positivity Support will be limited, While I’m at work & the stream will likely start at 10 PM Eastern tonight βœŠπŸ™

Thanks for all the follows on my today!! I followed everyone of you back and look forward to catching one of your live streams!!! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈAnyone else want a ? πŸ”—

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stateofemilygrace  asked:

I miss you

AWWWW I miss you too Hon <3 how are you??

Today marks my 3 Year Anniversary being a Beachbody Coach!!! ❤️👏🎉

I have went through some transitions with my business in the past few years to make sure it truly reflected what I wanted to represent. But so far this year has been the best representation of who I am and what my goals are…not only as a coach but as a supporter of anyone who has health/weight/self-esteem issues.

My groups are open to men and women alike (even kids have been a part of it at times) and I am dedicated to building everyone up, supporting them, and letting them know that they are important each and every day to this world that we live in! I share myself and my journey with these amazing members to hopefully help, inspire, and motivate them to stay on course with their healthy journeys. And at the same time, they keep me accountable, motivated, and inspired each and every day to keep pushing play, showing up, and being the best person I can be!

After 3 years of helping others by running support groups, sharing what I do and being invited to share in other’s personal journeys, I am excited to continue this adventure for many more years! Coaching has brought so many amazing people into my life that I would have never met otherwise! It has brought a whole new perspective on how to live life to the fullest! I can’t imagine doing anything else!

If you’re interested in joining my April Support Group or even becoming a Beachbody Coach, message me for more details!


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Why would I need everybody else when I have you …

And I’m saying that not to sweet talk, or to deceive myself, or to sugarcoat the truth of me not having anybody else but you. I said that because it’s my truth.

Maybe you are my comfort zone, and though people are often advised not to stay too long and too dependent on their comfort zone, but I choose this over anything else. Maybe you won’t stay forever, but at least, while you stay, while you’re still here, I know you won’t hurt me, I just know that.

This is a pendant I did with lepidolite. Lepidolite gives you a huge natural boost. Feel free to follow my work and dm me for questions if you have them. I have been working on my craft for years and serve people from all paths and all walks of life. I am here to get the stones to who they need to be with. Each piece is inspired by spiritual messages and I just go with whatever I hear at the moment. No two pieces are alike.


It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and actually been able to talk to my friends and they certainly wanted lots of answers this weekend 😂

Always nice to hear that they agree with me on most things. They definitely validated my thoughts a bit and made me feel like certain things weren’t all my fault. Glad I’m not the only one confused. They supported some of my decisions and had conversations about some of the things they didn’t agree with. End of the night I was feeling like I should take their advice because I know they’re right, but I still can’t seem to bring myself to do it.

Also find it comical they’re interested in my sex life and are highly disappointed in me 😂 Like highly disappointed I haven’t made many moves and used my opportunities wisely. All I have to say is, if the other person isn’t obviously clear in what they want and explicit in telling me they want it, I’m not going to have the confidence to go for it.

Laughter is the best medicine and somehow we always end up with a story to tell by the end of the night. The story this time will honestly haunt me for a bit 😂 Idk why but we definitely attract the strangest of people. Glad to have something to joke about for at least another month.

I most likely have consumed more alcohol this month than I have in a whole year and while it’s been wonderful I don’t see it helping much.

Purpose for the post is to just say I appreciate my friendships. It’s nice to have some people that you can share everything with, people who know what you’re feeling even when you don’t express it, people who want to be your cheerleaders, people who ask the uncomfortable questions, and people who genuinely care for you and make it clear that they do. I’ve been blessed for way too many years, but when you find the right people to love and support you they don’t leave. There aren’t any deal breakers, there is always conversations and most of all there is laughter.

anonymous asked:

Hi there... Just take deep breaths and listen. I'm not really good at comforting people, but anyways... I'm sure that you shouldn't worry about that darling. You have plenty of followers there, and a lot of them would love to chat with you. You're such a sweet person!) A good thing is that you really try to socialize. As I mentioned before, please remember: you are not alone, and you'll never be, and if sometimes you can think otherwise... Just know that there are people that care about you.

Remember when I made that post about how I sometimes hoard certain things sent into my ask box? This is one of them. Thank you so much anon. I kept in my inbox for the longest time, because I knew it was always right there for me to look at, and it’s honestly helped me so much. I’ve got good news! I’ve made a few friends on discord, and they’re honestly all so cool and fun to chat with. Not going to lie, I’m still get nervous every once and a while when chatting with them, but I feel like I’m also getting more comfortable with being social. Thank you once again anon, and thank you to everyone who’s also been very kind and supportive towards me. You are all so, so amazing!

anonymous asked:

can you do something with peter calming his gf down after she freaks out about her career path? i could really use a peter to calm me down lol

“What the hell was I thinking?” you sighed looking at the loan applications, lease agreements, building codes, and inspections. Slinging your glasses across the table you put your head down on the dining table.

Peter looked up from where he was reviewing case files at the other end of the table. He frowned leaning back in his chair. “Something I can help you with, sweetheart?”

Without picking your head up you shook it. “I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” you muttered. Three months ago you were let go from the firm you had been at for years. After two weeks of moping around the house, a month of sending out resumes, and pointless interviews you had the bright idea of opening your own dance studio.

Dance was your first love. You were in ballet shoes from the time you could walk. All through, school and college you danced, you even went to undergrad on a dance scholarship. During your senior year, you tore your ACL effectively ending your dream of being a professional dancer. After that, you changed to pre-law and then law school but didn’t stop dancing for the love of it. That’s where you met Peter. At first, you were just friends and study buddies. He had a girlfriend and your boyfriend was in med school at NYU. When you graduated you moved to New York to be your boyfriend and Peter moved to Chicago.

A week before your wedding to your college boyfriend you called it off. You loved him just not the way he deserved to be loved. Your best friend recommended a trip to Chicago for the weekend. That’s when you ran into Peter. He was ordering a drink, turned and spilled it down the front of you. The two of you were inseparable from that night on. A month later you moved to Chicago. The rest, as they say, is history.

“Let me take a look.” Peter pushed up from the chair and walked around to your end of the table. He pushed his glasses up his glancing at the various paperwork. “I have a friend that may be able to help. She’s in zoning.”

Lifting your head you looked up to Peter. “Sometimes I wonder if I should just go back to practicing law. I’m getting too old to be changing careers.”

“This is your dream, Y/N. I’ve seen the way you move on that stage. Your soul feels the music. It’s-it’s like you’re somewhere else entirely. I’ve never seen anyone that happy,” Peter declared.

“Maybe that’s why they call it a dream because it never comes true,” you countered. “I’m looking at thousands of dollars, red tape out the wazoo, and countless hours with the knowledge I may fail.”

Peter sat in the chair beside and took your hand. “First of all when your dream is a passion you don’t ignore it. We have always been honest with one another.  I don’t care how much money, the time it takes. You got this, darling. When you want something you reach up and grab it. You’ll be successful. I wouldn’t blow smoke up your ass.”

“Jesus Peter,” you laughed. “That’s quite the speech.” Taking a deep breath you asked, “but what if I do fail?”

“You won’t,” he said confidently.

“But what if I do?”

“Then you’ll fail and we’ll be broke. But hey, no pressure,” he responded with a wink and a grin the corners of his eyes crinkling. “But you won’t so I’m not stressing.”

“Right. So, I’m really doing this? Holy shit.”

“Such language from a lady,” Peter said with fake indignation. “And to think you kiss me with that mouth.”

“I do a lot more with this mouth,” you said pulling your bottom lip between your teeth.

Peter slid his hand along your jaw resting behind your neck. He leaned forward his lips brushing yours. “And you do it so well.”

anonymous asked:

Hiiii... sorry to hear about your classes. Don’t be so hard on yourself, okay? Have time to be sad about it, but remember to get back up and try again. You can do it!! I believe in you!!! Keep moving forward! :)

thank you Nonny, it really does mean a whole lot <3


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Happy Places

There are certain people I would call my happy place, and certain countries too. People wise, so many 7cupsers create happy places for me, I know that I can be myself around them and always have a good time talking to them.

As for countries, I am always happier when I’m in turkey, the atmosphere there is so homely and welcoming, I’m instantly happier when I get there! Libya too! I have been able to create so many happy memories there and feel comfortable when I am there!

anonymous asked:

i am the toxic friend. when my friends accomplish something my first feeling is jealousy and i genuinely cant feel happy for them. i never act on it or push them down so i just give a generic congratulations but im just bitter and cant feel happy for them. i feel like i should just cut myself off because its easier that way but theyre so sensitive about everything that itll probably make things even more complicated

this might sound a bit odd, considering your situation? but I feel like this was such a positive message to write, and such a big step forward already in wanting to resolve the issue. good on you friend, I’m proud of you I really am (: it’s cool that you’ve been able to admit something like this, because it’s not exactly a positive personality trait to have? but you’re facing the problem head on and acknowledging it, and that makes it a lot easier to work on and find ways to solve. 

are these friends that you care lots about in other situations, like do you go out of your way to help them if they need it, do you feel safe and comfy sharing personal parts of your life with them, are they people you trust and get along with? if you answered “no” to most of those questions, then overall yeah it might be best to distance yourself from them and make new friends. but if you answered “yes to most of those questions then I’d still stay friends with them! just because you’re finding this particular situation difficult doesn’t mean that you’re a shit friend or that it would be better / easier to cut yourself off from them – answering yes shows that you still do care about them and want them in your life. 

if we want to stay friends with these people? then next step would be to work out why you might feel bitter or jealous when they talk about accomplishments of theirs – a good way to find solutions, is to get to the root of the problem to begin with. do you feel a level of dissatisfaction or discontent with your own life at the moment? do you feel like life is a little stagnant at the moment, or unproductive for you? if yes, then maybe something that could help could be to do something in your own life to make you feel happy and productive and proud of yourself. maybe that could be volunteering your time at a charity shop or animal rescue centre, maybe it could be putting all your extra time and energy into getting an A+ in a subject at school you struggle with, maybe it’s putting aside time to go to exercise and to eat healthy and to look after your own well-being? whatever could work for you! as long as its something that makes you feel good and positive and productive, that’s what matters. 

if that’s not the issue, if you do feel happy and content and productive with your own life and that’s not what is causing the spike of jealousy or bitterness? maybe it’s instead coming from a place of fear, maybe you feel like you’re the best at something and you feel threatened or overshadowed, as though one of your friends is going to be better than you and receive more positive attention and praise, when that’s something you’re used to getting? [Side note – no judgement if that’s the case! just thinking out loud here, not saying this is necessarily true but just putting it out there if it is the potential root problem.] if that is the case, then gently remind yourself that another’s success doesn’t mean that you’ve failed, you can both shine together and that there’s more than enough room for you and your friend to exist in the same space. work on ways to see your friend’s success as a positive to you as well, look at how it could benefit you maybe? 0: if you can see good things out of their accomplishments and you can see a way for it to be helpful to you too, then that could be a way over the jealousy / bitterness. 

if none of that applies at all, if nothing I’ve mentioned resonates with you? then maybe it’s a matter of these friends just not being compatible with you anymore, in which case it might be best to distance yourself a little and find different people to be friends with. I hope this helps you to sort through things a little, let me know how things go for you <3

- tash

Hey guyzzzzzzzzzzz!

So! I got some news! Things are coming together nicely so I’m going to making some changes and adding things.

I would like to achieve my goal of starting my own business! And i’m going to start it by sharing it all with you and my journey of getting there. I’m pretty much gonna be showing you what I’m doing and how I’m going to get there! For example what I did and why I did it. So if you would like to follow me on my cosplay/business journey, please do!!

Here’s a rough draft:

YouTube: will have Weekly Vlogs

IG: snapshots & highlights,behind the scenes of my journey

Tumblr: thoughts


Journey to dream cosbod and health

Twitter: announcements

Just some ideas! Once I finish them I’ll be sure to post the links.

Im very excited to share my jouney with you all and thank you joining me!!! 💖💖💖

anonymous asked:

As soon as I logged on I saw the first message in support of you and challenging the hater and I was like "WHO'S HATING ON LEAH" but I LOVED the large number of supportive, loving messages I had to scroll through to find the ONE message of hate, you is SO supported and SO loved and you have such a huge army behind you that anyone who tries to be mean is taken down in an instant

HELL DUDE IM CRYIN I love you too and heck thank you babe, I appreciate all of the love and support I get from yall every single day and I wouldn’t change it for the world <3