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GAMEDAY!!! Snow isn’t stopping the Tigers!! Make the 10 minute drive to LN to cheer on these girls! 9A LAST game is at Kenwood Trail 5pm. 🏀🐾

Results show that users with a Direct Sound Transmission system have 13% better recall compared to users of a Skin Transmission solution². Check out the results:

2018 is the Year of the Woman. We're pretty awesome, huh? What's your superpower?

Lots of ignorant people questioned the creation of our Air Force & ignorant people in 2019😐now question the creation of our Space Force! (still no shortage of of dim-bulbs😅out there) Maybe they'll eventually learn what being a 'World✨' means? 🇺🇸🚀

Juggling 2 poorly Little Schnoops What’s your superpower?

Do you know what your superpower is? This year is certainly a year of change for me personally and January has been about recognising my superpower!

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If you could have a super power to help you in your role what would it be? Be everywhere in the blink of an eye? Laugh with all my dispersed team every day? Be like the matrix where I can download the tools & skills I need for any situation instantly...RT

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Ding dong the clock is gone

As many people know, my sensory overload often comes from auditory over stimuli. I had a clock in my living room that ticks very loudly, which as I am now moving house due to low funds I have been able to take the clock down and remove the f*****g battery.

Finally I get some peace and quiet in the house, but the problem is I also have a bad case of tinnitus so even though it’s technically quiet in the house I can still hear what feels like pressure in my head in the form of high pitched squealing in both my ears all the time.

I can also hear my pulse, the rushing of blood going past my ear canal and the electric from the main fuse board, it’s the only thing that’s on in the house as all of our electrics are unplugged ready to be sent to the new place.

It still feels weird to feel almost totally audibly overstimulated when I know that there is no sound at all in house. Every sound that most people wouldn’t be able to hear, like a silent breath from the other side of the room feels like a break from the deafening silence around me.


ANIME : K Seven Stories Movie 1 - RB ~Blaze~
Love love loooove…. My Suoooooh… Love love looove raja merah bersunguuut🎶💓
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Superpower Prompts

This is just something I thought would be fun:

I had a lot of fun writing the Telekinesis prompts so I decided that I will open a kind of imagine where you can request which character and which power and the imagine will be the others reacting to certain situations about the power


1) They tell about the power

2) The powers go out of control

3) Someone else tells about the (whoever you request)’s power

4) The others see the person use the power

5) The character suddenly gets a power and is freaking out. They will tell the others but be completely freaked out about it .

Example of how an ask would look: “Meena, Telekinesis, prompt 1”. Then I would do an imagine based on it

If I’m not clear enough you can either ask or send what you think will work and I’ll do my best

anonymous asked:

There's something special about being a homebody, so that's pretty cool. So you would choose telekinesis? Is there something specific you would want to control with your telekinesis?

It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do, just to be able to move things with my mind. It’d be so cool and so easy to fuck with people too 😂 (ie moving stuff when they’re not looking, moving stuff when they ARE looking, not having to get up and WALK over to the fridge to get food 😜)


Thank you for the ask!

#Uraraka has been levitating debris this whole time!
@bukkitbrown floating away.
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If you could have any superpower…

What do you mean, “IF”?

Every person has a super-power,and part of the challenge of life is discovering what it is. I was about ten or so when I discovered my own superpower: Invisibility. I have the ability to stand in a crowd and to be neither seen nor heard.

I have been in group gatherings with fierce conversations and not gotten a word in wedge-wise as no one knew I was there or had anything to contribute. I have been engaged in conversation with folks who would soon look beyond the carcass standing before them, see someone else, and move on without so much as a “by your leave.”

I’ll admit I haven’t got as much control over my super power as superheroes seem to have over theirs. I know I could probably not get by with walking into locker-rooms to which I had not been properly gender-assigned. Still, as an introvert, and while there are times I really would like to be the life of the party (at which times invisibility actually sort of sucks), never the less, being unseen has its perks.

I can ghost a party, and no one ever notices, except Caspar. He’s jealous.