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Which would you want? In Ep.187 hear 12 guests choose inc. actor , singer/realityTV , writer host & author/model !

If you could have a which one would you want? Episode 187 features 12 guests sharing their pick inc. Singer / reality TV star / host Mary Zilba!

If you could have one which would you want? 12 guests inc. singer Lzzy Hale, fighter Benson Henderson, author / model / influencer Jacqui Childs & writer / host Jay Sandlin share their powers!

Wouldn't having a be cool? Which would you want? In Ep.187 twelve guests inc. fighter pick a power.

Some find it hard to pick which they'd want to have. How about you? In Ep.187 twelves guests share including singer !

Which would you want? In Ep.187 hear 12 guests choose inc. drummer Shannon Larkin, guitarist Billy Howerdel, singer Lzzy Hale & !

If you could have one do you know what you'd pick? Ep.187 features 12 guests inc. wrestler Hillbilly Jim!

Which would you want? In Ep.187 hear 12 guests choose inc. retired racer Alexis DeJoria, Hall of Fame Hillbilly Jim, fighter Benson Henderson & model / fighter Mia Kang!

Which would you want to have? Ep.187 features thoughts from 12 guests inc. drummer Shannon Larkin, guitarist Billy Howerdel, singer Lzzy Hale & ! * powers musical guest visits!

Which would you want? Ep.187 features 12 guests inc. actor , singer/realityTV , writer host & author/model ! * powers entertainment guest visits!

[TRANS] 190422 Kim Sae Ron (ron_sae) IG Update: Heheheh I also bought it. I am waiting for the fullmetal alchemist

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Which would you want? In Ep.187 hear 12 guests choose inc. retired racer Alexis DeJoria, Hall of Fame Hillbilly Jim, fighter Benson Henderson & model / fighter Mia Kang!

Which would you want? Ep.187 features 12 guests inc. actor , singer/realityTV , writer host & author/model ! * powers entertainment guest visits!

Which would you want? Ep.187 features 12 guests inc. retired racer Alexis DeJoria, Hall of Fame Hillbilly Jim, fighter Benson Henderson & model Mia Kang! * powers sporting guest visits!

Which would you want? 12 guests inc. Billy Howerdel, swimsuit model Mia Kang, Hall of Fame wrestler Hillbilly Jim & singer / host / reality TV star Mary Zilba weigh in on Ep.187!

If you could have one which would you pick? 12 guests weigh in on Ep.187 inc. guitarist Billy Howerdel!

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Well it’s never about the powers. I see other writers struggle with this sometimes. The powers are fun, but the powers are literally the special effects to the character’s actions. It’s really about what the character does and the choices they make that make a character compelling. Not what they wear, not how shiny and sparkly their fists can get. It’s what they’re doing. And in that regard, hundreds of writers have shown that Lois Lane is one of the most interesting characters in all of literature, not just comics. So to celebrate that here is easy pickings, to be honest with you. It’s the easiest thing I’m doing at DC right now, is showing everyone that Lois Lane is the smartest, most dangerous person on the planet.
—  Brian Michael Bendis on writing powered individuals and Lois Lane

My Hero Academia OC

Name: Hotaru Hikari

Alias: The Neon Demon

Hero Name: Phosphora

Age: 15

Gender Female

Occupation: Student

Where: UA High School

Class: 1-A


Eye Color: Neon Purple

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Markings: Bio-luminescent markings cover her skin. Her eyes and them glow in relation to her emotions, energy level, and will.


Name: Energizer

Type: Emitter

Range: Close to Medium

Hotaru can use her quirk to dissolve herself into energy for short range teleportation, she can also use it to levitate herself and small metal objects for short periods of time. Her quirk also enhances her strength, speed, and agility. The energy can be focused and fired off as blasts or used to cut through things as well, provided she put enough effort into it.

Her bio-luminescent markings glow in relation to her energy level. The intensity they glow with reveals the amount of energy she has stored. Energy is created by converting and storing kinetic energy so she starts a fight fairly week but gets stronger as it progresses. She is able to fight until her energy creation exceeds her body’s ability to spend it. At that point she burns out and must rest. Intense emotions also affect energy creation.


  • Fast: she’s a hard to hit target in a fight
  • Versatile: she can adapt to most situations with ranged or close range attacks
  • Stamina: she gets stronger the longer a fight lasts


  • Low Defense: her quirk relies on speed and agility. She’s a bit of a glass cannon
  • Weak: she starts a fight at a disadvantage compared to her opponents
  • Aftermath: burn out leaves her jittery and tired. If she has excess energy and doesn’t burn out she must expend most of it before resting


  • Power: 3/5
  • Speed: 5/5
  • Technique: 3/5
  • Intelligence: 4/5
  • Cooperativeness: 2/5

Personality: Cocky, Upbeat, Enthusiastic, Responsible, Quick-Thinking


How Saitama defeated Sonic = One Punch Man = Full Fight

Your Superpowers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited to present to you our most recent findings about how the human collective consciousness has been faring. We are noticing that there is a greater degree of compassion for one another being felt and being exhibited through words and actions. We even see you thinking more in harmony with the greatest and highest good of the entire collective. Now, some of you are probably wondering how you could possibly care more about your fellow humans. We know that you do, and we also know that there are certain perpetrators out there who are very hard to love, very hard to feel compassion for.

We know that it is part of the journey of those of you who are awakened to lead others, and we know that you are meant to lead the rest of the collective in forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. Those are superpowers. Those powers are far more important than telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation, and they are certainly a better choice than time travel. Nothing needs to be fixed in your history to take you to where you are ultimately going. You are going to ascend, and you are going to do it more peacefully and joyously as you embrace every member of the collective, no matter what they are doing, no matter how bad they have been.

You are here to serve all humans, and you do so mostly with your presence, but you are being even more of service when you are offering your compassion, your forgiveness, and your unconditional love to those who have done absolutely nothing to earn. These are the people who are most in need of it. You already have a tremendous amount of compassion for the victims, whether they be human, animal, or plant, but it is your ability to feel that compassion for the ones on your planet who make things harder for everyone else that will put humanity past the tipping point.

And it is your greatest gift to your fellow humans. It is a wonderful time for all of you to practice using this gift, because you will see more and more stories coming out about what this one did and the abuse of power that someone else exhibited. So this recent uptick that we have sensed in the human collective consciousness has come just in time, as it always does.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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You caught me!! Ahh you spot-light(ed) me! ahh!
This is about what it looks like when you’ve caught me doing my magic.. ahh no please don’t make this tragic.. 

I was just helping free the world.. distortion and corruption have came to cause this abruption, plz I gotta get back to my life… look at me.. look at my colors in strife.. 
I’m going to fix this misunderstanding, as fast as I can without being too demanding.. rather than counting on you to trust me, I’m going to pause all that there is to be.. make my escape.. make it quick.. let’s these colors wash over your sight.. I’m sorry that you can’t see me as right.. at this time.. I’m caught in the crossfire.. I must call my God, commanded through my own zeal & fire.. 

If I can’t get away fast enough.. it will all turn to black.. and then I’m sorry but it’s the demons that will come to attack.. you have to not corner this vigilante.. I’m sorry but this isn’t always me.. 
We are a legion of beings that co-exist.. I have realities that require my maintenance.. if I’m to fall.. I’ll only rebegin.. trust me even if you caught me in a sight of sin..  it’s a temporary gap that you’ve missed the true sight of my rightful win.. I work for free.. but demand a cost.. that you allow yourself to pay.. which is called ‘don’t dare misbehave’

There’s really no need to wrongfully persecute me.. carrying them with me.. I echo the truth of many.. multiple reality..  seeing the true form of who I am.. takes a greater spectrum of sight than that of the common lam.. 

Don’t be foolish enough to believe you can stop what is forever.
Not that you would ever need to fear nor even capture.. don’t wrong what is at core right.. this mage is doing justice in a grand fight.
*magic casts as the mage must return to his God*

((haha.. okay guys… anyone is free to let me know if you like this.. I know I don’t always speak it all word for word in perfect sense.. but it’s usually abstract and some forced rhymes lol anyways, no biggie.. anyone is welcome to note/comment any feedback! ) 

Every day you gotta say “White Privilege.”

Every day, at least 14 times.

Wait. Did I say 14 times? I meant 27 times. Every day you’ve got to say “White Privilege” 27 times. At least. And say it to other people. It really only works if other people hear it so say it to other people. Remind them of “White Privilege.” Especially white people. If you don’t tell them that they’re privileged then they’re not going to know. So tell them. A lot.

Shazam! (2019) Director: David F. Sandberg, Actores: Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Zachary Levi, Mark Strong.

Estreno esperado del 2019, Shazam! es la nueva película de DC, que, a diferencia de sus anteriores intentos, ha logrado de una manera increíble cautivar al público y a los críticos, dejando a todos anonadados tras salir del cine. Basada en conceptos básicos, como la magia y la amistad, logra mezclar estos elementos con una historia un poco clásica pero llena de originalidad e inteligencia. Shazam! es la redención de DC en la taquilla y la calidad de su historia, ojalá la racha dure y no haya miedo a intentar lo diferente, cosa que en esta película se ha probado posible.

Billy Batson es un niño de catorce años que está en el sistema, él cree que está desaparecido, pero para los Servicios Infantiles es solo un huérfano más. Lo envían a hogares de acogida de los cuales escapa para intentar encontrar a su madre. Pero su vida se ve interrumpida cuando algo extraño sucede, se da cuenta de que ha sido elegido para ser Campeón, y poseer superpoderes para evitar que los siete pecados capitales se expandan por el mundo. El golpe no es fácil, Billy trata de asimilarlo, pero solo es un niño y el mundo es más peligroso de lo que espera, debe descubrir como usar sus poderes y aprender a ver más allá de su nariz. Ser un adulto no es sencillo.

Con un guion brillantemente escrito y realizado Shazam! es una de las mejores películas de lo que va del año, haciéndose de un uso excelente de los efectos especiales de una manera en la cual sea más una historia urbana que una exageración de CGI. La dirección es genial, así como en las escenas de batallas, que estan construídas con verdadera frustración humana y suspenso. Shazam! también logra ser una película empática, haciéndonos sentir por estos niños huérfanos, pero también es un viaje de aceptación de nuestra situación, de aceptar que muchas veces no debemos estar solos, y de que siempre vale tener a un amigo de nuestro lado.