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A supermarket kept putting these expired pecan nuts (Aug 2018) back on the shelves. I informed them, they were removed. A week later here they are, back! Also some peanuts were off.

We've just completed our 3rd implementation for Alphamega, the largest group in , demonstrating Indigo’s track record of working globally with companies outside the UK

Grocery News: Giant/Martin’s, Stop & Shop begin robot rollout StopandShop GiantFood via SN_news

Find out how to get your shopping for free using coupons. The beginners guide to couponing will take you through the basics:

Healthy noodles anyone? 🎃🍝🍜 It’s common to find white noodles on shelves everywhere, but have you seen ? If you the , , of pumpkin, you’ll love our Mewah Pumpkin Ramen!

You’d think these were as advertised - part of the £3.50 Meal Deal. They’re not. Wasted time queuing.

こんにちは。 ミートモリタ屋鴻池店1/18(金)〜1/20(日)広告のお知らせです。 お肉お魚をメインに期間中毎日日替わりでお買得・お値打ち商品を多数取り揃えて、お客様のご来店お待ちしております!

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Urban exploration, Supermarket Portrait, Torino, Italy

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♡ Toblerone Ice Cream: Yay or Nay? ♡

16 December 2018 (late post) — Week 5: Post ¼

My parents and I went to a small grocery/convenience store after mass and I got curious when I saw this along with the other ice creams. I also saw an Oreo flavored ice cream but I decided to get this instead since I feel like Oreo would just taste like cookies & cream, but for a more expensive price. I may try that the next time I see it and tell you about it though.

Anyway, what do I think of this ice cream? (1) I think it’s fairly priced. I don’t remember the exact price but I remember feeling like the price wasn’t way too insane. (2) It’s delicious and actually tastes legit. (3) However, I prefer the outside/coating/crunchy part over the one inside. Maybe because I feel umay with the part inside which is the actual ice cream. With that being said, I enjoyed it that’s why I decided to post it up here. Definitely not sponsored, although I hope it were. 🤣

Verdict: Yay!

cold of the winter

I bought groceries at an online supermarket yesterday. I like online shopping in general, and grocery shopping above all. Here, you spend $40 more and the shipping is free. My policy is to get an item at its lowest price among both physical and virtual stores, and looking around them and accumulating to $40 is like playing a game. Also, they throw in a freebie occasionally such as a magnet, a notepad, or a can of cocktail which I got for free yesterday. Hurray for technology! My shopping is done online more and more and the necessity of going out has become less. Combined with the cold of the winter, I have stayed indoors for days now. And today, I gained one pound…
Hi friends! This week I got stung by a bee and my family dances in public places! PREVIOUS VIDEO:

Hey watch my video! I was in a lot of pain because of it!

Stories from behind the checkout #1

Me: “Hi! how are you today?”

Customer: “I’m good thanks how about yourself ? Had a busy day?”

M: “ yeah pretty busy my car broke down on my way to work so I was pretty late but that’s okay :)”

C: “oh no that’s no good, where abouts do you work?”

M: “…. Uh … ”

*Glances down at myself in full uniform standing behind the checkout*


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Nosotras somos de bajar al super hechas una piltrafa y rezar para no encontrarnos a nadie.

Somos de chandal y de anorak, de mallas y de deportivas. Así somos. Eso sí, a veces sin querer, las combinaciones más random se pueden convertir en muy cools con unas buenas gafas y pasar de piltrafilla a macarra, ¡haha!


We go down to the supermarket made looking like sh** and pray to not find anyone.

We are usually wear a tracksuit and an anorak, tights and sneakers. That’s how we are. Of course, sometimes unintentionally, more random combinations can become very cool looks with good glasses and go from a quick outfit to the coolest, haha!

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Never have seen a working robot in grocery…before this afternoon. Looks for messes to clean up— so it says!
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Aldi “Santa Crashes Christmas”

Agency: BMF Sydney

Production: Goodoil Films Sydney
Director: Hamish Rothwell
Cinematographer: Germain McMicking
Colourist: Trish Cahill

Year: 2018