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Our is: ✔️ Performance-Based ✔️ Reduces Provisioning Time ✔️ Leverages Infrastructure-As-Code ✔️ Delivers Continuously ✔️ Scales Delivery ✔️ and has Zero Downtime

Is it a cotton puff? Is it a melting marshmallow? No! It’s a cumulus cloud (11/27).

Bait-Tech's Ian Hirst, has been targeting carp in a remote moorland reservoir. The Super Cloud Zig Mix drew in this chunky dark character which fell to a Zig hookbait fished in the upper layers.

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CEO of , giving an update on some of the great work that have been doing to improve for schools in London & around the UK with

Staff training on our new MIS provided by . Waving goodbye to and moving our MIS in to the cloud, improving productivity, scalability and saving our trust huge amounts of money in the process!

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BYOldDevices! Coming to ? Got some old, slow devices gathering dust? Bring them along and take them home as speedy CloudReady devices! Find out more here:

Drat, always disappointing when a is trumped by Here's some moon pics from earlier times; oh & the sun as Venus was departing at the 1 o'clock position!

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Ok, I’ve only told Mama and Mari about this, but every day, I look out my window and I see this massive fucking cloud behind the building. I call it the SuperCloud. Tonight, it made an appearance and with the sun setting, it was a glorious atomic orange/pink. I have never been so amazed with a cloud before. It’s still there, but the sun is gone and it’s just this sad looking white cloud. It’s ok cloud, I’m here for you.