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The Twilight Zone at our university

Mother nature sure looked good this evening with its over the village of Shorewood IL

O Fish Oil Odorless da Vitaminas Sundown Naturals é rico em ômega 3, não tem sabor de peixe e pode contribuir para a boa saúde do seu coração. Studio Center, o mundo inteiro em um só lugar!!!!

Autumnal colours bloom as the sun started to go down along the Wicklow Way earlier this week. .

Before the ☀️ goes down...

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Days end 🌅

Ever think about how most sunrises aren’t as pretty as sunsets? It’s like the beginning of a story, the chapter starts dull, like a sunrise! And then ends beautiful and vibrant, like a sunset!

Girl, I’ve seen your dreams and they were filled with darkness

Your eyes turn white in the bright lights

I know there’s torment in your heart

Oh, and it’s swimming around your body like a shark

Can you not see me anymore?

Or are you just hiding beneath the floor?

‘Cause I can’t feel empty anymore

Charlie Simpson - Sundown