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🧡 Un’alba come questa, tutti i giorni

17/10/2019,07:00,Dry,temperature5.9oC,average wind speed0.0mph,wind directionWSW,rain inthe last hour0.0mm,

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What you need to summon each sign:

Aries: lighter fluid, some jagged fucking rocks, torn up checkered vans, Fireball, Spiderman bandaids

Taurus: satin pillowcase, edibles, a space heater, juicy couture tracksuit, a CD with ambient rain sounds

Gemini: a windchime made from bits of broken glass, Japanese cherry blossom body spray, a glob of yellow paint, a pink donut with sprinkles, mint juul pods

Cancer: a hitachi wand, NyQuil, herbal tea, antique photos, a prayer candle

Leo: chapstick, 24k gold face mask, a hairbrush that hasn’t been cleaned out in years, 5.8k Instagram followers

Virgo: a bible (but, like, ironically), shot records showing you’re up to date on your vaccinations, a candle that smells like fresh linen, signs of a repressed daddy kink, shower eucalyptus

Libra: floral tea, a sugar daddy/mommy, rosé, crystals, prints from a local artist

Scorpio: a ribbed condom, so much vodka, obsidian, a vial of your blood (so they know you’re commited), a copy of Addam’s Family Values on blu-ray dvd

Sagittarius: a lock of hair from an old golden retriever, rose-tinted sunglasses, a macrame wall hanging, a single Birkenstock , a souvenir shot glass

Capricorn: One Black Coffee™️, a book of random trivia, clean and fresh sheets, unpopular (but valid) opinions, swear words

Aquarius: absinthe, your 8th grade world history textbook, houseplants, proof of alien technology, a shitty stick and poke tattoo

Pisces: bong water, melatonin, tears of a small child, a neck pillow, hand-me-down sweaters