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NASA Surprise Solar Forecast, Weather Disaster | S0 News Jun.17.2019 -- Suspicious0bservers

I am A , , , , , ... Still trying to enjoy d life not only fully but am part of the good change happening for the 🙏 I am the of that 😍

It's important to wear an SPF every day of the year, we love our SPF15 and SPF20 as they are the perfect size to carry with you everyday throughout the year!

Warring Mercury in Cancer: 20 June to 26 August 2019 transit is long and fraught with many challenges. It will have two with and , be by the , cross . Watch

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The largest sunspot in 24 years occurred in late October 2014. I managed to photograph it on October 27, 2014, using a Canon T3i DSLR camera and TMB92L refractor telescope.

«You're my river running high, Run deep, run wild.... I, I follow, I follow you. Deep sea baby, I follow you....» ☀️

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güzel miyim gerçekten (yaz edition)


Sunrise by David Ashford
Via Flickr:
Sunrise on Fraser Island