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Healthy eating: Step 2, Cheating never pays off, your better off knowing your stuff!

Diets and “cheating”. It has never made any sense to me why people say to “cheat” a little on your diets. In my experience cheating is wrong and you never do get away with it. I mean think about, your body doesn't just look the other way or not catch you cheating like a teacher would on a test. You definitely will pay the price once those love handles start to resurface after all your hard work. We are so concerned with our get rich quick antics we forget life just doesn't come that easy and simple. Just as there is no easy way to make a million dollars, there is also no technical sense of cheating on a diet. Its all about portion control, do not deprive yourself of the sweets you hold so dearly to your heart. Instead eat them as one should, in small amounts! Example, after making a cake, first I substitute out my oil, and sugars to make it a little more healthy, then I proceed to make a cake, freeze half and eat the other half in pre-planned portions. That way I am “having my cake and eating it too" per-say.  I am able to have my cake without trying to uselessly trick my body into something that doesn't even make sense, and I am portioning myself so that those love handles stay away for good! It is important for mothers out there with children to teach them now how to portion control and fill there bodies with healthy foods before even going for dessert, this will make it easier for them later in life!

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