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"In summer, the song sings itself" William Carlos Williams. Summer Activities Bundle:

My sexy bff Jules and I hanging out at her farm in the nice weather last fall...I miss this light hair!

7th graders getting ready for summer! Learning a new game today: kubb! Perfect lawn game to enjoy with family or friends!

Try out these fresh, fruity, and delicious mixed drinks at your next social gathering to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! We just can't get enough. These are the styles we are currently wearing on repeat, and will be pairing with all of our summer ensembles.

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One week until Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. Time to bring out the white.

Summer in Liberty County is fun but also hot. Follow our to see how to stay cool this summer .

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Last week on a walk during lunch…can’t wait to cross this bridge and take a swim!

you can’t remember, but

last night,

when you heard the rain pouring

outside of our window,

you sat up in bed and I could see

the freckles on your skin glowing.

when you pulled the sheets off of yourself,

and clambered onto the cool tile floor

the walls creaked in awe and

the lights followed you, flicking on

as you passed by.

when I got outside you were already

lying in the middle of the park,

soaking up the rain like a sponge.

and I, like some mad fool, dropped my umbrella

on the dry concrete stairs.

I dove into the rain and swam your way.

your eyes were closed and the rain

had filled the cracks between them

and your nose,

it filled the crevice between your lips,

and pooled around your waist like a belt.

I stood, for a moment, over you,

listening to the gods screaming and grumbling

up above.

a smile dawned on your lips and you motioned

for me to lie down.

In the moments we layed there

my skin grew slick and I felt

the water seeping into it

and into my bones

and organs.

you stood up so suddenly that I felt my heart

jump out of my chest, trying

to follow you.

you threw your hands up to the sky and

hollered back into the void.

I was an empty glass, and as you

whooped and danced under the coffee stained sky,

I felt myself fill up.

soon I was spilling over,

waterfalls rolling off my tongue.

I had never seen anything so beautiful.

you were a flame in the middle of it all,

steam rising around you as you made contact

with the sky.

now it’s morning and I can still see the image

of your rain soaked silhouette

in my mind.

you don’t remember.

and you wonder why your clothes are damp

or why there’s mud between your toes,

underneath your fingernails.

but I will never forget, how could I?

my mind ponders as I watch you

and I think a part of me will always be

a little bit rain soaked.


Easy 155’s. Beat the rain #crossfit #powerlifting #itscoldoutside #summerplease #powerclean #motivation

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