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Our next appointment 🇺🇸🗽 -> Ground Floor – Stand 68 <- "The era of simplifying"

The sign says it all! We are beyond grateful to all of you for enjoying with us our 21st Dublin Summer! May the amazing memories this summer keep you warm all winter! And look for us opening May 2020 for year #22! ⠀🌴🌴🌴

“The faster your top-end speed, the faster your sub-max speed.” - Latif Thomas.

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Sábado 25 a partir de las 12:30m en Sebastián Barranca 1587 Gamarra inauguración de la tienda by

Big Up to One of the top producers n the game Nard&B For the Love🙏🔑🔑 💰

Needs to get my ass the gym to get back on track % with 14 in queue

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I just finished reading the FIRST chapter of summer 21 and 

I was rolling on the floor, laughing and smiling like a fool 

and loving author-nim


I really don’t want to continue…I’m scared….super scared…

because I know how it ends, even when I haven’t read it, but it says angst…

and people tend to post their feelings just like AT…..

I want to read it…but I don’t want to cry again!!!!