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A slice of heaven on earth! 😌 Visit: 📷rhxbitch


"Summer haze + a little slice of heaven from my rooftop pool #420 #2019" @ Rooftop Pool at the Newport East

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バージョンアップ情報👍 ついに本日より【オンゲキ SUMMER】が稼働となりました! 新要素追加・バージョンアップした【オンゲキ】を お楽しみください😁

Mahatma Gandhi says "As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it." Teachers, enjoy the rest of summer to get some rest for your tired souls.

Showcase 💡🚀🙌🏽 are sharing their learning from this with parents, peers, and program partners!

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Cordoba, Argentina 2019