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Dactylifera’s filled dates, for your happiness during weddings! جودة تمور دكتليفيرا، لسعادتكم في الأفراح. للتوصيل اطلب الآن على ٩٢٠٠٠٨١٨٢

Louise Weir, one of the Artworks on display at the Stow Brothers office, work still up until the end of June - thanks guys!

Otra temporada más en la que vuelven los de . A nosotros nos encantan y por eso hemos querido volver a tenerlos en la . 👉

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Talk with friends outside. This is especially fun during the time from dusk to nightfall in the summer, or nearly anytime in the spring and fall.

12:11 am My sister: OH MY GOD we are not gonna go on a run tomorrow. Me: that's it. That's the caption for our summer of 2019.

Oooh....dare I say it? Is it here finally? Will it last? I'd so love to swap S.A.D for Happy...

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Come see us @jonahmelvon and #adesha #live this #Summer in #thebay #bayarea @brickmortarsf @oaklandmuseumca #offthegrid and @artandsouloakland #festival

A #summerofsoul #soul #hiphop #neosoul #rnb #good #music

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Endless thunders tonight in Philadelphia
#philadelphia #philly #now #moment #night #tonight #happening #thunder #lightning ing #heavyrain #summer #night #climate #synwon (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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St. John’s Wort - Simple Magic

  • Hang a bundle of dried St. John’s Wort on your door to protect you from ill wishes and malevolent spirits
  • Bring in positive energy with a bouquet of St. John’s Wort gathered on Midsummer Day
  • Carry a sachet of St. John’s Wort or a bottle of Sang du Christ oil for protection and courage
  • Burn St. John’s Wort in the home to purge malicious spirits
  • Place stems of St. John’s Wort under your pillow for dreams of your future spouse
  • Wearing St. John’s Wort leaves about your neck will ward off sickness and tension
  • Applied topically, oil infused with hypericin from St. John’s Wort can help ease depression. However, it can also cause photosensitivity and react with many different medications.

Old Scottish proverb: St. John’s Wort in the hoose and ye’ll ne’er see a moose