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Black Cat suit. Going to try and mark out where my fur will be tomorrow.

We recently completed this black casual bespoke suit in our workroom in O'Connell Street.The 320g cashmere and cotton corduroy fabric is from Scabal.

Magnificent SKU - SA83608 Price - $66.39 USD / 4672 INR For inquiries worldwide (WhatsApp / Viber) +91-9601258099 Buy Online @

Gemini isn't happy about your slipping grades anon! Looks like she wants to have a "chat" to see how this can be fixed! hurrhurr

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“WANDS | FIRE: [the sexual center]—making or doing; sexual and creative energy; creative imagination; the reproductive instinct; fertility, desire; conscious and unconscious production; the possibility of creating and inventing; vital enthusiasm, power, instinct; the vital force; the healing force; growth; the vocation of populating the planet and the universe; the overcoming of obstacles through creativity.—The Wand grows naturally; it is not manufactured. On the other hand, one can choose it, one can prune it. It represents the strength of growing nature, creative and sexual power. The attraction we feel toward another cannot be forged: desire is not a voluntary action – either we lust for someone or we don’t. Sexuality is not an energy we manufacture, but we can channel it, and sometimes, sublimate it. Similarly, the attraction of an artist for a form of expression, and the artist’s talent, are mysterious givens, but ones that are deployed through work. Inspiration is received before it is implemented. We have seen already that the Wand corresponds with the lion of the card of The World. Naturally combustible.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky, Marianne Costa, The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards

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A dress woven from mist and embroidered with tiny, glittering stars. A suit in a shade of black so deep, it merges with the shadows. Armor, thin as a rose petal and tough as dragonhide. A cloak warm as a dance with a first love. Wings resplendent with color, gloves as sheer as moonlight, boots durable enough to walk to the Lockmaw Mountains and back.