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Let Zidler keep his fairy tale ending


When game designer goes though the trouble into thinking how clothes and armors come together.

We got around in putting the ‘skirt’ on. Yanapi is convinced that Kingulus is wearing a miniskirt…


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Going with the Spy Au versions of Trenelia for this Trenelia Sunday!  Trent started out as a high end art thief before the whole indigent with super humans suddenly popping up everywhere (blame the villains for that happening) shook up his life and forced him to take his daughter on the run. 

Coreen is a government agent sent to infiltrate his crime ring, but she didn’t realize that Trent caught on pretty early into the heist she was hired to join in.  The two get along swimmingly before Trent made off with the loot and left Coreen without the guy she was supposed to arrest 🙃