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سوڈان میں اسٹیٹ سیکیورٹی پراسیکیوشن ختم، انسداد کرپشن کا ادارہ قائم مزید پڑھیں: اے آروائی نیوز کی ایپ ڈاؤن لوڈ کرنے کے لیے لنک پر کلک کریں :

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Miles de manifestantes en volvieron a protestar para dejar claro que tiene que haber una transición a un “gobierno civil”. Ver Reportaje:

Photo of the day from Khartoum, on 's Peacful ! A Peace dove is standing on a goryunov machine gun's barrel !

Synthèse d’actualité (4/8) De nouvelles discussions sont prévues entre les dirigeants militaires et les leaders de la contestation au Soudan sur le transfert du pouvoir à une autorité civile. C'est ce qu'a annoncé samedi un chef de la contestation à la télévision publique.

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Fedha zaidi ya TZS bilioni 300 ($130m) zimekutwa kwenye makazi ya aliyekuwa Rais wa , Omar al-Bashir, na sasa anachunguzwa dhidi ya tuhuma za utakatishaji fedha. Aidha, Bashir anayeshikiliwa katika Gereza la Kobar, pia atachunguzwa kwa tuhuma za ru…

Amazing to see the humanitarian performing tricks for 'ese and in . The kids were awestruck and it brought them so much joy! 💫⚡️✨

Ambiguity has shrouded the fate of deposed Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir amid conflicting reports about his whereabouts.

Praying that the people and military can work together to build a better after the bravery, vision & sacrifices we have seen so far.

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Guys, see the hidden stash of money found at the residence of deposed President of #Sudan - Omar Al Bashir: - $351,000
- 6 million euros ($6.75m)
- 5 million Sudanese pounds ($104,837)
African leaders never disappoint😩.

Dm for paid advert #pcafricablog 🗣📣 (at Lagos State)

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May Allaah have mercy on Abdalrahman Siwar al Dahab for we will never find a man like him.

للأسف يا دوب اتعمق في تاريخ سياستنا و زعلانه إني يا دوب اتعرف على شخصيات زي دي، عليه رحمة الله. تاريخنا غني جدا و أرضنا خصبة للغاية و بإذن الله نرجع أحسن مما عهدنا.


Being Muslim but not Arab, and having grown up around diverse Muslim communities in my city [many of them from all over the Arab world], I already knew about 80% of the information in this video about the differences between 22 Arab countries (members of the Arab League), but still, I learned some interesting information. 

The Arab League includes North Africa, the Mediterranean, and East Africa. I enjoyed how each Arab country was characterized. My favourite part was about Iraq being the “goth kid” of the Arab world lol.

Closed captioning is available in this video.

Iranian terror network exposed in Central Africa - 19 April 2019

Channel i24NEWS reported on Thursday that Chad and the Central African Republic have uncovered an Iranian terror network operating in their territories as well as in other countries.
The members of the network have been arrested.
According to the report, the unit called “Saraya Zahara” established an infrastructure of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force in Central Africa, with the aim of attacking Western targets in these countries.
In addition, the unit has worked in various African countries, including Chad, Sudan and Eritrea, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been working to strengthen ties with Israel.
The Iranian network has also tried to establish additional terror cells in African countries and help pro-Iranian elements take control of various countries on the continent.
According to the details revealed on Thursday, the squad’s budget was hundreds of thousands of dollars and it also possessed various types of weapons.


‪Prophecy Alert: “Red Heifer Is Ready” Peace Deal To Be Released / New Border Map ‬

Advocate Says There Is ‘Hope’ for Sudan’s Christians After President al-Bashir’s Ouster

Advocate Says There Is ‘Hope’ for Sudan’s Christians After President al-Bashir’s Ouster

External image

External image

Demonstrators rally near the military headquarters in Khartoum, Sudan, Monday, April 15, 2019. The military ousted long-time dictator Omar al-Bashir last week after months of protests against his regime. (Credit: Salih Basheer/AP.)

After 30 years of facing discrimination and persecution, most Catholics in Sudan are glad to see the back of President Omar al-Bashir.

Last week, Sudan’s military…

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