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霜の朝 10月(1枚目) 9月(2枚目) 粉が増して良い感じ(*ˊᵕ`*)

ハムシー 10月(1枚目) 9月(2枚目) 今は縁が赤くなってもっと素敵になってるよ( ˙꒳​˙ )ウフフ (´Д` ).。oO(まだ撮影日ではないので撮ってない)

こんにちは☺︎︎ お昼ご飯にスープDELI食べたら お腹いっぱい😋 寒いと暖か~ぃスープが 美味しぃ❤ アタシの大好きなお友達 (作家サン)のリメ鉢に 寄せました~🙋

I should be watching @theprodigyofficial right now but am at home feeling sorry for myself in low spirits. So here’s a picture of me in Barcelona because why not 🤷🏼‍♀️ - - -

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Looking for a unique project for your apartment? Here is how you can make a wreath with real, living plants 🍂  

A rather nice Agave potatorum in The World Garden at Lullingstone Castle. A collection worthy of a visit.

Ceropegia woodii, what's not to lover about Ceropegia flowers? Exquisite things but the genus is not easy, although this species is.

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I have some succulent leaves, how should I go about propagating them? I can never seem to do it right

An exterior view of a neighborhood home. Landscape Design by Paul Hendershot Design, Inc.


Feeling Crafty, Feeling Merry?? We have a few #holiday #diy #workshops for you @kingrichardsantiques #whittier

You don’t have to be a professional ….you just need to sign up on our website and plan to have #fun !!! #bringafriend

1) Saturday: stained-glass class

2) Sunday: holiday terrarium globe workshop

3) Nov 24: #jewelrytrunkshow & #smallbusinesssaturday

4) Dec 1: holiday #folkart #sign design

5) Dec 8: Open House #Flea #Market

6) Dec 15: #succulent #wreath class

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I love propagating succulents they are extremely easy to propagate! No need to buy to have more plants, just pluck some leaves from the parent plant as they propagate easily from individual leaves. But the biggest bonus is that the succulent leaves that fall from the plant will just root and you can simply transplant them.
So save your money by growing new succulents from an existing plant with easy steps!

— 11/3/2018 —

• today I went to @barnesandnoble And @target that are down the street from me to do some quick shopping after studying today. I also last minute decided to invest in a @moleskine planner, along with one of their handy-dandy clip on pens. I’ve been annoyed recently when I’m not @ home or school/don’t have my iPad on me, and needing to check my GoodNotes planner. Looking @ it on a small phone screen is definitely not the easiest. So, I’ve decided to change up my planning routine:

• @moleskine = normal monthly/weekly planning (deadlines, meetings, to-do lists.)

• @thepinkink_ for daily planning.

• & of course @emmastudiess for any time or habit tracking, heavy project planning, etc.!





Also today I got a jumpstart on a project for my marine biology class final that is coming up soon!!