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春の地植えコーナー 2 これからどんどん増えそうです。🤗 Spring planting corner No.2. From now on, the number of succulent plants is likely to increase.

Copiapoa cinerea コピアポア シネレア 黒王丸 チリ🇨🇱出身 この黒王丸も夏の蒸れに注意だ。 エアコンの効いた部屋に置くしかないかな。😅

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Emerald Succulent Earrings 💚 Faceted emerald drops paired with real succulents cast in silver. The casting process preserves the natural textures & form of the plants. All metal is sterling silver.

Come enjoy a wonderful night out in downtown Brea to celebrate Earth Day. Grab a bite to eat and then come and create a beautiful succulent arrangement.

Come welcome spring with us on Earth Day (4/22/19) from noon - 3pm, or until supplise last! We will have pots to paint on the office's patio, and you can choose a succulent to plant in it too! Bring friends! : )

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Euphorbia symmetrica, a flattened form of E. obesa but perhaps they are the same species really as they look too similar to me. s

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Stress Colors

Watercolor on Black Bristol Board

2019, 6"x 8"


miashideaway  asked:

hello! i hope it’s okay for me to ask you but how do you maintain your plants in pots without holes at the bottom? i have a couple of new plants in mugs that don’t have holes at the bottom and i don’t want them to die, thanks!❤️

Some plants just won’t go for it, but honestly it hasn’t been a huge problem for me. If you’re worried about drainage you can put a layer of large rocks or sea shells at the bottom to create a little bit more room for drainage, and water less!! Also you can drill holes but I have never done that.

Succulent Succulent (food idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want a good desert food items.

Appearance: It looks like a Large prickly pear that is on some form of Aloe polyphylla plant.

Description: This Succulent Succulent, made though evolution of the Polyphylla plant, allows for the eater to regain exhaustion levels. Described as being tender, juicy, & all around tasty, people have been known to wander into the desert to find some of these to sell (Due to their rarity & tasty nature). Please note that some of these Succulents have thorny outsides, so do take care not to touch them without a gloved hand.


-The eater regains a level of exhaustion. (If exhaustion level already at the lowest possible number, then just add 2d4+con to their health)

-Long Lasting: Due to it being able to survive desert environments, this succulent can go longer without decaying into an uneatable state.

-Prickles: If handled without gloves, has a chance to stab the holders hand. (Deals 1d4 damage)

daisiesanddreamboats  asked:

Hi! Hope you don't mind me asking, how long does it usually take to see results from water therapy? Love your blog!

Okay it used to take me forever because I was afraid of putting the stem of the plant into the water BUT now I have seen the light and if you put the stem (fully calloused) directly into the water the roots grow SO FAST. I saw results in less than 48 hours. Good luck!!