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みいさbot Pelargonium incrassatum

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Sedum crabatum セダム クラバツム 冬の姿はとても綺麗。 オールシーズンこの姿をキープしてほしい。😑 The appearance of winter is very beautiful. I want all seasons to keep this figure.😑

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I am not a huge fan but I love the patterns on these leaves! And she has a little flower spike too! Not but still cool!

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I established and persist in my original gardening principle Comprehensive Combined Complex. The 3C gardening To join different plants growing together Make the harmonic macro scenery in house rather than stare the pot one by one.

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so a couple of days ago I bought four of these candle holders from Flying Tiger (if you haven’t heard of it, in essence it’s kinda like Ikea, except it doesn’t have furniture and home appliances, just gadgets and cute shit to decorate your home; but the basic idea is the same, you go in either “just to take a look” or “buy just one thing”, and you leave with lots of unneccessary stuff and a $200 bill) with an intention to also get some hanger and light me some candles in the evenings

then on the other day I noticed a pack of decorative stones in a different shop, and a $1 miniature cacti in yet another

and this idea was born.

Right now I only have one because it’s actually takes some effort to put those rocks in, because the cactus’ pot is minimally narrower than the candle holder’s neck, but once I finish cleaning the house I’m gonna make the rest.

aegosexual and aegoromantic + plants

aegosexual: experiences sexual attraction that is disconnected from oneself; gets aroused from watching, but never wants to participate

aegoromantic: experiences romantic attraction that is disconnected from oneself; likes watching romance, but never wants to participate

happy 20noneteen!