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Ever notice how being turned down stops some people from trying again, while others bounce back from rejection stronger than before? Everyone experiences the sting of rejection, but mentally strong people use that pain to grow stronger and become better.

Weekly Spotlight: The fears and myths around workplace change and how we can “outsmart change” by upgrading our change mindset, change practices and change outcomes. Join Dr. Baro and Kevin, comment and share! Thanks.

I can normally tell how intelligent a man is by how stupid he thinks I am. - Cormac McCarthy

In the case you were wondering, you’re on the right path to . yourself to make good . Your will soon pay off and you’ll see everything fall into place.

How do you know the answer comes from your intuition and it's not just part of your ego telling you? How do you tell the difference?

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I was lucky enough to see this lovely year 4 child’s book today. She wrote a wonderful blurb which really made me desperate to pick up the book to find out what would happen! It was full of suspense! 🙌💫 She even spoke about effective techniques in her writing! 🌟💫

Do it right now. Never put off what you can do right now biztips

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The Big Bang Wasn't The Beginning, After All

Video sucks but this was on my heart. And I did the math (used a calculator). 2.5 hours a day is 17.5 hours a week!!! Do you know how much we could be doing with 17 more hours a WEEK? So… THERE IS TIME. We just squander it. Let’s do better.
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In this video The Brothers debate weather or not #JuelzSantana is living happily ever after #IGTV
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As much as we rise to the occasion for ALL women to see justice, fairness, progression, and equality, there STILL should be an understanding for men trying to be BETTER men.

The beauty, greatness and boldness of being any individual of ethnicity and color are key and priority to our identities today. There is a necessary revolution that must be for our collective revolution yet there are lives that we all must respect as well. As a African American Man, I’m proud of who I am because it took me so much to get here.

I’m a Son, a Brother, a Friend, a Husband, a Father, an Employee, an Artist, a Photographer, and Entrepreneur. I’ve never been a cheat and I’ve never been a beater. I make time to listen to my love(s) as to be supportive in that capacity until asked to be or go further. I’m moderately handsome and give a good workout (so I’ve heard). I cook when I can. I massage her when I can. I try to be a good man…though my manhood is still enveloped in loving and lusting for my sisters.

Forgive me for my failings for thru my failings have I grown to be a good man…for my time.

I still get caught up in eyes and thighs. I still get caught up hips and lips. I still get caught up in the hair up there and down there. The voice and convo. Listening to music and/or laughing about life. I love my sisters which often leads me to wanting a sexual exploration with certain ones though I never let it show or act on it which often costs me those (potential) friendships.

Being a man today, I’ve become proud of all I’ve endured. I’m appreciative of those fucked up situations that would change and affect me. I love me and my nature. The father of a BEAUTIFUL LIL’ LADY, I know I’ll have to one day confess my manhood (and those of so many others) where I will.

All women are not the same and are uniquely beautiful in their own ways and—though I’m married—will forever be my preference but not in any disrespectful way. I just hope some will know, appreciate and understand the place of some men comfortable and confident within their manhood as long as it does not subject womanhood to being negated, depressed or suppressed.


Forgive me for my manhood as I strive to be better for you, but I love you and may still lust for you…in ALL your wonder, splendor and glory.

Zip It

You don’t need a new year to succeed, every second is new. Make it count.

I have been hearing the phrase “new year, new you” for the past month or so in prep for 2019. People have been sharing their goals in a half hearted way as they know their goals where often left untouched in years before.

It’s a nice thing to think about, a new year is a fresh start, but what if it wasn’t. A lot of the time when we breath a habit or goal marker we feel discouraged and say, “I will start again next week.”

Don’t start again next week. Start again today, in that every minute. Set it in your mind and don’t tell anyone. That way, when you do finally make it, you have all the evidence and pride in yourself.

You don’t need other people’s validation. You need your own.


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Snippet: Eyes Off You

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S5 Cabrio
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Audi Zentrum Wuppertal.
Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 8,5 / 100km; CO2-Emission kombiniert:194 g/km Effizienzklasse:D
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You might suspect that the odds against our survival were great. You would be right. The founding population of our direct ancestors is not thought to have been much larger than 2,000 individuals; some think the group was as small as a few hundred. How, then, did we go from such a wobbly, fragile minority population to a staggering tide of humanity 7 billion strong and growing? There is only one way, according to Richard Potts, director of the Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. You give up on stability. You don’t try to beat back the changes. You begin not to care about consistency within a given habitat, because such consistency isn’t an option. You adapt to variation itself.

It was a brilliant strategy. Instead of learning how to survive in just one or two ecological niches, we took on the entire globe. Those unable to rapidly solve new problems or learn from mistakes didn’t survive long enough to pass on their genes. The net effect of this evolution was that we didn’t become stronger; we became smarter. We learned to grow our fangs not in the mouth but in the head. This turned out to be a pretty savvy strategy. We went on to conquer the small rift valleys in Eastern Africa. Then we took over the world.

Get the whole book -> Brain Rules 

Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot…

…thinking that others know or can infer what we think or feel.

Self-confidence is…

…as much about being patient with others as we expect them to be with us.

What drives the more confident, mature or disciplined aspects of you in the equation is in the knowing that “they” are not and will not ever be you and YOU need to keep that in mind.