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इसी तरह बेहतरीन मोटिवेशनल और रोचक पोस्ट हर रोज़ पढ़ने के लिए हमारे पेज को अभी फ़ॉलो करें.

Human nature is to look at people and think they got lucky. They were enough to be born with the right , right , right . Hard fact to accept is you have to make your own luck. mlm

In this episode, Joe covers one of the top lessons that he learned from his interview, he talks about the 5-10-3 rule. Get your tickets to the upcoming Best Ever Conference:

It’s not rocket science; it's brand science! At Kennedy Consultants, our expertise are more effective, more memorable and more . These are just some reasons why our is unique.


One doesn't become great by ruling an empire, one becomes great by helping others.

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The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.
Tonality & Body Language | Jordan Belfort
Human communication is 45% body language, 45% tonality, and only 10% words. Words matter when you are speaking, but you need to understand that you're commun...

Tonality and body language.

Not just what you say, but how you say it.

Using your tonality and body language in the right way, you can make people listen to you, really listen to you.

To be an entrepreneur you’ll need to influence people. This will help you achieve that.

Build your dreams 


What do you need to achieve your #goals?
Sometimes we get stuck on plans and rules instead of what we need to support our change in behaviour.
One of the biggest indicators of #success I have seen in my work is understanding the interrelated aspects of each #change we make aka a holistic or birds eye view of the motivation, purpose, sustainability and support needs of our new change.
Think about the challenging moments that could sabotage your change and what needs might be under those, then consider what could support you in those moments.

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Sunday mornings, the natural world and why I love youtube.

Good morning Arc-ers, happy Sunday yo!

Sunday mornings, a time for coffee, a comfy seat, and looking at the sunlight cast on the trees in the garden. It’s a lovely day and it would be nice to get out with my camera for a bit to take some pictures. 

I’m lucky, not far from my place I’m into the countryside. The fields fall away, descending into the shallow valley, fog sitting low, the bright autumn sun. It’s very pretty. Even during the dawn drives to work through the week, the fog laying heavy on the fields as the moonlight and the first rays of the sun cross over… It’s genuinely magical. I’m blessed enough to be surprised at its beauty every single day. 

But alas!

As lovely as that would be, to get out into the fresh air, and grab some killer pictures, Sunday is one of my main writing days, and there’s work to be done!

I often find on a Sunday I get a few hours to really focus and get some stuff sorted. Through the week, 20 minutes here and there, maybe an hour at a time, it all adds up. But it’s good to really get stuck in sometimes, to power through the mountains of earth that is building the future I want.

Get. Shovelling. Sunshine.

So I still took the comfy seat and the coffee, of course! But I’ve been making a checklist of the things completed this week and organising the upcoming content.

I’m guilty of starting pieces and not finishing them. So that’s self-discipline item No.1 right there. Also, I have a bunch of pictures to go with the pieces (when explaining engineering, particularly some of the mechanisms used, it’s useful to have pictures as a reference), that needed transferring from phone to laptop. Just a little quick task but it needed doing.

It’s always the little things. “It only takes a minute”. “It’s a five-minute job at most!” Cool, that’s correct. However when there’s a thousand million billion jobs that “Just take a minute”, well, that time adds up y’know.

So, pictures sorted - Check

      Posts organised - Check

      Posts completed in a timely fashion - that’s the next step.

In amongst the content inspiration and creation, I’ve been keeping up with my copywriting studies. It really is proving to be a useful skill. I’ve been reading more of Way Of The Wolf (No, I didn’t finish it in my week off) and it’s covering peak state anchoring.

Peak state anchoring is where you program yourself to be able to be your best instantaneously, using a trigger. The trigger suggested is smell.

It’s a technique I’m going to look further into, and particularly, I want to master this one.

Just think about it. On those good days, where you hit your flow, everything’s going well, everyone’s clicking, it’s all just happening. Compare that to those days where you’re pissed off, nothing’s going right, and you’re battling the mistakes and fire-fighting all day.

Which one is peak state?

The good one! That’s peak state. It’s flow. It’s productive. It’s good for your wellbeing and your mind. 

To be able to control that at will, to access the power of that state every single time you need to. Imagine the possibilities.

Well JB did, and that’s quite possibly why he’s The Wolf.

I’ve been checking out more of JB’s youtube aswell, cos y’all know I luuurve the youtubes! it’s such a great way to learn. Headphones in, set the channel, drive to work. Making the most of otherwise dead travel time.


Anyways, this vid was about tonality, how you can literally control what a person thinks by using it. You can switch off their own internal monologue, and make them focus on what you’re saying. It leaves you in control of the encounter, so you can make your pitch logically and emotionally, moving your customer down the line to the close. 

Very powerful stuff.

Also on youtube, Sarah Turner - medical copywriter. A damn good channel. She’s alongside Alex Cattoni as my favourite copywriting mentor. 

I think that’s about it for the update folks. Although I have still been looking into websites and domains and stuff. I can’t decide which domain will give me the best umbrella for my work. Once I know, you’ll know.

I’ll drop the links shortly.

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Build your dreams.


MOTIVATION.. for #success 👑🎙️ when someone who’s already making strives comes back to share the knowledge & strategies. Change your MIND. Change life.
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