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Some of the hottest and dirtiest stories available to steam up your glasses. (73_7)

Is actually a gift? Listen to what I think and tell me your opinion!

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is this what they mean when they say she was a whole damn meal? (SERGEANT CLUFF STANDS FIRM, Gil North)

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The ball's in your court, my dear journal friends. I have hundreds of submissions out. Just waiting for a yes! πŸ’•πŸ’•

CALL ~eXtasy Books 2019 summer collection. Where your paranormal beings will be scorched to their core. Burned by love then reignited by passion. Send us your short stories (15,000 words +) HEA, Genre Open

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There was a bucket of them, but these were the worst.





somehow Y/N in Brooklyn’s Sweetheart gets a little bruised and battered and Stucky does not appreciate their girl getting hurt


I HEAR YOU!!!! I LIVE FOR THIS DYNAMIC!!!! And this TOTALLY doesn’t give me ANY ideas about what to do in the upcoming chapters NO WAY AT ALL