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I have one more spot for Stylized 3D Art Mentorship in January! I teach everything from fundamentals, to sculpting, to PBR texturing and more! Give me a shout if you're looking to and learn modern workflows!

Weekly Zoo Drawings, featuring Stylized Skulls. Pencil, fine liner and watercolour. Get early access to my art from $1 a month on Patreon!

Some traditional work (I was trying out my new markers and pencils, got them fairly cheap but they work rlly well) 2nd pic my sis did the sketching and i did the lineart+colors

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"Deadpool" Amazing Design by "Jeff Matsuda". This is my very second character modeling done under Art Guidance of " Anandha Sai". Challange was to solve design problems and getting the amazing stylised version of Deadpool in 3d. It was fun doing it.

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New Markers & Coloring Pencils Tryout (Traditional)

I got myself some new cheap markers and coloring pencils and wanted to try them out a bit.

The 2nd drawing was a collaboration between me and my sister @sabkebab , where she did the sketch and I did the coloring and lineart. It was a lot of fun to work together!

Self Portraits

I’m still trying to find a drawing style.  I like the eyes on the first one because I can make them more expressive, but the simple lines on the second one come more naturally to me as I draw and feel more like what my style should be.  I also like how stylized the first one is; more cartoony, simpler silhouette, though the head shape is a little too “Fairly Odd Parents” for my liking.

The first was drawn entirely on my laptop, the other was pen and paper and I just scanned it and made it black and white manually; I need to get a tablet.

Which one seems the most “Kermit” to you?  Which of these would look better as an avatar?  I’m leaning towards the first one, though the way I draw other people is closer to the second, as seen in my “Presidents” page

As always, critiques are welcome.  I’m not an illustrator, but I want to become one for the new year.  Any recommendations?

This piece was inspired by  a picture of a nebula I saw an photograph of.  I started digitally painting the nebula first, and as I got closer to finishing the piece, I began to see another shape in the nebula. The center of the Nebula seemed to be the outline of the woman’s hair and from there I began to paint her in her full glory. She actually started as a graphite drawing I did some time ago and  forgotten, before I saw the Nebula. It’s ironic to me she just fit into it. 

One thing to specify here, beauty is beauty. And it spans across all genders and races. Look at “Nebula II” as the art piece it is, this piece is not a political statement but a spiritual statement. The same force that operates the Universe is the same force that controls the breath of us all.

Thank You for your consideration,
Dezzyre Pratt