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Peony Painting Pink Lilac Flower Bud Original Large Acrylic flowers homedeco luxurylife

The Belvedere is a collection of luxury - beautifully designed with roll top arms and pocket sprung cushions. Can't you imagine yourself sinking into the Belvedere snuggle chair and relaxing in style and comfort? - -

M.A.I.A. Fotografia: Orlando Sender Peinado: Biaggio Dileo Modelo: Maiara Silva para Welovemodels Maquillaje: Fiorella Gomez Styling: Biaggio Dileo . . .

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I love when people style me.

  • Being fitted for clothes (like having the person wrap the tape measure around various parts of me), being helped into clothes, having jewelry put on me
  • Having my hair touched, washed, combed, cut, brushed, braided, pulled, styled in any way
  • Having my makeup done: having eyeshadow, mascara, blush applied
  • Having my nails painted (manicure/pedicure)
  • Being advised on styles/colors (not in a “you have to wear this”/“you can’t wear this” way, just like someone who has more experience/expertise than you and is giving an educated opinion to help you look your best)
  • Being posed, either being told to position myself in a certain way or having parts of my body physically moved

I don’t know why, I just love it. It’s just so pleasant and intimate and relaxing…there’s the physical component of a lot of nice casual touches, and then there’s kind of a social/emotional component of like trusting someone not to hurt you and to make you look good, and just being able to completely relax while an expert takes care of everything. It’s a feeling of being inspected, being paid very close attention, but in a very gentle, loving way. It’s especially nice when it’s a friend or loved one who’s just doing it out of the kindness of their heart; like, I’m not paying you, you’re doing this just because you love me, and that’s so nice and sweet and warm.

Looking pretty at the end is a nice benefit, but it’s almost kind of incidental…that is, it’s so overshadowed by the pleasure of the experience that it seems trivial. If I’m being honest, I get just as much pleasure from having my hair brushed and braided and taken apart and brushed again as I do from having it end up in a distinct style, if not more. I think people sometimes feel bad if they can’t get something right on the first try, but I’m always secretly glad when things take a little longer.

I don’t know if this is an ADHD thing or just a me thing or what, but I actually get kind of easily set off kilter by changes to my person…like even parting my hair on a different side makes me feel off. Whenever I get all dolled up, I always feel a bit stilted. Part of that is, of course, not wanting to accidentally ruin the style by getting shaken or smudged or spilled on or whatever, but there’s also definitely a component of just being hyper-aware of and distracted by an unfamiliar physical sensation. I think this sensitivity is probably what makes being styled so enjoyable for me in the first place, experiencing all those light brushes and tugs and presses on various parts of my body, such a variety of stimulation, but it can make maintaining the end result a bit of an arduous task. That’s not to say that I don’t still value it, but it’s always a relief when I can finally let my hair down, jump in the shower, and reset to factory settings.

I’ve been watching a lot of Bernadette Banner’s videos and fantasizing about what it would be like to be dressed by her…She’s so pretty and she has big Victorian seamstress energy and it just seems like it would be so nice. I hope that’s not weird…


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BALAYAGE 🥰 ✨Made by Laura J. 🙌✨

Hair Creativ Team ❤️
☎️ 06145 - 58 49 680
📬 Friseursalon Hair Creativ / Bahnhofstraße 32 / 65795 Hattersheim am Main 💻
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My story behind these dishes show my love and passion for my heritage, family and Italian culture.

I would like to represent three generations within this artwork. My desert (teramisu) will represent the children/younger generation in my family. My main dish (pasta) will represent the middle aged/adult generation and my wine (HPF) will represent the elders in my family.

Through this project I’ll learn new cooking skills and a new type of photography I’m not used to at all.

This will make me a creative hero for taking on a new task and learning so many new skills in one project.


IMAGES from my styling test shoot for IN THE STYLE. 🍂

Styling & Creative Direction - Myself (Hannah Parke)

Test Modelling & Image/Film Editing - Lily Rundle

- Knitted clothing is the style of clothing I aim to use within my Autumn Look Book Fashion Film for IN THE STYLE. I experimented with the colours that I wanted to feature within my Fashion Film, involving the typical autumn colours to set the theme.


The Gigi AW19 Lookbook

The Italian label founded by Pierluigi Boglioli keeps on redefining contemporary tailoring through its unique interpretation of time-tested staples. While the reinvention of classics may seem like a cliché at this stage, I can ensure you The Gigi is anything but. 

The extensive R&D of new fabric dyeing and construction techniques, allows them to portray an exclusive range of iconic garments which bear much than the naked eye can see. The detailed jacquards and woven tridimensional effects the label has grown famous for, keep on expressing a very personal view on what tailored garments, one that does not compromise coolness in favor of style. Special mention to the jumbo corduroy trousers and suits and the bouclé overcoats.

The collection is now available online and at select retailers

Ver vs Percibir

Una de las grandes cualidades del mundo es la diversidad, diversidad de género, sensaciones, perspectivas, ideas, placeres, gustos… ¡vaya! La palabra misma contribuye al fenómeno evolutivo. 

Lo relevante de las aportaciones que hacemos está (creo) en los beneficios que obtenemos al compartirlo con un FIN MAYOR. Es decir, qué tanto suman mis acciones para el desarrollo o crecimiento de un proyecto. Aquí cabría la idea de “cada ser humano es único”, sobre todo por el lugar donde le toque moverse. 


Enrique Rangel, bajista de Café Tacvba

Si nos comparamos, muy probablemente resultemos lastimados o heridos, insatisfechos, ya que desde esa perspectiva siempre existirá alguien mejor o con habilidades más desarrolladas.

Digo esto para justificar el siguiente punto (lo que verdaderamente quería decir). Me gusta descubrir lo que hay detrás del performance, pues el hecho de tomar varias fotos dentro del primer bloque de canciones en cualquier concierto, responde a un acto automático y superfluo. 


Andrea Echeverri, vocalista de Aterciopelados. 

Para mí, la fotografía sobre lo que pasa en un escenario, está marcada por esos breves destellos individuales, y que te invitan a echarte un clavado al universo que aún existe en el interior del sobre-explotado talento musical: el artista o músico. Qué gestos, qué suspiro, qué instante encendió la flama para decirle al público “aquí estoy, este soy Yo”


Adrián Dárgelos, vocalista de Babasónicos 


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These sketches from the Off-the-peg 2010 collection have inspired me too add two looks in my fashion film, one being Christophe Josse’s gorgeous traditional feminine couture dresses and the other being a modern way to portray feminine, still using the classical stain and lace materials however combining them on a suit with wide leg trousers and a jumpsuit. I believe these two outfits are sophisticated with a hint of sexy which in todays society is how a lot of women feel feminine and powerful. Using both traditional couture dresses (that are within budget) and a modern twist to couture will make this fashion film exciting as well as adding my own touch to the brand.