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Oka roopam rendugaa Migilindho prashnga Gamanisthu vinthaga Thanu nenayyanugaa. . 😘❤

Summery and effortless Skin Lit Top Lit Jeans & Shoes Heading out for a social gathering, this look is a winner! killed the look. Best muse ever!! made it worth it.

Styling更新。 HEADGOONIEの展示会にて展示された刺し子JACKET、PANTSのご紹介です。

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「FACTOTUM ONLINE STORE」 オリジナルのオンブレチェックを使用したパンツ ストンと落ちたワイドのシルエット 薄手の軽い素材感が涼しげなアイテム

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Belle Poque cherry cardigan review

I posted an outfit photo earlier this week wearing the blue version of Belle Poque’s cherry cardigan and received a couple of lovely comments about it. It’s such a great find and because of the quality and price of the item I bought it in both blue and yellow. Each cardigan cost £12.69 on Amazon Prime. However the black and white version of the cardigan cost £20.29, so because of this I ordered the cheaper colours as I hadn’t bought from this company before and didn’t know if the quality would be up to my standard. 

I had seen the cherry cardigan from Banned (see above) on eBay a few weeks before but couldn’t justify spending £25 on one cardigan as I’ve been shopping quite a bit lately! Don’t get me wrong, the cardigan from Banned is definitely worth the price as I know their quality is outstanding but Belle Poque have created a much cheaper substitute if you are looking for something a bit more affordable. However, there are several differences between the two cardigans. The Banned cardigan has cherries on both the front and back but doesn’t have cherries on either of the sleeves. Where as the Belle Poque cardigan has cherries all over the front but none on the back portion and has eight lots of cherries on the front and back of the sleeves. Also the Banned cardigan is full sleeved and the Belle Poque has ¾ sleeves. Without physically touching the Banned version I’m unable to compare the quality of the items but I was shocked at how soft the Belle Poque cardigan was. It’s incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch. 

My only complaints are that the buttons don’t appear to be sown on as tightly as I would have liked them to be but they do provide a spare button with each cardigan and it would be easy enough to tighten the buttons yourself if you wanted to. My other problem with the cardigan is sizing. I originally ordered an XL after reading through the size guide but when it arrived it was way too big! I sent the first cardigan back and re-ordered the size L. This size fits perfectly but there is too much strain on the buttons when I attempt to wear it closed. I usually button the first button on my cardigans but with this one I have to wear it completely open, which I don’t mind but it is a shame. I might be the exception but you may also have some troubles with the sizing. If you have Amazon Prime this won’t be too much of a problem for you as you’ll be able to return the item free of charge. They also sent out the new item very quickly, so I didn’t have to wait more than a day before it arrived. 

I would definitely buy from Belle Poque again and I highly recommend buying one of their cherry cardigans. You just can’t go wrong for the price but make sure to check out their size guide above before purchasing!

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