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イベント期間内にワークショップを開催いただくAtelier le coeur (アトリエ ル・クール)さんの 髪飾りも販売いたします!  華やかながら、落ち着いた花々を 是非、ご覧くださいませ!🌸

1+1 - Campanha inverno 2019, com de Leticia de Carvalho✨ Foto de Nicole Fialdini, Kika Pagnot, direção de arte Ally Fukumoto e produção de moda Bi Lessa!🖤

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2019-20 A/W season theme 『daydream trip』 LOOK③ 『植物園-botanical garden-』 . MODEL 西みさほ (REE'S office) . PHOTO . POPUP SHOP 3/16~START❗ – at 福岡ファッションビルFFBホール

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Ordenando encuentras tesoros Catálogo Massimo Dutti en Cartagena de Indias
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My past job honestly and truly burned me out mentally. I spent my time there learning everything I could no longer put up with in a job setting due to coworkers and events. I dealt with and experienced co-workers and managers who were extremely unethical in every which way. I dealt with events that were uncomfortable and not properly addressed. You could say without going into details that this was honestly the horror story of a job that you only hear about, but never actually experience. Well…..due to my experiences it had driven me to a point where I dealt with PTSD in a sense for a short period of time and came to the conclusion that I as a person just don’t want to put up with that neglect in a work setting any longer nor see others being treated in such a poor manner.

Having panic attacks about being harassed and violated, worrying my boss was going to continue texting me late at night, and just worrying I would be put in more compromising situations in my place of work really signified to me that I just needed to get out. I dealt with it for a little over a year before I had finally quit though. I put up with the chaos, because I needed the money as a part-time worker who was a full-time student. 

Despite the honest horror that I previously dealt with, it really helped me grow as an individual. I have become much stronger mentally and learned how to advocate for myself in a more professional manner. I have also grown to know what I would really hope to do as a next job. I already am very lucky to assist and help style shoots with Brockit Photography, but I would like to find a secondary job along the lines of styling and planning.

I absolutely love planning and organizing events, I love styling photo shoots for people with my own items mixed with theirs, I love being behind the scenes of photo shoots, but I also love being in front of the camera as well. I don’t have a true degree or enough experience though to go off on my own; I still need that guiding hand. That being said, it makes it difficult for me to apply for jobs not in these fields, because I am ready to finally start working somewhere that I really love and connect with.

I’m sure I will find something soon that fits my interests, but I worry that I am too picky sometimes.