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Fun with Feats 7: Overwatch Style

Not to be confused with a certain game made by a popular game company that makes poor socio-ethical decisions, today we’re focused on a ranged style of combat based on the real-world military tactic!

The term overwatch refers to two units acting in tandem, one moving forward, while the other hangs back in a strategic position that allows them to view the first group’s path as well as likely ambush points and entry paths of the enemy, taking them out as they appear to protect the advancing unit.

Certain turn-based strategy games in the modern era have taken to having reaction-based abilities based on this tactic in them as well, including the recent X-Com games.

The overwatch style feat line does not necessarily require a forward-moving ally, but it does allow the user to set up to punish foes as they move out much more readily than one could with normal readied actions.

At its most basic level, this style teaches the combatant how to set up to strike repeatedly at range in reaction to foes, letting the user ready an action to strike twice at two different targets and triggering actions with a single act of preparation. However, these attacks are slightly less accurate due to having to quickly aim first and fire on account of having to keep their weapon in a neutral position to be able to commit to any changes in the battlefield.

Those that graduate to Tactician level have learned to set up much faster, letting them move and set up in the same turn.

True masters can unleash a true Vortex of projectiles, able to set up to fire four such shots with their readied actions!

This feat chain is meant to be used with ranged characters acting in cover-heavy environments where line of sight is hard to attain, letting them move to the best positions and waiting for foes to appear, rather than trying to move up to get the best shot, potentially overextending themselves. While not absolutely necessary for a ranged build, this chain does a lot for an archer looking to support their allies and work tactically to draw foes out into their field of fire. Just remember that you don’t have to use the feats every turn, just spend the action to start the style stance and use turns when you don’t have a clear shot to set up on foes.

That does it for today, but tune in for more thematic feat chains and groups throughout the week!

Y/N Worries about a test and Harry Comforts Her.

A/n: Oh my gosh! I did not realize how many people would actually read these and like them! Thank you very much! Here’s another short one about Harry helping the reader study for her test.

Warnings: None?

This is so confusing!” y/n exclaims as she pushes her textbook across the desk. “I’ve been studying for this test for a week and I still don’t understand!” She puts her head in her hands and groans. This is her final test of the semester and she has been putting off seeing her boyfriend, Harry, because of it. As she sits there with her head in her hands, she hears her apartment door open and close.

“Y/n?” She hears from the kitchen.

“In here, Love!” She responds. The bedroom door opens and closes, and Harry makes his way over to where y/n is sitting at her desk. He looks at the mess of study cards and textbooks that lay across the desk.

“Everything alright in here?” He asks. Y/n lets out a frustrated sigh and shakes her head. He pouts at her, “what’s wrong, Baby?” He asks, standing behind her chair and wrapping his arms lazily across her chest. He gives her a quick peck on the top of her head.

“This is too hard. I’ve been studying for weeks, and I still don’t understand this stupid stuff,” She replies in a frustrated tone. She leans her head back against him as he wraps his arms tighter around her. “Maybe I’m not cut out for this,” she says with tears brimming her eyes, “I’m not smart enough.”

“What?” Harry says in disbelief, “y/n, you’re the smartest girl I know!” He lets go of her and spins her office chair around to face him as he crouches down to meet her eyes, “if there is anyone that can ace this test it’s you.”

y/n lets a small smile creep onto her face but quickly goes back to being upset. “But I can-“

“Yes, you can,” Harry says cutting her off. He starts rubbing his hands up and down her thighs as he tries to soothe her, “just because this course material doesn’t come easy to you just means you have to work a bit harder.” She sighs and nods her head. She knows he is right, she is just too stubborn to admit it.

Harry gives her a quick peck on her forehead, “You are smart.”

Then to both her cheeks, “You are beautiful.”

Her nose, “determined.”

And finally, her lips, “and mine.” She kisses him back.

“I love you but distracting me isn’t going to help.” She says spinning her chair back towards her desk. “Here, quiz me,” she says to Harry, handing him a thick stack of flashcards. He smiles and sits down on the bed.

After quizzing her for a few hours he sets the flashcards down on her nightstand, “you got every single one of those questions right, y/n. There is no way you are going to fail this!” He tells her. She gives him a shy smile and nods her head. “Let’s take a break. I’ll order pizza and we can watch a movie.”

“I think I have a better idea,” She replies walking over to Harry and pushing him down onto the bed, straddling him…

finsta--part 4

…in which more photos from Harry’s private Instagram was leaked.

Disclaimer: No photos in this post are mine! If they are yours, please message me so I could credit you properly! The sketch was made by an amazing artist, @/coconutwishes. I’m not sure where to find the artist’s profile because the user in Tumblr is registered as a tattoo removal account. If you know her though, please tell me so I can credit her and share more of her works!

Thank you so much for the support on Cautious and Cautious too! Also for 400+ followers! That’s really cool. I never thought I’d have followers in the first place. So thank you so much!

FINSTA part 3 can be read here
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by: Elliot Quinn

Days after the second leak of Y/N Y/L/N’s Instagram, Harry Styles’s ‘superfan’ showed the world more posts in her Tumblr, harrys-finstagram. 

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This is about the video ☝☝


This is the traduction to Spanish ☝☝


In the final photo, we can see the representation of 1D, from left to right <Niall, Harry, Liam (who has a microphone) Louis and Zayn> Zouis friendship has been fixed? // En la foto final, podemos ver la representación de 1D, de izquierda a derecha <Niall, Harry, Liam (quien tiene micrófono) Louis y Zayn> ¿la amistad Zouis se ha arreglado?

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