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Aguantaa!! que en minutos arranca por🎙FMQ 93.5 Mhz 📻Desde las 21 hs. Acústico de los y charlamos con y 😱 adelantándonos su show del 17/5 en 🎸 y una noche a puro ! 🤘

hay nuevo x el aire de 🎙FMQ 93.5 Mhz 📻De 21 a 23 hs. Acústico de los y charlaremos con los y el gran 😱 adelantándonos su show del 17/5 en 🎸, , y una noche a puro ! 🤘

hay nuevo por 🎙FMQ 93.5 Mhz 📻 De 21 a 23 hs. nos visitan los para regalarnos un acústico + una entrevista con 😱 adelantándonos su show del 17/5 en 🎸, , y una noche a puro ! 🤘

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Y hablando de grandes momentos, encuentro en ⁦⁩ este texto de (guitarrista de Los Violadores) refiriéndose al club de sus amores All Boys

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The Battle for France lasted from May to June in 1940 when German Blitzkrieg tactics pushed allied forces back from the Ardennes. British naval forces try to evacuate their expeditionary troops out at the coast of Dunkirk while brave British and French soldiers hold their ground inland to hold back the Germans. By the time it was over, it ultimately lead to the unfortunate surrender of France and Germany’s terranical reign occupying the country and dividing its people until the Western Allied powers would liberate the country in the Summer of 1944, landing troops in Normandy.

Junkers Ju-87D-3 with two detachable personnel pods ( for two persons each ) for parachuting commandos in them. The risk of damaging the tail stabilizer when dropping pods was too high and the project was cancelled.


Stuka Sirene


Stuka Sirene


Stuka Ju 87


Stuka Angriff


Stuka Sirene


Wingspan: 45 ft. 3-½ in.

Length: 37 ft. 8-¾ in.

Height: 12 ft. 9-¼ in.

Empty Weight: 8,683 lbs

Gross Weight: 14,565 lbs

Top Speed: 255 mph

Service Ceiling: 15,520 ft.

Range: 510 miles

Engine/Horsepower: One Junkers Jumo 211J-1/1400

Crew: 2 (pilot/tail gunner)

Armament: Two fixed forward-firing 7.9-mm MG-17 machine guns or two 20-mm MG 151 cannons and a twin 7.9-mm MG81z machine gun in rear cockpit; one 3968-lb bomb (short range) or one 551-lb bomb under fuselage and four 110-lb bombs under wing (a wide variety of loads could be carried)

My most favourite dive-bomber! I’d give my soul to rebuild one and tour the 🌎 with my tail gunner❤️

What is your all-time favourite dive-bomber?