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Revolviendo el cajón de los recuerdos(? y . Hace un opar de añitos en Asbury 08/10/15.

SNAKE RACER, KAMIKASE, STUKA NUEVOS TOBOGANES porque tu lo pediste, MÁS RÁPIDOS Y MÁS INTRÉPIDOS … Sumérgete a la aventura acuática en

¡EXCELENTES NUEVAS NOTICIAS! obtiene registro para el uso en para el control de en diferentes métodos de aplicación, incluyendo el de incorporación o tratamiento directo sobre el grano.

Yesterday at the museum I was so privileged to see the Ju-88 Stuka that they are rebuilding back to flying status. A truly one of aircraft and stunning. A long way to go but they’re getting there.

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Brutal el documental Experimento Stuka, de Super recomendable para entender parte de nuestra historia y,sobre todo, la historia de Benassal, Albocàcer, Ares y Vilar de Canes. En los hasta el dia 15!

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Ikifika saa 3:30 Usiku leo tutakupatia dawa ya 'stress' za mwanzo wa wiki. kisha mstue ni mwenzio

Today I learned dream I’ve had since I was a child is 18mth-2years from reality. has finally shown its FLYING project to the world via Facebook Live. It’s been hours since I watched it and I’m still buzzing!

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Stuka Jr. doing some magic vs. Euforia

Arena Mexico Super Friday Report! 12/07/2018

Super Astro Jr. & Robin vs. Coyote & Grako

Who’s who?

Astro Jr. in silver and Robin in gold.

Coyote in brown and Grako in dark green.

How’s the match?

Very good, this opener felt much better than what we normally get. Part of that is the inclusion of Super Astro Jr. for me, since I like him so much. Robin/Coyote though didn’t waste this opportunity on Super Friday either showing some good work off. I don’t mean to single out Grako as the weak link, he just didn’t do as much of note. Coyote has a cool submission finisher which he used again here. I’d recommend this opener…. and not just because I watched it. 

Reyna Isis, Metalica & Amapola vs. Marcela, Lluvia & Jarochita

Who’s who?

Reyna Isis in red, Metalica in black and Amapola in black with a pink sash.

Marcela in green, Lluvia in black and Jarochita in pink/baby blue.

How’s the match?

Very good, I feel like I should mention that my very good rating means above par. With good being my par for CMLL, because most times I find matches to be good. So this isn’t a great match, but above what I expect from a luchadora match. I like all these women and wish we say Metalica more often. Marcela here was really batting 100 and showing why she deserves to have recently won the CMLL World Women’s title. This was a fun match for the luchadora division which so often feels like an afterthought. 

Soberano Jr., Flyer & Audaz vs. Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora & Templario

Who’s who?

Soberano Jr. in white, Flyer in blue & Audal in gold.

Rojo in red, Polvora in black and Templario in silver.

How’s the match?

Great there is some awkwardness… most prominent with the 2nd round finish, still this was a really fun match. I don’t know how it couldn’t have been… just look at the talent involved. I love seeing Templario team with Rojo/Polvora and still think him being a 3rd for them makes more sense than being a 4th for Los Guerreros Laguneros(which he apparently is). He seems sorta like a 4th wheel there though since CMLL stables feel like they should have at least 3 and Polvora/Rojo as just a tag team feel a man short imo.

This match was great and Templario was the highlight. At the start of this year Templario got a makeover and Audaz did on top of a name change. With that lots of people made the right assumption : We should pay attention to these two. Everyone fell in love with both, but it’s obvious CMLL brass have fallen more in love with Templario who has had some big moments in the latter half of this year like joining Los Guerreros Laguneros and winning a torneo cibernetico to take on Sanson at the Day of the Dead Super Friday for the King of the Underworld title.

Audaz on the other hand has sorta been given the lesser slice of the pie. It’s upsetting for fans of Audaz which is a fandom that didn’t exist in 2017(as literally that wasn’t his name in 2017). I hold out hope that Audaz gets his moment in the sun as he is a great talent, but it’s hard to argue with the Templario push of 2018. The guy is a marvel and has been stealing the show nearly every time he is given the chance to. Here’s hoping 2019 is better for both. Sorry, sorta went off track here discussing those two… just watch the match.  

Stuka Jr., Volcano & Kraneo vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero & Bestia del Ring

Who’s who?

Stuka in blue, Volcano in red and Kraneo in maroon/black.

Euforia in green/black pants, Gran in green/black shorts & Bestia del Ring the only maskless man here.

How’s the match?

Great, I feel like I’m the only person who would call this great, but I loved it. Gorillas del Ring for life! They so often lately have just been working the Monday/Tuesday shows, so it was nice to see them here on the biggest weekly show CMLL runs. Volcano could be a little faster, but he pulled out some fun stuff here including a big crossbody to the outside late in the match. Stuka Jr. is fun as always, even if it now feels a little strange when he isn’t opposite Hechicero. Euforia/Gran are fun as always too and Gran pulled out a tope con hiro which isn’t something we get from him in every match. Overall, I really liked this match and was surprised how poorly this whole show did from the other Twitter lucha nerds I follow. 

Atlantis, Valiente & Diamante Azul vs. Rush, Terrible & Barbaro Cavernario

Who’s who?

Atlantis in his iconic white mask, Valiente in metallic light blue & Azul in a darker blue with some silver accents.

Rush/Terrible in white with Rush in western boots and Terrible keeping his black T-shirt on while Barbaro is in pinkish animal print briefs. 

How’s the match?

Good, it’s a pretty standard ingobernables match. Rush DGAF, but that doesn’t work all that well here. It’s just too brief and the screwy finish with Bestia del Ring coming in just doesn’t seem to make much sense when in didn’t seem like a finish was coming for the tecnicos. Feels like CMLL might be working towards a ingobernables/Barbaro falling out, but it’s hard to think this would cause it since nothing was on the line here. This was fine, but the low point of the night for me.

Ultimo Guerrero vs. Volador Jr. 

Who’s who?

Ultimo in green/black and Volador Jr. in a red spiderman inspired get up.

How’s the match?


I’m in the minority here, as it seemed most of the lucha twitterverse didn’t enjoy this all that much. So I watched carefully for the 2nd time when I got gifs and I can understand why… Volador Jr. didn’t do much offense. He did like enough moves to count on 1 hand. So… that’s sorta poor, but let me play devils advocate for Volador Jr.

He could be in the Universal Tournament Finals(if that tournament even squeezes its way into 2018) which would mean Volador Jr. will be breaking out new stuff for that more important match. While this is a match with Ultimo Guerrero and not likely the one people will find for Volador Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero considering last year they were in the Universal Tournament finals which was a bigger deal than this random Friday Main Event. 

As an Ultimo Guerrero fan(he might be my favorite wrestler bar none), I was fine just watching this as a highlight reel of Ultimo Guerrero spots. I think it works in the matches story as well. Volador Jr. just withstood the Ultimo onslaught and beat him by besting Ultimo Guerrero in the corner. This might be the worst Volador Jr. singles match this year, but I’d say this is better than Ultimo/Diamante Azul and that was to crown a new CMLL Heavyweight Champion. I understand why some people were sour on this match, but personally I was fine for it… even if Volador Jr. was obviously on autopilot. 

Highlights :

Super Friday Highlights 12/07/2018


Wingspan: 45 ft. 3-½ in.

Length: 37 ft. 8-¾ in.

Height: 12 ft. 9-¼ in.

Empty Weight: 8,683 lbs

Gross Weight: 14,565 lbs

Top Speed: 255 mph

Service Ceiling: 15,520 ft.

Range: 510 miles

Engine/Horsepower: One Junkers Jumo 211J-1/1400

Crew: 2 (pilot/tail gunner)

Armament: Two fixed forward-firing 7.9-mm MG-17 machine guns or two 20-mm MG 151 cannons and a twin 7.9-mm MG81z machine gun in rear cockpit; one 3968-lb bomb (short range) or one 551-lb bomb under fuselage and four 110-lb bombs under wing (a wide variety of loads could be carried)

My most favourite dive-bomber! I’d give my soul to rebuild one and tour the 🌎 with my tail gunner❤️

What is your all-time favourite dive-bomber?

JU-87G-2 ‘Stuka’

1/72 scale Revell.

Here is the finished model. I chose the tank buster version with the cannons under the wings, rather than the dive bomber version. I found it an enjoyable kit to build. Surprised myself at rather easily doing the swirl on the nose too. I plan to get a swastika decal for the tail at a later date, as it’s historically accurate.


Stukas & Panzers - Debunked. A closer look at Close Air Support (CAS) of the Wehrmacht from 1939-1941