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Productivity can often be a problem when it comes to . Here are some tips from people who have revision stamina running through their veins -

When you're trying to study but all you want to do is take a nap...

~ Tedious Learning ~ A colored Sketch commission (BG) for a good friend Morning at univ Lab, he's really tired and sleepy x') Enjoy!

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My current desk situation!

My house is in dire need of renovation so I’m moving things around and cleaning up to try and make it easier for later!

Any ideas of what colour I should paint my walls?

Fucking Academia

The head of the lab I’ve got a scholarship in is a misogynist. He talks about women’s rights, but ironically treats women like shit. I’m so afraid of this guy. He’s a distinguished professor, so high up the rankings that EVERYONE is below him. So he can basically do whatever the fuck he wants. 

Aside from this guy, there’s A LOT of weird, socially inept males around in academia. It’s a really hard environment to be in as a woman. It makes me want to quit. I feel like I don’t belong here. I feel like there’s so much pressure on me to do better, and be smarter, just to reach the same level as the men. 

I have to give a talk in less than two months. I’ve never done that before. It’s a new kind of terrifying - my  boss told me to replace fear with excitement because they have the same physiological thingy’s. I need to start working on the way I’m thinking now so that I am in a good frame of mind when I do this talk, otherwise I could melt down. 

I have a date with a girl (well they’re non-binary, but born with XX chromosomes i.e, assigned female at birth) this weekend. I recently worked out I’m not straight, so this is a big thing. Extra stress… Working out an ‘identity’ is hard. I can’t even be bothered with that. 

Statistics. Fucking hell this is a nightmare. 

Also friends. I don’t have many, and those I have I don’t see often. It’s weird. I’m worried about how this may make me look to my date down the line if we make it that far


○ go through cases that did not work out yesterday for my law exam tomorrow

○ revise law script

○ write a summary for tourism management

○ write flashcards for product policy

○ clean my room

○ buy a ticket for the train home tomorrow

○ pack my stuff for the weekend

Let’s get started! 💪


[13.12.18] reminiscing over my summer trip to finland \ france. studying french at the hotel late at night, visiting all types of stationary shops. feeling free and confident, meeting new people, learning new things, being able to breathe a little. having a hard time saying goodbye. 💕

song of the day 

Hello everyone!

I finish my first semester at university later this evening. And I learned a lot from being here only a few months.

I’ll be working a lot today but I want to share my experiences with you all that will maybe encourage some of you to go to university (if you aren’t there already) and give you an insight to what it’s like.

Of course everyone has different experiences of being at university. However, I love hearing stories from different perspectives so I thought I’d share mine with all of you 😊

That post will be coming soon so please keep an eye out for it! 💕