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Omw to Utrecht in my new capacity as ReMa representative in the ReMa/ PhD council of the national research school in cultural history. We’re going to talk about the curriculum of next year. Important because every MA/ PhD student has to do courses with the institute!

Když se znovu učím na státnice zase ty samé otázky jako před 3 lety.

Wishing our Psychology students all the very best for the mid-year examinations. Please consider your health and wellbeing during the study preparations. You've got this!

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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Looking after yourself when you've got the added pressure of and to contend with is really important! We've got some tips on how to look after yourself during the exam period >

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I’m super , but my baby is for a test & while she studies, im just up for support. Done that since they were little❤️😴

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legit love this video….it’s got so many good ideas!! (especially for broke ass students such as myself)

[ 032 / 100 ] days of productivity

today my maths teacher tutored me for 50 minutes to help me with algebra, and although it seems as though i’ll never get it, i’m slowly making progress. tonight i’ve decided to complete two chapters from my textbook and mark them so i know what concepts i’m struggling with.

🎵 — presence by manu crooks, anfa rose


I can’t believe May is almost over! I will be on half term next week which means lots of studying for my year 13 entrance exams in late June.

Here is some sociology notes on feminism and crime theories as well as my school timetable for this week using a slightly edited printable from @legallystudies

music today : chocolate by day6, jamais vu by bts, painkiller by ruel and I get to love you by ruelle

Back on track


It seems I never will stop studying

I have reached a point where I am so done with physics and maths that they are starting to annoy me aaaaa

Cant wait for the day I finish EBAU and can REST IN PEACE

I used to love studying but this year has been so tough for me and I just want to end it and stop worrying. Not because of studies, but because of my mental health and all the stress and pressure I have been exposed to.

21//05//2019 [ 1/100 days of productivity]

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Hey everyone! My two weeks of exam is finally over! I sat for my last paper this morning and it is such a relief to be finally over with all of this.

I have decided to join 100 dop to make myself ready to face SPM trial in August. I really want to do my best and I really hope I could get rid of my procastination :<

Anyway, I hope all of you are having a great day!

13/30 days of productivity.

Today was my last day at school…probably ever! I’m graduating this year and I get a bit emotional..but I know better things are coming up so I try to stay positive.

Got some tests back and I’m satisfied with my grades.. That’s how much I need in my finals too in order to get in the university I want, so *fingers crossed* that my final grades will be as good.


Equilibrium Constant!

From this post, you’ll learn:

*basic knowledge about chemical equilibrium

*definiton of the equilibrium constant

*formula to express the equilibrium constant

*Rules to express the equilibrium constant (SUPER IMPORTANT)

*what info we can get from equilibrium constant


“You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky”🎆

Lila 💜 + Bio notes 🦄 x Have an upcoming SAC (important test) for bio next week! Hello to a whole week of intense memorisation and practice questions 🔮