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Some amazing stuff shared from Tumblr! What do you think of this style of video? I thought it would be...

¡Bienvenido Julio! Un mes que ya empieza movidito, ultimando cosas de la boda y con más celebraciones. Como se os presenta el vuestro? . @studieswithmel ・ ・ ・ ・

Atma Malik English Medium School is that place where we provide sports facility, music and art performing facilities and encourage our students to participate in the event.

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Correction: The Math Lab hours on Fridays are 11am - 5pm. Locations: - Math Lab - LARC 226 - General Tutoring Center - LARC 213 - Writing Center - LARC 229

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I *LOVE* your weekly planner printable. I was just wondering you you could explain how you use your highlighting system and the "half" blocks and lines? Sorry if that doesn't make sense but for some of the time block times you had something like this: |-----

Thank you SO FRICKIN MUCH!!!! I live for messages/asks like these, and your question makes perfectly good sense don’t worry! 

Here’s a *sort of* better photo: 

So, starting at the top, at 6:30am I get up and have coffee, then workout and have breakfast. The  “ ——| “  line after that just tells me that I have until 9am (when the line stops) to get these three things done. So at the green 11:30am, I start writing CS1 notes, and I go until 12:30pm when I stop. Then lunch starts, and that continues until 1:30pm and I stop again. So if I have a time block with a

“——| “ in the middle of it, that’s to show that I’m not using the full hour, I’m only using half an hour. I hope that makes sense?

For the highlighting, I stuck with the pastel colour scheme for ~aesthetic~ and only highlighted the things that I do every day, like breakfast, lunch, dinner, walking my dog, etc. Then I know that I have the un-highlighted white spaces to organise everything else. The white spaces are when I have nothing that I *have* to do, so I can put in tasks that I might only do once a week like at 4:30pm on the blue day, I have washing/laundry planned. The highlighted stuff are necessary/required every day, the not-highlighted areas are for whatever else I want to get done!

I hope that this has answered your questions, but if not, feel free to message me directly! Or if you want to stay on anon, just send another ask and I can always remove it once you’ve read it!

Time of our Life//Day6

My study table is finally sorted out and I’m slowly getting back to my study routine now that classes are getting near, but only had the chance to read 4 out of 38 pages (OOPS—coz my lazy bum ass gets too distracted and sleepy easily huhuicri). Here’s to hoping I get my groove back before classes start, finish this chapter, and have a more productive day tomorrow!

CBG 1:24 | Dealing with emergencies (Review)


  • die Hilfe → The help
  • das Krankenhaus(Germany); das Hospital(Switzerland) → The hospital
  • krank → ill
  • die Polizeistation → The police station
  • die Brieftasche → The wallet
  • rot → red
  • gelb → yellow
  • grün → green
  • blau → blue
  • grau → gray
  • weiss → white
  • schwarz → black
  • gestern → yesterday


  • Können Sie mir bitte helfen? → Can you help me, please? (formal)
  • Ich habe meinen/meine … verloren → I lost my …
  • Mein/Meine … wurde gestohlen → My … has been stolen.
  • Können sie das beschrieben? → Can you describe it?(formal)
  • Wann wurde … gestohlen? → When was … stolen?
  • Wo wurde … gestohlen? → Where was … stolen?


PREPOSITIONS: followed by accusative or dative

Preposition establish relationships of position, time, direction, or manner.
In German, certain prepositions are always followed by dative, others by accusative and some by either dative or accusative, depending on whether destination(ACC) or location (DAT) is signaled. Yet another group of prepositions is followed by genitive.

Accusative Prepositions

  • bis → until/by/as far as
  • durch → throught
  • für → for
  • gegen → against/around(time)
  • ohne → without
  • um → around(place)/at(time)

Dative Prepositions

  • aus → out of/from
  • ausser → exept for/besides, in addition
  • bei → with, at the home of/at
  • mit → with
  • nach → to/after
  • seit → since(time)/for
  • von → from/of
  • zu → to (people, locations)

•5/100 days of productivity•

16th of July, 2019

Today I felt really sick so every attempt at studying has failed. I hope this cold will be over soon so i can get back on track with everything. After a mild breakdown I decided to calm myself down and read something at least. Currently reading “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by Haruki Murakami.


Nothing like ending the day early and being able to do grocery before going home. I simply took a bath, put on my boyfriend’s shirt because I extra miss him today, went to bed, and did some light reading on my previous notes. I am so going to miss these rest periods once I start having night duties again. I’ll be starting my Internal Medicine rotation in exactly 12 days. I have a lot of topics to catch up on, but for tonight, I’ll let myself rest.


I woke up at 08:30, took a good breakfast, worked on trafic laws (again) and did a bit of yoga. Now i’m going to practice some polish and cook a meal. 

This afternoon i will go to the librairy, (wich is easily my favourite place in my city). I want to borrow forreign movies and maybe ask extra time to read a spanish book i haven’t finished yet. 

Hi, everyone!

If you guys are into studyblrs, try following my side blog –> @aral

“Aral” in Filipino stands for “study” or “studying” depending on the verb tense.

Classes start again in two weeks. I’m gonna get into posting my notes and campus photography.

I get an indescribable high seeing notes and coffee and libraries, so I’ll follow back everyone’s studyblrs!

Consumer Protection Lecture Notes

The semester started, and I decided not to overwork myself during the first week. I just want to get an idea of what each subject is about, before I rush into my courses. I have five subjects (which means I have plenty of time to study, go to gym, hang out with my friends). I want this semester to be different. I don’t want to be too ambitious, but I do want to improve myself in a lot of aspects. I’m still struggling with certain aspects such as socialising with new people, but I do believe that I will be able to make new friends this semester. Have a great day everyone.


17 . 07 . 19

Half of the summer have already passed, oof. I have so many things to do and so little desire tbh. Right now I’m trying to come back to my daily routine, and it’s been surprisingly incredibly difficult. 

Today’s to do are:

  • 50 pages of The Diary of a Bookseller
  • walk in a park
  • All My Sons in movie theatre

 jarryd james - do you remember

i’m back again with a very mediocre spread from my journal!!!

going out grocery shopping soon and hopefully i get more greens than i’ll get snacks this time. i’m trying to eat healthier these few days for the sake of my health but honestly, i’m not sure how long that will last hehe

Two and a half weeks until the Zurich James Joyce workshop and one conference paper that needs to get finished. I’m condensing my presentation into bullet points today as we’re not allowed a script. After this I can start adding my new pieces of research in and rehearsing what I want to say.