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🎨 Seminar Flyer Design for Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, Ondo State. Contact me for all your flyer designs, remember distance ain't a barrier 😉

I finally started working in my N5 NIHONGO SO-MATOME. Boy am I having to really take my time. I don’t know any Japanese except for the alphabet. Which is good cause it makes looking up things I don’t know easy. Enjoying the process

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New to the and community. I am currently studying Japanese. But I also know quite a bit of Spanish from my middle/high school years. My native language is English.

How's everyone feeling this ? Have some beautifully written revision tips to get YOU motivated for this week! (Photo from instagram, ) -

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It's ! To celebrate, we penned one of our favourite English poems growing up, "Precious Stones" by Christina Georgina Rossetti. 💎🔥 What's your favourite poem? 🖋️

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Quote of the Day: “They’re only truly great who are truly good.”- George Chapman

Please do read this!

(Trigger warning)

Today, my English Lit teacher was having a discussion about state of women in times of war. And she told us such spine chilling stories that half of our class was in tears by the end of the period. While men worry about livelihood and their lives, women have to worry about ‘not being raped’. It is highly, highly disgraceful that even in 21st century rape is being used as a weapon of war in many war-torn places. Our teacher told us that men of opposing party are thought to be defeated by putting hands on their respect, their honour, “their women. ” Fathers, brothers and husbands have such huge responsibilities on their shoulders during such times .Our teacher said something that is still stuck in my head, “ Wars are fought over the bodies of women.” So whenever you hear the word war, don’t just think about propaganda, death toll, politics, displacements, etc., think about the women and children who have so much at stake, think about the men who have so much to lose…. Men in suit-coats don’t mention it on Television but war has most blood curling experiences accompanying it. And they are not discussed often enough. Whenever a politician utter words of war or riots or hate, think about your mothers, sisters, daughters, fathers, brothers and yourself and you would know what to do. Our teacher recommended us some books and reads about the same. If anybody wants to know about the books, I will drop the name of the books and stories in comment section below. But these are horrifying stories and should only be read by strong hearted people.

In short- Spread love and not hate and don’t ever fall for hateful fires that may never touch the homes of those who started it but end up turning everybody else’s homes into ashes.


The weather has finally started to cooperate with what month it is. It feels so, so nice to be able to wear comfy leggings and a sweatshirt to class. The only downside is how the wind always seems to tear over campus, all the way to my apartment.

In other news, I have been too busy and too stressed to summarize what I’ve been doing in a neat little checklist, so I will be resuming the 100 Days of Productivity once things have calmed a bit!


i just learned that my school is going to sponsor me for the loran scholarship!!!!!

i got the email in the middle of my math class and couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day cause i was just so happy (: this is all i really wanted, i know i’m probably not going to win a scholarship worth $100,000 (nor will i be close), but i’m really proud of myself for putting my story out there despite how anxious it made me and reaching the goal i’d set!



The people around me were so good today it was really nice. I love my friends they’re just so good at being friends?! Also had choco chip Belgian waffle today so safe to say the day’s been much better than yesterday.

Left is my textbook summary prep for my electronics midterm that’s coming up. Nervous, but prepping way better than last time so that’s a comfort. Right is a stairwell I found in the electronics building that has windows! I will go out of my way to use that stairwell now the view and light make me happy :)

Listening to: blueberry by manatee commune


191016 || broke into my new journal a couple weeks ago :)

heres how my day went:

•had breakfast and did devo

•took a couple hours to go over that lecture i didnt get to yesterday; worked on hw due for nursing fundamentals lab for half an hour

•made lunch to bring to lab

•had lab from 1230 til 5

•took a nap, then finished n. fundamentals hw

•had dinner, cooked some stuff to eat later, did the dishes

it’s almost 8 pm now; im gonna work more on my case study due this saturday !!