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If you are a Dumfries student and haven't used the bookable study space - what are you waiting for? Come and see us today!

If you're an , you may enjoy spending a session in Trimble 200. It's a calm space, but there are always other learners around to chat with if you need a brain break.

Looking for a silent place to study for finals? We have the spot for you! From December 2nd to 13th we will have both computer labs in the library dedicated to a quiet space! Happy studying! 🔕

Looking for a quiet space to study for end of year exams? Go to the Touro College Libraries website and click where it says Locations & Hours for a list of each library's hours and days of operation.

Looking at a thing once everyday gets stored in your memory. Anything that is difficult for you will start to look easy because it is making space in your recall memory.

✨Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll be among the stars ✨Astra is a space-aged inspired chandelier that shines bright in this @schumacher_homes & @possibilitiesfordesign home office.

The Chakrasana pose helps in fighting Diabetes. It is helpful in creating a space in the spine to keep you young and healthy. The pose of the asana, the wheel posture stimulates the energy flow in the entire body.

How cute is this kid space design? Multi-functional in so many ways: bedroom, play area, designated study space, & storage solutions galore. (Design: @gardenvarietydesign)

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