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😀 "Everyone Should Participate In Sports"😀 #

You’ve decided to in bed, and now you’ve read the same page twice and are feeling a little . Here’s why you should probably get out …

Chỉ trong buổi sáng, các bé lớp Koala của Trường Mầm non Quốc tế KINDY CITY- cơ sở Lê Đức Thọ (Gò Vấp) đã có thể tái dựng chuyện kể về Hạt Giống bằng nhiều phương thức khác nhau nhờ sự sáng tạo của cô giáo.

in CID Jrn: Shot Induces 4.4-Fold INCREASE in Non-Flu Acute Respiratory Infections This is a good VACCINATED vs. UNVACCINATED study where control group got real SALINE placebo, not other vaccine or vaccine adjuvant.

ブログ記事紹介:Node.jsを短期学習してみる #4「npm」 .jsを短期学習してみる

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This book was gifted to me recently and I’m finally getting a good start on it

What if i feel like this forever

I have nothing experienced such thing before in my little entire life and may be I don’t know how long will this take over me

Genuinely i feel like everything thing is falling apart, how can i let things go in such a manner. I have a lot to study but my concentration is not there , its like someone give a punishment for doing nothing to someone and its been 6 months and how far i go literally don’t know. One thing which keeps us alive or the things that are very surprising is in those moments which we ignore or don’t give attention to.

Give and take my thoughts out from my mind so that i can feel little lighter and feel better for a moment please.

Ever happen to you, you want to ask someone so strongly but you can’t because that’s you and only inside of you no one cam ever see what’s going into your mind. Some people are very rare and they keep all feels inside of them how good if we can know them deeply inside their body. We all we can do is wait and wait for things to come at their palces . But why i am choosen or this is for a reason ,this is a very strange feeling to feel maybe you understand and feel

Lost in my mind and think think and think over and over again like i have don e something wrong to someone or i own this world an apology . This will surely not happen to everyone .

On Friday got to go on a trip with our premed club up to Des Moines University to visit the College of Osteopathic Medicine. It was such an incredible experience and the program is absolutely amazing! It was so fun to go on my first medical school visit and the program was so inviting to us. They were so excited to show us all the labs and give us hints for applying to make our application stronger! As a premed student without the “perfect premed” application, it was such a relief to hear that you don’t have to have a perfect record to get in. You just have to show apt for learning and excitement/dedication to becoming the best doctor you can be. I’m so excited to apply there next year and hope I get a chance to experience their learning environment for myself. The program was so focused on making sure the patient doctor interaction is a safe, comfortable situation for the patient and that the doctors are fully prepared to interact with any patient and meet them with compassion. My parents then picked me up and we spent the afternoon shopping and taking photos of the sculpture park. Des Moines is absolutely gorgeous and it was a great day for self care and family time! It was definitely a boost of motivation to get me through the next couple weeks and finals! What’s getting you all motivated?

well first year of uni is officially over and it was a blast but also pretty challenging! I’m getting some final grades back for the last semester and I’m a little disappointed in myself. I worked SO hard throughout the semester but it kinda all fell apart at the end as I haven’t done as well on my finals as I thought I did. Despite this, I’m very excited for what second year brings and I know it will be an even better year all around, ecspecially now that I know what to expect!

4 // 22 // 19 - day 1/100

it’s been a while since i’ve posted something productivity related!

i had to deal with a lot of conflict today so i hid from my problems in my backyard with my book (George Orwell’s 1984).

i have a history test tomorrow that i hopefully studied enough for. it’s first period, so at least i’ll have gotten it out of the way. i didn’t have a whole lot else to work on today other than some research for my public speaking project.

that’s all for today! hopefully i’ll be able to post tomorrow too…

Day 56

  1. Studied spanish
  2. Studied history
  3. Studied history vocab
  4. Studied english vocab
  5. Studied physics
  6. Studied geometry formulas
  7. Worked on history project
  8. Worked on poetry project
  9. Worked on elections speech
  10. Worked on campaign posters
  11. Did history extra credit
  12. Did physics homework
  13. Did geometry homework
  14. Read lesson 1 in history textbook
  15. Read

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00:00 Morning Mood - Grieg

3:35 Solo Cello Passion - Doug Maxwell

5:40 Waltz of Flowers - Tchaikovsky

12:21 C Major Prelude - Bach

14:34 Sérénade à Notre Dame de Paris - Amarià

17:17 The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan - Chris Zabriskie

21:34 Gymnopedie No 1 - Satie

24:46 Pachabelly - Huma-Huma

28:17 Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies - Tchaikovsky

30:05 Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner

35:27 Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven

40:42 Funeral March - Chopin

50:07 Symphony No. 5 - Beethoven

57:00 The Rain - Silent Partner

AP Biology Grind

So the AP Biology Exam is coming very soon, and most people would want to use their time efficiently. Based off of what happened to me last year, I will try to give the best advice I can give in order for you to succeed.

1. By now, it is a little late to start reviewing prep books: you could obviously just spend a large amount of time reading your prep book, but considering how the AP exam is oriented on application, I believe that practicing is more important. Instead of reading every single chapter in your prep book, choose a few that you should focus on (the ones you struggle with). I also recommend to skip the chapter regarding chemistry (in barron’s, it was the first chapter) as it is not very useful for the Biology Exam.

2. If you are aiming for a 5, you should be consistent with your scores: in order to get a 5 on the Biology exam, you need to get around 75% of the whole test correct. Take both sections and see which one you like better. For most people, one section is able to ankor for any discrepancies in the other section, so it is good to be able to do a certain section very well.

3. Read up on topics that were not taught in school: not every student is taught all the material for the Biology exam in school. If you happen to be one of those people, open up your prep book and go over it (if the chapter is needed for the exam).

4. Practice: I think I say this on every post, but you need to practice. Although practicing takes a few hours, force yourself to do it. You will most likely never improve if you never look at previous tests and gain more exposure towards the exam itself. Familiarize yourself with the exam so that you are comfortable with the type of questions on the exam.


I got some new tombows and I’m soo excited to use them! + I saw this new editing style on Instagram and I think it’s so cute 🥰

👩🏾‍💻04.22.19|| 9:40 pm

Trigonometry final exam ✏️

Today was my last in-class final exam! I’m finally done! I have no idea how I did on that exam, but hopefully it was well enough to keep my A average for the class. Up Next: Graduation!!


just boppin’ on here to brag about how productive my day was…

-bought a new phone charger because mine went kaput

-got myself an iced coffee and a bagel from my fav cafe

-bought three pairs of shorts (which I abhor shopping for)

-bought and put on new license plate holders (because my car still had the dealership one’s on and I hate that,,, I’m not advertising for you,,,)

-Cleaned,,,, and I mean CLEANED my room

-organized my workload for the week (figured out everything that’s due, etc.)

-helped my sister shop for a purse (still doing this tbh, the amount of links we send each other is astounding)

and now I’m listening to the Dr. Zhivago soundtrack (the movie ver.) and finishing some readings (specifically, Mariana Ortega’s In-Between: Latina Feminist Phenomenology, Multiplicity, and the Self ) for tomorrow. :))