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Time to stretch the mind and have a game of chess in the Wellbeing Room at John Spalding Library!

Are you interested in learning more about homeopathy in a group atmosphere with your peers? NCH is back with a rejuvenated approach for our Study Groups. For more information email

Animal : Neonatal B vaccination impaired the behavior & neurogenesis in early adulthood All our newborns are given at day 1. The US has more 1st-day infant deaths than all other developed countries combined

A new suggests that education - lessons on techniques to calm the mind & body - can reduce the negative effects of stress and increase students’ ability to stay engaged, helping them stay on track academically & avoid behavior problems.

など is used after one or more examples (in a list), with the implication that there is more that is unsaid. Think of it as “etc.” or “and so on”. More examples and information here!

"Yo dude, you buying this AM? Loaded here" "Huge burn rate & basically 1 year old news doesnt bother you?" "Who cares? Manipulator will ramp this huge, all that matters. See volume" "YEP, TY, loading up HUGE" "Idiot shorts will pay big time" Amused & just watching

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4th & Conference held during April 3-5, 2019 at HURRY!! participate for one day Oral/Poster presentation Session, One day participation fee is of $200 Submit your abstract to secure a slot in the program.

- Women could enhance the development of their unborn child's eyesight and brain function by regularly eating fatty fish during :

Our bespoke studies help you channel exactly what you want from your personal space, whether you’re there to a read a book or do some work. Let us help you create your ideal study:

while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are ; and dream while others are wishing. !!!

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today is funky socks friday!! i babysat for 5 hours, made plans to hang out with my best friend, and treated myself to an ice cream at lunch.

i didn’t get any homework done but i usually don’t on friday’s, so this weekend i’ll need to concentrate extra hard.

day 11/100


Getting essays done at Starbucks always helps. Also I saw Waitress the other day and it was very good. Feat late Christmas presents with a friend and nice old buildings.

Hope you are all really really well.


Не знаю почему, но мне дико захотелось посмотреть фильмы про зомби (наверно это знак с выше, который говорит мне в кого я превращусь, пока буду готовиться к ЕГЭ).

Теперь я решаю задания в профильной математике на нахождение производных и смотрю Обитель Зла (ещё один знак с выше?).

P.S. обожаю красиво оформлять свои конспекты. Конечно, особого тут ничего нет, но мне нравится, как я пишу и как все выделяю. Прям вах… Рай для моих глазок 💞


100 days of productivity: day 8

Friday classes haven’t started yet and I decided to keep up with my reading a little bit. The weather is pretty dark and rainy so it makes me want to read even more. I’m gonna read ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami. I read the first few pages before but I wanted to start from the beginning again. There’s something about his books and stories that I love, even if I’m just reading the translations.

I don’t know what else I’ll be doing later, I’ll probably read some art history from the professor’s notes. I really like those days that I get to spend alone without feeling the pressure of every day life.

22.02.2019 I plan for the day + diary-ish

  • yoga
  • morning routine + breakfast 
  • work on term paper
  • have some delicious lunch
  • more term paper
  • get ready for Hayley Kiyoko concert (space buns!!)
  • have fun at HAYLEY KIYOKO concert

I didn’t want to get up today, but I kicked myself in the butt, bc I made a plan last night and I need to follow it. so far so good, let’s get back to work!

ps. SO SO excited for the concert tonight! first time alone at night in Cologne (= big city), first time going alone to a concert. second time seeing her live, though! ♥

I #oopad by @depressed-student

Guys, I notice a lot of studyblr post with pictures on top that don’t belong to them. I know a lot of people do put a disclaimer on top saying that they don’t own the post & credits to the owner but that’s honestly still hijacking someone else works while the actual owner gets no recognition.

Imagine working on all your notes putting in so much time & effort for someone else to grab it and start going around showing everyone without once saying you that you were the one behind it.

Now I’m not saying don’t put photo’s up that isn’t yours but rather use photos where you can credit the actual owner. You can mention their URL or put a link to their page in your post.

I’ll nevermind anyone using any of my work, in fact, I love it when they do because it shows how much they like it but it can be disheartening you are not credited.

About me 🌞🍑

Hey! I’m a senior in Australia and I thought it’d try to start a blog to motivate me to be a better person, and as a lil hobby I guess. I’ll be posting about study, student life, wellness, and a bit of travel every now and then

I like arctic monkeys a lot (and music in general), I ice skate nationally and internationally, and I have an interest in space, surgery and chemistry