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On one hand you want to study, get a good education, make your own research, and even become a professor at some point. On the other you have to work in order to live independently and help your family. But how will a student be able to do just that when 95% of employers want you to work for them 24/7. Not only that, but if you make the mistake of asking to work on a flexible schedule or even from home, they almost have a heart attack. This is the life of a Greek student! !  


بما انه عامي الاخير -بالاحرى أيامي الاخيرة- في الجامعة قررت أن آخذ صورة لكل تفاصيل الجامعة التي أدرس بها كذكرى 💙

جامعة الشهيد العربي بن مهيدي أم البواقي / الجزائر ❤ 🎓

update on school

As I’ve just started a new semester and I’ve recently gained a lot of followers, I thought I’d give a quick update on this semester and my goals!

I’m taking 16 credits this semester, 6 classes:

Principles of Ecology (+ 1 credit lab)

Art History


The Old Testament

Environmental Politics

Ecology is my favorite class so far and micro economics is definitely my least favorite. I don’t know what’s going on and the professor is horrible. But ecology, I feel like I’m at home with it. I love the material, I love connecting things I’ve learned in biology and chemistry with ecosystems. It’s difficult, but I love everything about it.

I just applied to a marine conservation research internship at an aquarium so I’m really hoping I get the internship. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I get an interview! I’ve never had an internship and I want this one specifically more than anything.

Like last semester, my goals for this one is to get straight A’s again. I actually got on the dean’s list for my institution/college last semester and I’m so proud of that. Something I’ve always struggled with is asking for help when I need it so continuing to do that is also another goal of mine.

In terms of my studyblr, I want to post more often this semester and also post more guides for help and whatnot. So if you have any questions, ideas, or want to know how I (do my best to) succeed, please send me an ask or a dm! Also just hit me up if you ever want to chat about life, school, env sci or ecology :) And lastly, I made a studygram super recently, it’s the same handle as on here. I’ll probably be more active on tumblr, but feel free to follow me there if you’d like.



Week 2 is done!

My body still isn’t used to all the dancing I’m doing so I’m sore. I need to add daily streching to my habit tracker.

Classes went well. I’m a little sad because I turned in an assignment an hour and a half late because I procrastinated. And I almost never turn in late assignments. Luckily the professors rule is only a 5% dedction per day late, and he might not even take anything off since it wasn’t very late.

I auditioned for my friend’s senior capstone on Friday, and that was really fun. She’s directing The Importance of Being Earnest. I don’t know if I’ll be cast though because of my schedule conflicts, especially because I’m directing a scene for our acting recital and I’ll need to do my own rehearsals too, even durring tech week for the capstone so idk. If she really wants me in her show, she’ll make it work. We will get the callback list by Wednesday, and callbacks are on Friday. We will have the cast list by next Wednesday because that’s when the acting recital auditions are and we will have to know her cast list because anyone in her capstone won’t be able to do the recital.