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in PEDIATRICS: The Prevalence of Parent-Reported Spectrum Disorder Among US Children 1 in 40 KIDS 1 in 25 Boys

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Does Work Because of the Effect? in INT JOURNAL of ONCOLOGY: The preferential cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted homeopathic remedies against the human breast cells can be observed in Petri dish.

Novel combination of drugs may overcome drug-resistant cells August 20, 2019 ⁦ suggests combination of 3 drugs, including a new class of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase inhibitors

use linked to heightened bowel risk But lower rectal cancer risk, suggesting differences in activity August 20, 2019 Summary: Antibiotic use (pills/capsules) is linked to a heightened risk of bowel

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: Duration of Protection After Hepatitis B Series Only 24% of those 16-19 yo who were vaccinated in infancy had protection against B.

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08.20.2019 || 51/100 days of productivity


(throwback pic to arguing over playing monopoly with my cousins this summer)

today’s been exhausting! between scioly tryouts and martial arts, i’ve been super busy and reminiscing summer 😅

after tryouts and martial arts, i just did homework and studied 😊

🎵 Hoodie ~ Hey Violet

Hi all! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated! Sorry if I’ve missed any of your tags! I’ve been busy with my internship, that I’ve even had to compromise my study a bit (do not recommend.) But I’ll be back in a bit!

kabalen!!! kung ‘di mo pa napapansin, pansinin mo na ngayon hahaha iniba ko ang aking url para mas bumagay sa aking personalidad bilang isang estudyante dito sa kommunidad ng mga studyblr,,,'ayon, skl. mag-aral ka na.

[ eng: friend!!! if you hadn’t noticed yet, notice it now hahaha i changed my url to fit my personality as a student here on this community of studyblrs,,,that’s it. you study now. ]

💫 instagram : probinsyanangnagaaral 💫

So my body has this pretty bad reaction to stress. Whenever I read or attend class, I fall asleep. It’s almost like narcolepsy, but this is caused by anxiety and chronic stress.

This makes it really hard to study, even if I am really motivated.

Is there anyone else here with a similar problem that manages these problems? I rarely get to read more than two pages before falling asleep…

#2/100 days of productivity

Well I sorta failed this thing.

So let‘s start again. Right now I am in Cologne visiting a friend who is working here. So I have plenty of time to write on my seminar paper. Also I‘ll book a flight to London in October and take a walk.

My summer is pretty stuffed, next week I‘ll go visit another friend of mine and probably won‘t have time to work on my paper. Also I will be working the whole month of September and I have another exam on the 1st October and I need to study a lot for it.

For the sake of better lightning I moved the table in the hotel room around - it‘s always best to make yourself comfotable!

Let‘s gooooo!


< w i n t e r b e a r >

spread inspired by taehyung’s new song winter bear and the aesthetic music video. i loved it. also, tablo started his own podcast and im obsessed. anyone else listening to it? he is just wacky but also intellectual? a great combination i must say.

ig @piggichstudies



Today I am going to set my goals for this blog, e.g. what I want to achieve and stuff. 

Since I’m still on holiday, this will go effective as soon as school’s back on!

So, let’s proceed to the actual goals for this blog.

I want to post at least once a week to update on my life, my educational success and to post some other content that isn’t the most original, but I feel like is still important to put on a studyblr.

I also want to give my followers some tips and tricks for how I passed by school, since we all know it can get bad. 

Another type of post I’d like to make is what I will have chosen to major in in university (Was there one too many ins? I don’t know haha??) and how my process of applying and starting goes. I’d also like to take this blog with me during my years of University, as I feel like it’s a good habit to keep up!

I also want to use this blog as a kind of diary for personal goals and growth, even though I will not do that frequently as it is a Studyblr and not a personal blog.

Last but not least, my hopes are that this will help make me achieve more academic success and become the best version of myself! 💕🌺✨


I like to study history and literature, because it gives a great opportunity to feel immortal. I remember in detail the many events that happened, and it creates the feeling that I was a witness to this. the death of Caligula? yes, I remember that. the revolution of 1917? I remember as if it were yesterday.


august 21st 2019 — day 3/100 days of productivity. today i plan on studying grammar, literature, read dickens and zadie smith, and i’m also getting some courses, they should arrive by mail this morning and i can’t wait to see what it is about. anyway, let’s hope this day is as productive as the others. i’m crossing my fingers because anxiety is already bothering me and i’ve only been studying for 40 minutes. ugh.

Why I Don’t Walk Or Jog

… a couple of years ago, an iconic sports shoe company one had this memorable commercial for their latest running gear including this one line that stuck with me ever since: 

“… I don’t walk or jog, I RUN.”

What made this simple sentence so powerful to me is that it contains this sheer sense of boldness and a winner’s attitude. 

If you do it, do it right. 
Full speed, all in. 

This short snippet from that commercial back then has become one of my personal mantras. I try hard to live up to this line with whatever I do.

A quick example: 

I am not just at the office. I don’t chitchat, meet, greet and do email. I WORK. 

I try my hardest to create concrete tangible results. Invent solutions. Find ways. Deliver and ship stuff. 

(Truth be told of course I do have weak days and I perform poorly once in while … but my general approach to work is to follow Nike’s idea:

Whatever you do - give it your best. Dive into it with all you got!
Everything else is the equivalent of walking…

Decide what to run (a race, a trail, cross country or 100m dash), but RUN!


Sounds trivial so far, right!? Old news…

But there is a bit more to it than just a sh*** motivational quote. 

“The most important thing about what we do is NOT what we receive in return but what we become by doing it!”
(unknown author, not me)

What does that mean:

It is RUNNING miles what turns you into a runner (!) - resulting in being a fit, lean, mean machine. THIS (the act of running itself) is what creates the difference between before and after! Like it or not, but you will ONLY get there by hitting the road and moving your feet - not by buying the right shoes (sorry Nike), reading smart books, talking runners’ talk or posting selfies in your gear…  not even walking will turn you into a runner - it will make you walker…

Another example from a different context: 

What about studying?
How do you become a great student?


  • color-coding will make you nothing but a great color coder. 
  • copying from your friend will just teach you how to copy things in no time.

Studying with all your senses and every single part of your brain, while understanding this as your fulltime job and taking on all the challenges coming with it might create the best chance to get there… 

Same story with 

  • work, 
  • being a great mom,
  • turning into an artist or author,
  • becoming an entrepreneur, 
  • etc.

… different topics, still true. #neverwalkorjog

Wishing you all the best for all your “runs”!

Your m